Comeback Kid Acknowledgements

As I mentioned a few days ago, I decided to create an actual story about a guy who fails at everything (including his non-existent fitness life) and as a result he is very unhappy and just plain angry at his situation. He receives a chance to actually relive his life where his failures really began to pile up. In short, he gets a chance to change his life and become successful. Of course, this story is entirely fantasy and fictional but there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of references to my own life so I did draw a lot of this from personal inspiration. Now did I ever have a living situation such as my main character? Not in my adult life, but let me tell you, when I was younger I could have very easily went in that direction. This story is actually about what would have happened had I continued to lack a work ethic and live to play video games only. Ah, the good old days of grade school and middle school!

So what really caused me to write a story in which the first two portions contained exactly seventeen pages on Microsoft Word? In all honesty, a really diverse crowd of life experiences and works of others played very influential roles in this piece of work.

My first inspiration is made up of several lessons I learned in my own life about what it means to be successful in your line of work. You want to go out and get what you want. Nothing is ever handed to you and those who are the most successful in their respective fields are the hardest workers. They want it more than the other guy and they will do anything and everything to get what they desire. They will stay up for days looking to build their empire. So my first inspiration: Never hate on those who are successful.

My extended family and old classmates were also larger than life inspirations. Many of the characters in Comeback Kid are based off of them and I had a lot of fun creating these memorable souls in my work. Now of course, not a single one of them actually mirrors their real life counterparts but I did borrow many qualities and characteristics from these people and for that, they have all been unforgettable influences in my life.

Wow, I would have been burning some serious bridges had I not written my acknowledgements before sharing this series. I want all of those who may see themselves as a character in this work to know that I had a ton of fun with creating (and exaggerating) their looks and character personalities to the maximum. It really was a blast and in all honesty, without these people in my life at one point or another this work would have never been possible. I’m definitely offering some peace here!

I once came across a series called A Bodybuilder Is Born by a bodybuilder and writer named Ron Harris. It is a series I have read many, many times and every time I read it I get inspired. I will be sharing Comeback Kid in a very similar fashion as A Bodybuilder Is Born. I will only share a chapter or two at any given time and there will be some cliffhangers at times, just like in A Bodybuilder Is Born. If Ron Harris ever comes across my blog or even my project, I hope he knows just how much inspiration and motivation his works provided.

Of course, my current gym (and current place of work), Anytime Fitness is mentioned many times in many different areas in the work as well, posing as 24/7 Fitness. They deserve sound recognition because without them offering a once upon a time twenty-one year old fledgling personal trainer with no experience outside working with fit college students, I never would have been able to write this. Many of those who have come to Anytime Fitness have become not only friends, but best and lifelong friends. I don’t care if I move to Fort City (Charleston, South Carolina), Steel City (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Lake City (Cleveland, Ohio), or who knows where, if it weren’t for you all, I would never be able to eventually expand my craft one day.






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