Good Trainers Versus Bad Trainers

If one has been around a fitness center long enough, they have probably seen trainers training their clients. What they observe may just make or break the trainer. What this means is that if the trainer is giving off good vibes and an onlooker notices them training their clients well each and every time, then that trainer just earned themselves a new potential client. In fact, that trainer may have earned a few clients, as word of mouth travels quickly. If, however, that trainer is giving off bad vibes, such as taking each client through the same workout, allowing the client to go through the motions, or just hold a civil conversation with that client, then that trainer not only may have lost out on one client, but word of mouth will spread quickly.

What is it that makes a good trainer? Good trainers have several qualities that make them stand out from the rest of the pack. It’s true, anyone can claim to be a trainer. Hey, all one needs is to get certified by an accredited organization and they can call themselves a trainer. They can even refer to themselves as a fitness professional. But when it comes down to it, does that trainer know anything about the general population? Does this trainer know what program design is? Do they know what periodization is? Do they know the different body types, fitness levels, potential limitations clients may have, or how to even assess clients for that matter to figure out where this client is capable of starting?

It’s true, some trainers are just in this business for one reason: to take the money of people who pay to hire them to design a program, hold them accountable, and even set fitness goals for them. Some just want to have a so-called “easy” way to make money. These trainers also cannot hold onto clients long term, they have to have a relentless flow of unsuspecting individuals in which to literally steal money from. These trainers aren’t real trainers and they will almost always burn out. Beware, because it goes beyond just trainers, there are franchises that invest in template programs for every single client, and they expect even their best trainers to take their clients through these workouts that supposedly give results. This is a danger, because since every single individual on this planet is different, no two programs should be alike. Ever. And that’s the bottom line. Before hiring a trainer, or training at a franchise, always check and make sure that these gyms are not offering programs that are identical for every single client. These franchises are in the fitness industry for one reason, to take money. And they are not worth buying into.

So, what makes a good trainer? Let’s start up front. Do they have experience? Do they have testimonials and reviews, positive ones for that matter, to back up their claims? If they do then they have passed the first test. Onto the second test, do they have experience working with someone at your level of fitness? Some trainers specialize in the general population while others specialize training only athletes. Make sure you are in their targeted audience, because if you are, then they are going to design a program for you and not only that, make sure that you stick to it by consistently holding you accountable. This is another sign of a good trainer. Good trainers also understand that everyone is different, and that they will go out of their way to design a unique program for you and only you. This means that if your buddy wants to change their physique for the better, they need a program that fits them, because your program is only going to fit you. Everyone is different.

Good trainers need to have more than just experience, they need to have experience in changing the lives of others for the better. This means that if someone has been sedentary for the last thirty years and is fifty pounds overweight, and then signs up for a trainer for twelve months, and has seen results that exceeded even their own wildest expectations, then that trainer is going to have experience in transforming not only them, but probably dozens of others. Good trainers have positive qualities and characteristics that define them. These trainers are honest, they have integrity, a positive attitude on life, a positive work ethic, and they lead by example. In other words, they are honest with the way they conduct business, can always see the good things in life, as well as cherish and appreciate the good things in life, and finally, they live the fitness lifestyle, practicing what they preach. These are all qualities that make up a good trainer. They will always do whatever it takes to better those around them as well as themselves.

Choosing who to train with is going to take research. Never go for glamor. Never go with what the status-quo is, and never talk to salespeople trying to get you to invest your time, money, and health into what I call a “socialized” program that supposedly works for everyone because they had been “tested” on thousands of clients before that. Look for the good, honest individuals who will work hard for you. You are investing your time and your money on your health that will save you thousands, literally thousands in healthcare premiums down the road if you invest in some cases, less than one-thousand dollars per year, on a trainer who is dedicated to their trade and willing to change your life for the better. These are the trainers you want to choose. These are the trainers you want to get into contact with.

So, let’s reiterate what makes a good trainer:

  • Honesty- they are going to practice what they preach and they are going to work hard for you. Honest trainers will always have reviews and testimonials about them.
  • Integrity- they are going to work when no one else is looking. They are going to be looking for ways to improve your program design each and every week.
  • Work ethic- they are going to work for you. You are paying them potentially a paycheck that you earned with your hard earned money per year. Training is a luxury, and trainers who possess that positive work ethic know this and honor this.
  • Dedication- they are dedicated to the fitness lifestyle. They are always going to try to better themselves while bettering their clients. They live this lifestyle through and through.
  • Individualization- they are going to create a program just for you. There will be no fads, there will be no organization handing them workout templates to use for their clients that all contain the same workouts. This is going to be an individualized program built only for you and you only.

Remember, you are spending your money on your health. Many individuals need to be doing this because many won’t hold themselves accountable in the fitness realm. And if they hire somebody to hold them accountable, they are doing themselves a favor. They are investing in their health. They are investing in themselves, and they are going to save themselves possibly tens of thousands in the future because their health will be maximized from the investments that they made when they were younger. But when making an investment in health, be smart, be vigilant, and choose the right fitness professional that cares about you and is going to make you a top priority. Thanks for reading my blog!

Todd Matthews

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. College student at California University of Pennsylvania, Wellness and Fitness track. Get Matthewsfit today!

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