The Great Juggling Act

So last week I talked a lot about how to integrate fitness into one’s hectic lifestyle. Please review my previous article if you’d like a refresher. Now that we learned (or should have learned) how to integrate fitness into our hectic lifestyle, how do we insert it into our recreational lives? Come on, we all have our hobbies that we so enjoy. I love to write and when I say write, I mean write more than just fitness related stuff. I like sports and I follow all of them, football more than any other, I just started playing the electronic keyboard last week and I’ve only gotten better at it. So, there you have it, my amazing lifestyle in terms of recreational hobbies. Not too bad, huh? Not many, but they’re concentrated, productive, and by all means, fun! I love what I do. Oh, and I like school too. Which one may find rather strange but in my opinion I’ve been going since I was four so I have a lot of experience in learning, which rocks.

Now that you know I train clients for at least thirty-two hours a week, take another hour to schedule clients, brainstorm and design periodized, safe and effective programs, and go out of my way to hold them accountable when they need it, I work a full time job myself. So what? Just because I work at a gym doesn’t mean I may not overload myself with clientele, which I find myself doing at times and I need to sneak in a quick, forty-five minute workout. Add in my hobbies, which are more than just hobbies, they’re passions that I treat just like a job. So I put at least one hour aside to play my keyboard, I write for AT LEAST one hour a day, my school consists of at least another hour as well, and during football season you might see me doing a cardio workout while the game is on, especially my Browns.

Hey, the good thing about rooting for the Browns is they give you a lot of steam to blow off while you watch them either find a way to lose a game, which happens a lot but since the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers broke that curse hopefully it rubs off on the Browns but nonetheless the team is still terrible. You have a riches to rags quarterback in Robert Griffin, two running backs who have shown flashes but nothing that tells you they’re All Pro, four rookie receivers, your best receiver still suspended, a converted quarterback in Terrelle Pryor, an aging tight-end and left tackle, an offensive line that is largely unproven, a very, very young front seven minus Paul Kruger who only had two sacks last year, a corner coming back from his most injury riddled season, God knows who their safety’s will be. Another riches to rags in Rahim Moore and there’s a three horse race for the other safety position, an aging punter and a kicker who had four blocked field goals last season…..are we having fun yet? See, this is why Browns fans are much brighter (and probably fitter) than their Pittsburgh Steelers counterparts a couple hours away. The Browns give us a reason to workout and blow off that steam built up after watching three hours of miserable football. Okay, so if you are a Browns fan, you have no excuses. If you root for the other thirty-one teams (oh, what the hell, if you’re a Lions fan, you’re in the same boat as us Browns fans), you have an excuse DURING THE GAME but you should still consider a nice workout IN FAVOR of eating whatever the wife, girlfriend, or good friend that happens to be a female made during the game. Sorry, honey, I have to pump some iron.

So if you’re a Browns fan we already figured out when a good time is to workout during a leisure activity. If your hobby involves fitness, such as biking, mountain climbing, hiking, jogging, whatever the physical activity, you’re also taken care of. Congratulations and go climb a cliff. If you have a celebrity crush and have just watched her in her latest music video, TV show, movie, whatever, you have more motivation than ever to workout to your dream girl as long as the wife doesn’t know. Or your good friend who happens to be female who just grilled you for having pictures of your celebrity crush on your phone who you wouldn’t mind dating if she wasn’t so closed minded about everything and won’t budge on her lifestyle. She works out and all but there are other….uh, things…such as refusing to paint her nails black….anyway, back to the topic. My mother is going to have a heart attack when she reads this one……God forbid my grandmother read this one, I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do. Actually Comeback Kid is going to garner a lot of explaining in due time (thank God the characters are all amalgams of certain peoples. There are dirty jokes galore. Hey, it is what it is!

So, how do we work around both work and leisure? This may be especially difficult if you have a brat of your own you need to take care of and your wife, girlfriend, or whomever you had the little devil child with needs you to take care of the kid for the next few hours. Well, you’re in luck because kids mimic their parents so why not take the kid for a run or something. If they’re too small to walk, just have them watch you work up a serious sweat and hopefully through repetition and routine they just so happen to remember it and mimic it when they can hold themselves up on two feet by grabbing the already annoyed dog who is only trying to get a quick nap in while the kid refuses to leave it alone.

Like to paint electric football players? Paint one player, do a set of push-ups. Paint another player, do a set of push-ups and don’t look down on those of us who would rather play electric football instead of Madden. That game is TOUGH to master. And don’t judge those of us who like to paint our own players (no, I don’t do this, but people who do are artists in their own right). Maybe you do play video games. It won’t hurt you to, um, maybe cut down a bit on that. In fact, any sedentary hobby you may have, such as writing with me, would do you well if you took a small break, did a workout, and then got back to it. Trust me, okay?

So, there you have it. How to workout when you have other recreational commitments to attend to. If you’re already balancing your activities out with a screaming kid (and it’s on you that they’re spoiled beyond belief to the point they’ll demand entitlements in a decade and a half), I also provided a strategy through this rant of a post. Why write in this style? I decided to have fun and be blunt all at the same time in one evening. Hope you learned something, such as using a dream celebrity as motivation behind your wife’s back. You know what, you should have just married a girl who resembled her to a T. Then you wouldn’t have had to settle for anything less (I’m going to get in a lot of trouble for this one from numerous people). Okay, enough with the bridge burning. By the way, Comeback Kid Episode Four will be out this weekend. Good night!



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