More Than A Fit Life

More than a fit life… what is this supposed to mean? What I mean is one thing and one thing clearly: I care about more than just your fitness life. Yeah, as a personal trainer I should only be focused on the fit life. However, there are many, many more lessons to be learned than merely getting my clients into shape. What is it that separates the good trainers from the great trainers? Those that care about the lives of their clients. Whoa, isn’t that breaking some kind of code or going on a scope of expertise? I’ll concede to that when physicians who know nothing about fitness stop telling their patients what kind of workouts they should be doing. Trainers train and physicians diagnose AND SHOULD DO NOTHING ELSE! Yet since they go beyond their scope, so will I, although I must say I really don’t see it as such. Todd, what are you getting at?

We, as trainers have a duty to stay on our clients both during a session and the time spent outside of the sessions. My main specialty is in one thing: lifestyle change. So you better be sure I’m on people consistently. Very consistently. Like all the time because I actually do this for reasons other than being able to hang out at a gym all day, workout whenever I want to, or because I get paid to take people through workouts for a living. You see, we should actively pursue not only changing the lives of others but also actively pursue character building lessons in our programs. To this extent, I am by no means going beyond my scope. I’m not playing Dr. Phil, I’m not trying to be anyone’s dietician, and I’m definitely not going to try to diagnose someone with an illness or disorder. I hand out programs. The client gives me an order, which are their goals, and I take that order by drawing up an appropriate program. This is how the industry works. And still I can’t justify ensuring something positive comes not only from them getting closer to and reaching goals but if they can take what they learned and apply it to something positive.

America is made up of all kinds of different people who live all kinds of different lifestyles and sometimes the only thing they may have going for them is fitness and the gym. Great! This is an awesome place to start because we all know that for one to reach their fitness goals, it takes discipline, dedication, willpower, and at times, restriction. Guess what? So do the goals of every different avenue we create for ourselves in life. Think about school. Doesn’t school take the exact same variables into account? What about work? Success in the work place also utilizes these variables.

In case you still haven’t caught on to what I’m saying, we as trainers need to make sure our client’s fitness goals are only the beginning. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of things out there to conquer. And there is more to life than only the gym and working out. Yeah, the guy who trains twice a day everyday just said it. There is so much more to life than only the gym and working out. For those who think I’m being rather hypocritical at the moment, I must confess that I spend no more than 45 to 50 minutes at any given workout so in reality I’m working out for 90 to 100 minutes per day. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. So I’m actually using a very small sliver of my day dedicated to working out, and so should everyone else.

So what should we be teaching our clients? Maybe we should be the ones showing them how to succeed in any endeavor they explore. What are they doing at the moment in addition to trying to achieve their fitness goals? Are they looking to get a promotion at work? Maybe they work too much and are looking to spend more time with those closest to them. Or better yet, maybe their entire life is in disarray and they are desperately looking to get their entire life back on track. We need to be teaching our clients that yes, you can succeed in anything you want to succeed in. This fitness thing is easy. Wait a second, I thought this was America, a place where obesity is skyrocketing? No, it is easy. It’s easy because there are so many other things out there that are way more challenging, such as trying to maintain positive relationships with those around us. Or maybe trying to find faith in a higher power during difficult times or even rediscovering faith for that matter. Again, maybe someone is facing so many challenges that their entire life is completely off track.

And success in fitness is tough? What, you create 90 to 100 minutes AT MOST per day to reach your goals. Most of us only need 45-60 minutes to reach our goals. I tend to cower at all things tough so if I can succeed in this little thing called fitness so can anyone. All you need to do is dedicate an hour to an hour and a half of your day. It’s easy. And all you need to do is eat healthy food instead of shoving everything down in sight. It’s easy. It’s very easy.

Success in fitness can be a launching pad for success in other realms. And that’s exactly what it should be . There are many more things to life than just working out. Oh, how can you say that, Todd? This is the question everyone will ask me. I’ll tell you what. I do more than people think. I write, I’m part of the JAYCEES organization, I’m a human encyclopedia at all things NFL and many things sports related. I’m a Libertarian, a Christian, and I love reading about topics on the subject. I go to school and when I’m not in school I’m looking to get yet another certification in my field. I do a lot. It may not be mainstream, but I do a lot and that next hobby is always right around the corner.

And stay tuned everyone, Comeback Kid, Episode One is almost here! Here is a sneak peek:

Despite believing his was above his job positions, Brock wasn’t a great worker. In fact, he was one of the least productive employees in the entire store. He bagged groceries at his own chosen pace and carried them out to the customer’s vehicle, again at a speed he deemed appropriate, which was much slower than what management preferred. He very rarely spoke to the customer because most of the time there was nothing to talk to them about or if he opened his mouth he figured he would accuse the customer of thinking they felt he or she were above him for being a bagger. On the contrary, Brock actually felt he was far above this customer, and he would make a leap far above them in terms of social status soon enough. Brock figured at that point he would be the one laughing.
Much like he is to his own family, Brock preferred being rather anti-social to most. Brock kept his head down as he went about his work, rarely speaking to or looking at anyone and he became known to many as the “weird guy who didn’t say much.” His mind was always at home on his video games and he looked forward to spending quality time with himself and his online colleagues in their online gaming world. Brock also felt he was better than all of these people he worked with, although the sad truth is he was constantly outperformed at even the simplest job task, such as sweeping the front area by the registers. Sometimes, he would be called out to work in the grocery, dairy, or frozen sections if there was a call-off, but he mainly allowed his phone to ring since he was busy with what he believed were more important issues than going in to work in the place of someone else. He routinely believed he shouldn’t be subject to management on his day off. They weren’t his boss unless he was in that store and in uniform, so he wasn’t about to go in and be subject to the rule of someone else for a few short hours.
On most days Brock was always stuck at the front, making his low wage and would receive a raise about once a year during his three month evaluations and that wasn’t a good thing. Usually, management found something wrong in Brock’s work so many times he did not receive a raise. In fact, he had to make improvements in his unsatisfactory areas or he would face termination of employment. During these times, Brock would do just good enough of a job in his needs improvement areas to avoid being terminated. This would force management to keep him, or so he thought because at age twenty-four there came a time where Brock went three consecutive ninety day evaluations where he was unable to improve his weak areas despite the slightly more effort he claimed to put in. This time, there was a new management team in place. They were in the process of cleaning house and Brock, along with a few others who had been at the store for a few years were suddenly out of work. Brock blamed capitalistic greed, just like the others who had been, in their minds, wrongfully terminated.

Again, stay tuned. Much more ahead as we read about how this Brock Patrick goes from zero to hero and a successful person in all walks of life is created from the ashes of his old self.


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