My 2016 Odyssey

I have taken a long break from my blog due to full-time work, school, and other interests as well such as writing my own work of fiction and crushing it during the year 2016 in the fitness realm. I’m back, and I am very, very happy to be back to writing this blog now that things look to be calming down. Finally, right?

So, what have I been doing this year?  The answers are simple: a lot of exercise, a lot of schoolwork (just two more classes!), training a lot of loyal clients at the greatest gym in the Ohio Valley, and trying to find time to renew my driver’s license. Let’s keep that last one on the down low, I can’t offer too much if I’m forced to go to court over a recently expired license! Take that all in good heart, because I finally have downtime so I’ll be able to fix that come Monday. But, this year I have been doing something I have been wanting to try for ages but I’ve been sidetracked numerous times. I have been working out twice a day, everyday, since December 26th of 2015. Today, April 30th, marks Day 127 and workouts 253 and 254. Each workout must last me at least 50 minutes in length and be of at least moderate intensity. It is a personal challenge that I’m having a blast with while taking the year off from physique shows and instead doing what I’m called to do and that’s place plenty of focus on my client base. In fact, myself along with ten others will be engaging in an eight mile obstacle course come next weekend.

So the subject of my post today is to talk about what makes me so driven to meet my goal of working out each and everyday for 366 days this year. Honestly, I believe we all need goals in order to go our hardest when we are training. When we have no vision, no reason, no light at the end of the tunnel to train, we will suffer. There needs to be a purpose, a desire to work towards that puts us in the gym, on the track, on the field, or wherever we are training. We need to have a goal to work towards, and they need to be set. My 2016 odyssey, my 2016 goal, my desire to train in 2016 isn’t men’s physique or standing in front of a camera lens. My goal, is to prove to myself, that I have truly evolved from the little kid growing up who had no drive, no work ethic, and no real ambition to the point to where I never tried in school and just insisted on playing video games wasting my life away to someone who is dedicated beyond measure, with more drive, work ethic, and desire to destroy and run over any obstacle that stands in my path, regardless of my situation. That is my goal, and you as well as any client you may train must have these goals as well as a reason to get them into the gym and workout regardless if they are training with you or not on any given day.

So what kind of goals do I hand out to my clients if they have trouble coming into the gym because they may not have an event or a short-term reason to come in? Honestly, if nothing else, maybe maintaining a client’s health is a goal. It will sure save them money in the long term in healthcare costs if they do this. Sure, these days everyone is required to have healthcare in America, but everyone tends to forget about deductibles, which could cost as much as $3,000 per emergency room visit. Hey, it is much, much easier to pay a trainer $2,000 per year to train. In the long term, one is going to save a lot of money because people with never ending healthcare problems end up spending so much money they may as well mortgage their house and personal investments. Now that’s the value in training!

As a trainer, this is important, because it’s very crucial to your job that you understand this. Why? Because there are many clients who are trying to change their lifestyle, yet for many, being sedentary is familiar, it is all they know and they wish to know the gym. Yet the familiar setting is the couch, or the desk, or the car, driving their kids around town to their activities and in a nutshell, living success through their kids yet they are not experiencing success for themselves in the realm of fitness. The result is that they may fall completely off the fitness bandwagon. As trainers, we cannot allow this to happen.

So give your clients goals. Give them weekly goals, monthly goals, three month goals, six month goals, and yearly goals as well as multiple year goals. I don’t care if the goal is to visit the gym four days per week! I don’t care if the goal is the client treating themselves to a night at a casino if they run 25 miles over the course of a week, just set them goals!

Not only this, care about their goals and ensure they reach them. A lot of my male clients like to add strength, especially if they reach their weight loss goals. And these days, I have a sixty-two year old who can bench press 60lb dumbbells and a sixty-six year old who can row 70lb dumbbells. Both men didn’t even begin working out until they began training with me. I have a seventy year old who just wanted to be able to walk without a limp and after we crushed that goal, we are now looking to add both strength and function. I have a seventeen year old who wants to have arms like mine and he has seen progress. But I also have those with short term goals. One just wants to be in the gym three days a week to resistance train while another just wants to look good for their trip to Florida. Uh, Todd, client confidentiality! Your clients are your lifeblood and use their success stories to your benefit at their discretion of course. Stay strong, and stay fit! And keep those dreams alive!


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