We all love summer, especially if you live in the Ohio Valley. Our winters are roller coasters at best, with a few mild days here and there flanked by cooler days where the high temperature may hit thirty degrees. In other words, we like to take advantage of our warmer weather and from March to August, we are doing just that in a six month season that contains bonfires, concerts, the NBA and NHL playoffs, the NFL off-season (when much of the league’s drama takes place), and nights of endless partying. We work all fall and winter long from the months of September when the weather starts to get noticeably cooler, to February, when the weather kind of sort of gets warmer to build our bodies for that summertime look. It is for this reason when the time of year for tank tops, shorts, and skin for me to ask this one burning question: What the heck are we doing to ourselves? Why, when we work so hard to improve ourselves, do we slack in the summer? What are we doing? Is this fun, to go out and party hard in favor of bettering an already awesome physique? Seriously, I don’t find it fun or worthwhile because I’m not one to throw everything away during the time of year where I should be showing off the look!

Sure, if you’re one who is rather self conscious in your gym then by all means, take advantage of this. But if you’re a die hard, especially those of you who make a resolution come January, why are you taking the summer off? Or at the very least, why are you cutting your gym time in half? This makes no sense and no matter how you attempt to justify it, it makes no sense! Sure, you’re out having fun, I know (please note my sarcasm). You’re having a blast going out and DESTROYING everything you worked extra hard the previous six months to accomplish! Why are you throwing it away? There is no reason other than something I like to call the ‘heat of the moment.’ There are no excuses.

Okay, so what’s going to be the bright side? Because there is a a massive bright side to this and it lies in the realm of lifestyle change. Wow, isn’t that one of Todd’s specialties? Isn’t he a master at living a healthy lifestyle twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week? I have an idea so take my words of wisdom with this post. For starters, you can go beyond the gym in the spring, summer, and even the early fall. You have a local track, your neighborhood, your gym, the surrounding area of your gym, and heck, even your garage! The sweetest thing about warm weather is a gym can be placed anywhere. You only have to be creative.

The good news is you can still go to your bonfires, parties, etc, but you’re now living a healthy lifestyle and you need to exert discipline even around your friends. If this poses a problem to your friends and they start to treat you differently, they aren’t your friends so go out and find a group of people who will become your true friends. If they can’t accept you for your lifestyle that’s their problem, not yours, so don’t dwell on it. This is your life and you are in control. If you add a little bit of faith you are in even better control and that means you’re going to find a positive path while in between friends. But if your little clique you like to run around with are you true friends, they will accept you for living a healthy lifestyle. They might not agree with it and they may even find you to be insane or quite different but they are your friends if they accept it without judgement.

Now again you have to keep your lifestyle consistent. You need to keep up with your workout commitments and NO SKIPPING WORKOUTS! You have to keep your game up and remember how you accomplished your greatest physique ever. Another aspect to remember is you need to keep your nutrition up to par. No cheat meals unless your macro-nutrient intake is low that day. Remember, it’s not a cheat if you don’t go over your carbohydrate, fat, or protein intake. Remember that and if you are going to your favorite restaurant, you fit your meals into your macros.

So what else is there to remember about your resolution? You need to not stay up all night like you probably did every single weekend last year. You have to keep your body properly rested in order to have effective workouts and although it’s a night on the town you need to give yourself a curfew and stick to it. You can still go out and have fun and once in a blue moon stay out until two in the morning but just put a cap on the amount of times you do this. Not only that, if you aren’t properly rested, you body is going to deal with a lot more than just bad workouts. Your sleep pattern will be off, your ability to think will be off, your ability to burn fat will be off, and you are also more likely to overeat with the wrong foods the following day or the time you return home, which will blow your diet. Not only that you will feel sluggish and potentially sick the following day.

So again, why is it that we would work so hard only to defeat our purpose? You can’t be doing this to yourself just because the crowd is out there or just because your friends are somewhere. You still need to exercise the same discipline your implemented in January. You need to remember the ‘why.’ You need to remember what motivated you to begin and why you wanted to make a change in the first place. So keep that resolution clicking.


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