Music For Motivation

We all have motivation that lies from within. We all have a reason (or reasons) to go to the gym and hit up an awesome workout that will leave us feeling on top of the world. But how many of us will say we hate every single minute of training and at times decide to only go half to three quarters of our potential on any given day? That will leave us feeling less like we rule the planet and more like we should have done better during our time in the gym that day. The funny thing about fitness is that it is the ultimate two way street. One way, the high intensity, hard working way, leads to great things while the lower intensity, glass half empty way leads to nothing  but regret after we exit the gym parking lot.

How can we fix this? There are a few ways, and one such way is to consistently put into your mind what motivates you to even come into the gym. Is your motivation for working out something aesthetic based? Or is it a strength goal? Some of you are athletes and you wish to get better at your respective sport. Whatever the reason, sometimes we completely forget the ‘why’ when we step into the gym.

My favorite remedy is to always have my gym music on hand. Many of my songs are played on my phone solely to motivate me. What is it that makes me consistently think about my goals? This is the question you need to ask yourself. What is it that strengthens you from within? Many of us may be religious and gospel music may be the way to go while others get wound up from  mainstream music or something fast paced.

I tend to lay in the fast paced realm of things but I’m not exactly mainstream. In fact, I’m a huge fan of music that makes me picture my final aesthetic goal. Something that really gets that picture of my final product into my mind. Something epic, heroic, and is seen in many of your epic action flicks or video games such as 300 or even something like Elder Scrolls. To me, putting myself in that kind of world while going at it hard in the gym provides me extensive motivation. To put that kind of epic picture in my mind is really something that keeps me going each and every day. Below is a playlist of my favorite songs and artists that you may want to try to listen to during your next workout.

DragonForce: Valley of the Damned, Cry Thunder, Prepare For War, Seasons, Operation Ground and Pound, Soldiers of the Wasteland

Nightwish: Elvenpath, Sacrament of the Wilderness, The Kinslayer, Ever Dream, Dark Chest of Wonders, Ghost Love Score, Amaranth, Last of the Wilds, Last Ride of the Day, Storytime, Shudder Before the Beautiful, The Greatest Show on Earth

Dark Moor: Any and every song from The Hall of Olden Dreams and the Gates of Oblivion.

Xandria: The Prophecy of Worlds to Fall, Euphoria, Blood on my Hands, Soulcrusher, the Lost Elysion, Call of the Wind, A Thousand Letters, Sacrificium, Nightfall, Stardust, Dreamkeeper

Kamelot: Forever, Center of the Universe, Karma, Wings of Despair, Descent of the Archangel, Across the Highlands

Two Steps from Hell: Not necessarily songs but more orchestra based. Still worth the look though. Master of Shadows, Armada, Jump, Skyworld, Winterspell, El Dorado, A Hero’s Return, Fire Nation

Other bands and groups worth checking out: Falconer, HammerFall, Delain, Sonata Arctica, The Birthday Massacre, Within Temptation, and Ancient Bards.

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