Comeback Kid Character Profiles and Plot Synopsis

I would like to give a nice, detailed rundown on the basic plot of Comeback Kid and my motives for writing such a piece of work. Brock Patrick is very loosely based off of me and many of his experiences in the second half of the series are based off of my actual experiences to a certain extent, such as after his twenty-fifth birthday, everything written about him become hypothetical. The first part of the series is also hypothetical and it involves a situation of what may have happened had I never stumbled across the fitness lifestyle in the first place. I attest that none of the events in the first part of the book actually happened to me and I just wanted to paint a picture of someone who was never given a chance because he never gave himself a chance. Really remember that, as it’s a very important point and I cannot stress this enough.
As mentioned in a previous post, every single character created is either based off of people I know or in a broader sense an amalgam of two or three people I have met. Before heading into the actual synopsis I want to give a brief on some of the main characters you will see.
Brock Patrick: We already know him pretty well due to information given at the beginning of this article. A few more tidbits: Brock is of Spanish, British, and Irish descent (I’m personally not descended from any of these nationalities being Italian, Welsh, Scottish, German, with a hint of Native American). He wants big things in life and early on he has a sense of entitlement yet later on he develops a multitude of goals as well as a strong work ethic.
Jay Patrick: Brock’s strict yet deep down caring dad. He is a car salesman and he is really good at what he does. Jay sets high expectations for both of his sons.
Ana Patrick: Brock’s mother who typically is his voice of reason yet Brock refuses to actually admit this.
Jed Patrick: Brock’s brother who is five years younger than him. Jay is an exercise physiologist and rehab specialist. When he is older he is married and has two young kids.
Lenny Slayes: Lenny is Brock’s cousin who is in the same grade as Brock despite being five months younger and one of the youngest in the grade. Lenny excels at both academics and athletics. Lenny is also married and has two kids. He is also the CEO of an electronics company.
Obie: Obie is a supernatural figure who gives Brock a second chance at life after Brock is at his lowest of lows. Obie is based off of Ron Harris from A Bodybuilder is Born and when Brock, during his new life, faces difficulties and tribulations, Obie will appear and point him in the right direction. He doesn’t become very prominent until the second half of the series but is nonetheless worth the mention since he sets the story in motion.
Azula ‘Skye’ von Bek: Azula, better known by her nickname Skye or simply Zula, is a fitness trainer in Brock’s second life but also plays a part in the first half. In the first half, she is the girlfriend of a former high school classmate of Brock’s and is one of the only characters to show sympathy towards Brock in his first life. In the second half, she is Brock’s girlfriend. Skye is in great shape and is living the American Dream. She grew up in Switzerland. Fun fact: she is named after my first really nice car who I named Azula Skye. And for those who know me, she does take on the features of my celebrity crush….I can at least dream, right?!
Dale Detmer: Skye’s boyfriend in the first half of the book and former classmate of Brock’s. Detmer is a main salesperson of New Age, a small group and team training personal training service. Detmer is very cocky, arrogant, and is only dating Skye because she looks good at his side. He routinely disrespects her and her opinions on everything and cares only for himself.
Roberto Randle: One of Brock’s middle school and high school bullies in the first half of the book. Randle’s influence diminishes later on as he becomes more career oriented yet his actions early in the book really take a toll on Brock. He and his band of friends love tormenting Brock and killing his demeanor.
Okay, onto the actual plot synopsis. Brock Patrick is a down on his luck thirty-five year old who works a minimum wage, low skill job, drives a car that barely works, and lives in his parent’s basement. Meanwhile the former classmates and extended family of Brock, the latter of which Brock is forced to see on a rather regular basis, are succeeding in everything they had set out to do and are very happy and content with their lives.
Brock is a miserable individual yet at one time wanted success and big things to happen to him yet they never did. Brock expected great things to happen to him yet lacked the work ethic and drive that it took to make them happen. In other words, Brock wanted opportunity to be handed to him. As years passed, Brock bounced from being a cashier at a grocery store to working under his cousin Lenny, who he watched work his way up from regional manager to CEO of the company. The grand success of Lenny and everyone else close to Brock greatly angered him and he became the weak link of the entire family.
When Brock is at his lowest point, he meets a supernatural figure named Obie who gives Brock an offer he cannot refuse. Either continue living the way he has been living or go back and at least attempt to fix what Brock has broken. Brock chooses the latter and must now relive his life and attempt to correct the mistakes he made that led him to become nothing more than a family leech who lives in mom and dad’s basement.
My entire purpose for this writing is to show what can happen when one puts their mind to something. Something I have come to realize in my life is if one works hard enough and puts in the time required, they will not fail. They will eventually succeed one way or another. This is the beauty of life. If someone wants something badly enough, they will win in life. They can lose fifty times but it only takes one time to win if one can persevere and never give up. Winning will happen and it only needs to happen once. I can try and fail ninety-nine times but the one hundredth time may be the charm. This is the point I wish to get across to others.
We all know how hard it can be sometimes to achieve our own fitness goals. The work that is required, the time that is needed, and the mentality to keep going despite pitfalls, life getting in the way, and all the stress life can will bring. But we won’t fail if we can keep at it and stop worrying about the bad and focus on the good. It may take us five, ten, or twenty years to find what we are looking for but as long as we keep looking, we are going to get there. While I can’t guarantee an Obie will take you back to a time where you can fix things, the theme is that you can still fix things if you haven’t done so. Obie is here to help Brock, and sometimes that is exactly what we need: help! It’s okay to go out and seek out the aid of others in our quest to find happiness. It’s okay to be resourceful and it’s okay to seek direction in higher powers. Heck, if you can seek out a relationship from the cause behind our existence, it will very well work in your favor.

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