Fitness and Your Lifestyle

My new Korg keyboard has hundreds of thousands of combinations. My fitness life, however, has infinite. Well, almost everything on this Earth has a finite number of something, but you get my gist. Just how many different workouts can I do? How many different exercises in each different workout? How many workout partners? Again, you get my gist. If not stop reading this article right now and go back to first grade where you belong. Hey, I’m sure we all know people our age who should be in first grade. Put it this way, I love Pokemon, especially the original 150. Gyarados, Dragonite, and Alakazam rank as my top three but am I playing Pokemon Go? If you are and if you’re twenty-five like I am and playing a virtual reality video game, you need to go back to grade school where you belong. I’m a fitness fanatic, personal trainer, writer (amateur), keyboardist (beginner lol), and a self-proclaimed expert at fantasy football and fantasy NASCAR (yes, it does exist). Okay, so my two fantasy football teams went 5-8 and 6-7 last season but I still made the playoffs and had a nice little Cinderella run in the 6-7 league, finishing in third place out of ten teams. I’ll take it given the fact I was 2-5 and 3-7 at one point. My overall record after the playoffs? 8-8. And again, that’s a down year. Usually I’m like 8-5 or 9-4 at worst. But hey, you can’t win them all.

So, what was that above paragraph all about? We went from first grade to fitness to job occupation to writing to keyboard playing to, as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie puts it…..we’re talking about fantasy football? If you want to know why America is in such a crisis, just pull that video up on youtube and it’ll tell you all you need to know. Actually, given the fact that most Americans are force fed by the media that they must choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as their 45th President should reveal the massive problems facing the country. Just as a side note, a man named Gary Johnson is running under the Libertarian ticket so I highly encourage you to broaden your scope of the 2016 Presidential Election and research all of the nominees running for election this fall. Just google Gary Johnson! Thank you and yes, you’re welcome. Why am I welcoming you? Because you just found out through me that your crazy political driven friend is not freaking crazy when he or she mentions a third party to you. S/he is actually much brighter than you are because they are actually looking at ALL of the candidates. Again, go back to first grade and find a job so you aren’t trying to catch Charizard all day.

I have a lot of hobbies and what’s funny is that I live a fitness lifestyle and I take it very, very seriously. The best personal trainers on the planet practice what they preach and I vow to do just that. You won’t see me in a bar, drinking, smoking, acting like an idiot in public, or anything that may be detrimental to my lifestyle and occupation. Why? Because for one I have integrity and I really want to lead by example because we typically have three types of leaders: A) those who lead by force and demand respect (never respect them ever), and B) Those who lead by force and demand respect but are so stupid you’re still realizing how they ever obtained a position of power let alone have a full time job with benefits in the first place (shall we begin with the U.S. Congress?). So what about the third type? Leaders who actually lead their given lifestyle and profession by example in hopes that it rubs off on the people around them. See what I’m saying? I like being a Type C.

When it comes to fitness or even sports for that matter, you can’t light two sides of the same candle. If you do you’ll end up like Johnny Manziel. Someone with a lot of talent, potential, and if he stayed straight, is a decent quarterback. There’s only one problem with Manziel. He can’t exorcise his demons! Don’t be like Johnny Manziel. So, if you live a healthy lifestyle, workout daily, eat a clean diet, tell others how to follow your footsteps, then you have a responsibility that goes beyond waking America up to the flawed two-party political system we have today. I’m on a roll with this tonight, aren’t I?

You find hobbies that are beneficial, healthy, and are positive. How hard is it? I have several. Am I a recluse? Of course! But am I smart enough to realize that I can’t light two sides of the same candle that not only are both sides are going to melt, but because both sides are melting the candle is actually going to cease to exist at a faster rate. Terrible. Again, don’t be counterproductive. Encourage a healthy lifestyle at all times. Early in my career, I didn’t do that. I drank, I went out to places I shouldn’t have gone out to. I ate junk in front of people I was telling not to eat the kind of  food I was eating at that time. Not anymore. Never anymore. I haven’t drank since October, 2014. Do I eat cheat meals? Only if they fit into my daily macros so if I want that pizza, it better fit into my macros. If I want Subway, it better fit into my macros. If I want a box of cookies, it better fit into my macros.

What are my hobbies? I love watching sports in the comfort of my home while doing a HIT workout DURING the game. I like to write, hence this blog. I like to read and research different things. I like my new Korg Krome keyboard. I like music and these days I listen to it almost nonstop, especially Nightwish. If you’re still googling, google Nightwish next. Best metal band that ever existed. Oh, and of course, I like small government in all aspects and I get a little passionate about that on my facebook. Not my fanpage, my personal page.

If you haven’t done so yet, I bundled Comeback Kid, Episodes Two and Three. They can be found on the post before this one. Take a look at it and give me a shoutout. Like my facebook page at

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