Crunch Time!

Okay, so tell me if you fall into one of the following categories:

Category A: I don’t have enough time to workout five to six days a week!

Category B: I’d like to workout, but I can’t afford a gym membership much less a trainer at this point.

Category C: I want to workout in a gym and with a trainer but I’ll wait until I’m in shape first.

Category D: I want to workout but my spouse and kids won’t support me in a lifestyle change.

Do you fall into one of the above categories? Who falls into two? Into three or more? Just as the title says, it is now crunch time! Why? Because you, like many Americans, probably made something in January called a New Year’s Resolution. Remember that? The whole ‘new year, new you’ thing that you stated in January that you tried and failed for the last five years of your life because something came up, you were too busy with work, you got pregnant, you got your spouse pregnant, you landed your eighty hour a week dream job, you got too busy once the weather broke (I love you, winter), or before I list yet another excuse that involves kids not wanting to eat healthy food and sit around and watch TV all day, you simply gave up. Yeah, I’m a motivational trainer but I’m also an honest one. You gave up. I don’t care what excuse you had or who needed you where at any given time you gave up. If you have exercise equipment at home and you failed to utilize that equipment for the past six and a half months you gave up.

Okay, onto the good news! It doesn’t have to be this way. Hey, you can work a sixty hour work week, sleep for eight hours a night, raise two or more young kids that are involved in several different activities each and you will still find time to get a good workout in and I’m not talking about the old 50 push-ups, 50 crunches, and 50 body weight squats upon waking up and before bed, I’m talking about an actual workout plan that will fit nicely into your work schedule. Granted, you might need to get yourself out of bed forty-five minutes earlier than you’d like or go to bed forty-five minutes later than your body is used to but hey, isn’t that quite an accomplishment since we live in the most sedentary, obese country on God’s green Earth?

Okay, so you made the commitment to wake up forty-five minutes earlier than you used to or you decided to go to bed forty-five minutes after, depending on your preference. And yes, I made the decision for you because when it comes to dreams you can go to sleep and continue to dream or make those dreams a reality by catching them in the physical world. And if you think I’m being weird with the term physical world I am a big believer in spirits of our ancestors watching over us but that’s for another post. And why do I keep repeating forty-five minutes, is that some kind of magic number? Uh, yes, it is actually. Forty-five minutes of your day is all you need. Oh, what, you just now found out you don’t need two hours at the gym? That’s a fact, and anyone who works out for two straight hours at one team is either not using their time efficiently, they have no life, or they flat out have no idea how to workout if they need two straight hours a day! Sure, we trainers can do this just fine because WE LIVE IN A GYM! But in all honesty I still wouldn’t even recommend it for a trainer to do this because we need to, I don’t know, make a living like the rest of humankind. It is a full time gig for me.

Okay, so we got the no time to workout part out of the way, so what do we do now? Can’t afford a gym membership? Okay, it looks like we need to free up some cash. You know that pizza you and your family order twice a week? Or what about eating out at your favorite restaurant every Saturday night and going out for drinks and shots every Friday night? Sound like you? Cut that in half, see what happens. Do you gamble often? Cut that in half. Like to go to forty plus sporting events per year? Cut that in half. Buying a luxury vehicle when you probably shouldn’t be? Go mainstream. Going on multiple vacations this year? Just go on one. Buying healthy food for yourself and junk for everyone else?  Stop doing that. Are we having fun yet? You can afford a gym membership. Heck, you can probably pay a trainer to kick your rear end at least twice a week for the amount of money you’re saving. Isn’t it amazing what a little bit of self control can bring?

You want to workout in a gym setting but you think you’re too out of shape? Okay, um, come again? You’re too out of shape to get in shape in a place that is designed to get you in shape. That’s what you’re saying. So how can you get in shape if you think you’re too out of shape to get in shape in a place that is designed to get you in shape? You’re setting yourself up for failure. Don’t you love my bluntness tonight? Man, I’m on a roll! So why are you setting yourself up for failure? Well, a gym membership alone is something you pay for and since you’re paying for it you better use it. In fact, the more you invest on a gym membership the more value you’ll find in it. So stay away from gyms that charge you only ten dollars a month. You won’t value that. Gyms that charge a bit more will probably be much better for you because, well, you’re actually putting a higher value on it. You never thought of it that way, did you? Aren’t I good? I’m impressing myself, I can assure you. But it’s true, gyms that charge less money EXPECT their members to put ZERO value on it.

If that gym offers free training it means you’re going through the same program as everyone else and the trainer probably bought a certification from a diploma mill on the internet. If you trainer isn’t certified through ISSA, ACE, NASM, ACSM, or NSCA fire them right now. There are actually a few more accredited organizations out there but these are the Big Five and I can personally attest on ISSA’s behalf because I’m certified through them and half of their exam consists of borderline research papers, it’s like a college class. Does the gym offer individualized personal training? If so, it’s probably going to cost more but do you want to change your lifestyle or not? This doesn’t cost you another dime more. You’re simply buying into something that is going to benefit you and you’re going to stop investing in bad habits such as binge drinking every Friday and Saturday night. Oh, your friends don’t like it? Get a new group of friends.

That last sentence leads me to Category D. So, the spouse, family, kids, and even your dog won’t support you in this. Wow, looks like you really do need some new friends. Look no further than the gym you just joined. There should be at least five hundred members in there. Pick a few and then go from there. Guys, this is EASY! It’s easy. Easy, easy, easy, easy, how many times do I need to say it? Easy! Make new friends, garner a support system. Hire a trainer, become friends with the staff. Do this for you! It’s time you’ve done something for yourself and stop worrying about what others are doing. It’s time you do this for you.

Okay, so that concludes another MatthewFit post. And if you’re wondering, Comeback Kid, Episodes Two AND Three will be released tomorrow at around this time. Stay tuned. Let’s see that pivotal point in Brock Patrick’s life that set him on one of two paths in his quest to find glory.



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