Night and Day Results: Part One

I have many, many clients that get great results and that stems from a lot of different scenarios. Some of my clients get great results because they never stop doing physical activity (physically demanding job, cuts lawns on the side, and then comes into the gym) and these are the ideal clients. Unfortunately most clients do not get above and beyond a solid amount of physical activity in before they even step foot in the gym. In fact, as trainers we are going to need to find unique and innovative ways to get these clients into the gym and on the right path to success.

Many of our clients come to us because they may have motivation problems, they may have tried and failed in the past, or they have a very hectic lifestyle and they can really use us to show them ways to get active despite their challenges. I’ve left out the “because they don’t seem to know what they’re doing” reason out for good reason: a lot of gym goers don’t necessarily know what it takes to reach their goals and the only way they seek us out is when they lose that motivation, have failed once, or have gotten so caught up in life they simply disappeared from the gym. But there are a lot of prospective clients (mainly gym members) who are going to tell a trainer ‘no’ the first time when asked if they want to invest in their lifestyle. This is actually okay, because as trainers we should still keep these prospects that we talk to around by contacting them once a month and checking up on their progress. I have been around the training industry for nearly three years (I’m only 24) and have been around the gym itself for nearly ten years so I have seen this play out constantly. A prospect will tell a trainer that they may have their own thing going on, or that they simply don’t want or feel they don’t need the help. But of course, when the time comes to put rotors and brakes on a vehicle, who do they go to? That’s right, an expert, usually a mechanic, who they pay to put the rotors and brakes on for them. So why not pay for training? It’s going to really save you money these days because by investing in a healthy lifestyle now is going to save money in future and possibly unnecessary doctor visits and hospital stays down the road because one didn’t take their lifestyle seriously enough when they were younger and in all honesty, some negative health events that result from an unhealthy lifestyle can be catastrophic and yes, I have seen that play out too and not only does the individual suffer but so do friends and family. It’s not worth it, invest in fitness.

The funny thing is that fitness is way more than only a simple investment, it has to be a way of life. Sure, one can pay a trainer a couple hundred per month or a little bit less if the training and counseling is online, but nonetheless the trainer can only well, tell you what to do and how to do it. Ultimately, you have to be the one doing everything else in order to get results. I love it when my clients routinely text me and tell me when they are facing temptations at work or parties or simply lacking motivation to come into the gym and train. Remember that some of your clients want your services for motivation itself. So do them a favor and make sure you are doing your job but they need to remember that they have to be the one pulling their vehicle into the gym’s parking lot and getting their workout in to the best of their ability. As trainers, we can do the talking, tell them to eat this, not that, tell them to be in the gym and not at the bar with a group of friends who may be a bad influence. We will tell them this because even when the gym is empty on a Friday night in the middle of July, a great fitness professional will still uphold the fitness lifestyle and get that Friday workout in after a hard days work of training others. Heck, a few weeks ago I did go out with a few friends, I did not drink or even eat the food from the bar, and I ended up heading to the gym at 12:30am, that’s right, AM, to get a workout in afterwards. There are NO excuses, but this is one of the perks of training at a twenty-four hour gym such as Anytime Fitness.

Clients who do the texting are probably motivated, but they just need you to tell them to come in. Hey, if you are paying me to tell you to be in the gym at a certain time, even if we don’t have a session scheduled that day, then I will tell you when to be in and I’ll even send you a workout to do while in the gym. I may even introduce you to another client and boom, now these two clients are workout buddies when they are not training with me. It makes my life easier, the life of my clients easier, and it brings results.

There are clients who need to be told what to do and may lack motivation. These are the clients that probably won’t text or contact you and you need to reach out to them. Even if you try to get into contact with them for two weeks and they don’t answer you don’t give up. They are still paying you to be their trainer and as fitness professionals, it is our job to make sure our clients are getting in. These clients just lack motivation and they are likely to only come into the gym when they have a scheduled training session. Unfortunately not everyone can pay someone the amount of money it requires to receive four to five days of training per week so this may be a problem. Basically, as mentioned earlier, simply contact them. If they don’t get back to you, contact them again, and again, and again. Sooner or later, they will pick up. They will get the message.

That brings us to the title: Night and Day Results. If we put the effort into our clients and if that effort is mutual, then these clients will get fabulous results. If we lack the motivation to change our clients, then their results will be poor and you may be looking at another career path in a few. This post is a two part post, so stay tuned for the second half.

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