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Taking a modified quote from the great J.K. Rowling, “At the Solstice will come a new….and many will come after,” I have decided to release the first two episodes of Comeback Kid on June 20th of this year for all of you to read. Now, this is technically a book but I’m treating it mainly how a band will treat a demo that is being sent out to record companies. In other words, this writing is going to be free for you all and yes, this is an actual book series. With that being said, there is much, much more to the adventures of Brock Patrick than what meets the eye. This is the only hint I’m giving out as of now because I’m looking to write a thrilling set of books here. However, Comeback Kid: The Beginning is kind of way too boring in my personal opinion to put on the open  market. Don’t worry though, there is plenty more where that came from. Plenty of thrills and plenty of action that makes one wonder what I actually do in my spare time.

Also coming up is my 2016 Summertime Workout Regimen. All of you who are looking to get into top shape should borrow from this program. Note, I said borrow because we are all  individuals with different needs and goals and this is my personal program that works for me. I’m a realist, not a salesman, so I am going to tell it like it is. I wish for this program to be used in order to broaden one’s scope and obtain ideas from but it should in no way, shape, or form, replace any program because it works for me and it may or may not work for you. However, the workouts listed may be fun and exciting and will definitely shake up your routine so when that work is finished I encourage you all to ask me about it. I won’t be sharing on here, you have to write to me in order to see it.

This program is going to be the topic that I will be covering today. Basically speaking, it’s going to consist of total body workouts, workouts for individual muscle groups for you bodybuilders, cardio routines, core routines, and more. There will be over fifty workouts listed so you shouldn’t tire from these too easily. And again, we are all individuals so I’m not including a cookie cutter nutritional program like some supplement sponsored fitness salesperson would like to hand you since they are really advertising a certain company such as MusclePharm or some other corporate giant. And again, the program worked for me and it may or may not work for you so I encourage you to add to your own program and DO NOT allow it to replace your current one.

So what exactly is covered in this program? Here is an in-depth look. We have workouts for the home, cardio routines for the gym, and core/cardio routines. In other words, I have eighteen cardio workouts cooked up for you all to try. They are tough, they aren’t for the fainthearted, and they will challenge you like none other. Want an example of such a workout? Let’s take a look at one, and remember, these are very advanced workouts. Beginners beware.

Dreamtale (I give weird names to all of my workouts so get used to it)

3 mile run as fast as possible.

10 Sprints consisting of 30 yards, super-set 25 Crunches between each set.

10 Sprints consisting of 40 yards, super-set 25 Push-ups between each set.

8 Sprints consisting of 50 yards, super-set with Lunges back to the starting point.

For you bodybuilders or those who love to work individual muscle groups, I didn’t forget you either. You have six workouts of each muscle group to choose from. Thirty-six workouts to dig into and see how long you last. Follow them to a T and no short-cuts. Ever.

Fitness isn’t easy. Fitness is a way of life. The challenge is to live that way of life each and every day. Yes, there is no off-season. Sure, we have those times of year where we relax our diet, relax our bodies, and go a little easier on ourselves but in no way, shape, or form should we be taking time off. My program is not going to be easy but it is going to be fun. What’s better than challenging yourself to be the very best you can be? Nothing. Nothing at all. If you aren’t challenging yourself on a constant basis you’re lazy. Sound harsh? In today’s day and age it is probably considered child abuse. However, ninety-nine lies will ever hide a truth. For more information on the subject, just talk to an evolutionary scientist taking their beliefs into the mainstream media and public schools. Ninety-nine lies will never hid the truth and human error will never correct a mistake-free God.

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