Ranking the Uniforms of All 32 NFL Teams


As previously mentioned, I have numerous interests that lay beyond the world of fitness. Sure, this blog is definitely geared towards living a healthier lifestyle, along with my Comeback Kid Series, in which a down on his luck adult finds the fit life through many trials and tribulations, but it’s that time of year where my favorite sport is about to commence for yet another awesome season. So today, I’m going to share a post regarding the NFL. Today’s post? I’m taking the time to rank the uniforms of each and every NFL team, why they’re ranked where they are, and what can be done to improve their ranking. Something a little different than my usual posts but definitely something to break that monotony. Although fitness knows no monotony, there still needs to be variety.

  1. Oakland Raiders: Silver and black, one of the best color combos in sports. One home uni, one road uni, dark at home white on roadies. No markings or anything strange on the jerseys or pants. The same look for the last five and a half decades. It can’t be beaten and probably will never be beaten. Nothing will ever knock it out of the number one spot. This uniform has zero weaknesses. Grade: 10
  2. Kansas City Chiefs: When a team begins as the Dallas Texans, relocates to Kansas City in 1962 and only changes the helmet logo and nothing else, you know you have a great look. So what keeps it from number one? The monochromatic red that they like to wear one to two times a year. Grade: 9.7
  3. Green Bay Packers: It is a uniform that links Bart Starr to Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers to Brett Hundley. It’s timeless with very minor changes throughout it’s existence. The colors of fall, green and gold. It is the best uniform in the NFC. What keeps it from number one? The color scheme is great, but not as good as red and gold and black and silver. Grade: 9.6
  4. Indianapolis Colts: Like Oakland, Kansas City, and Green Bay, the look just works. Two colors, blue and white. Same logo throughout it’s entire existence. Why isn’t it higher? The shoulder stripes stop way too short and that’s a problem. Other than that, Johnny U, Peyton Manning, and Andrew Luck will be forever linked. And that helmet logo is the best the AFC has to offer. Grade: 9.5
  5. Dallas Cowboys: The lone star may trump all other helmet logos. The home whites forever make it one of the most unique duds in the NFL. What’s keeping it from being higher? Too many shades of blue and silver. Other than that, it may be the best aesthetic look in the NFL. Grade: 9
  6. Cleveland Browns: A lot of haters with this uniform but I’ve always loved Cleveland’s simple, old school uniforms. They didn’t change uniforms a year ago; they updated them and did it well. While I can live without the “Browns” going up the pantleg, they didn’t add any weird colors, add too much pizazz in the brown and orange, and the matte finish on the helmet makes it look even more old school. The ‘Cleveland’ wordmark is a tribute to Ohio’s rich high school football tradition and the drop shadow on the numbers is a nod to the 1946 Cleveland Browns. Awesome look. Why isn’t it higher? Way too many uniform combos. Grade: 7
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers: The most unique helmet logo in the league. Not the best, but most unique. Black makes everything look good. The team colors match the city’s flag, which is also unique. The Steelers just do almost everything right. What’s keeping it from being higher? The number font and helmet numbers are annoying as is that bumblebee throwback they love so much. Grade: 6.9
  8. Houston Texans: Another uni hated on by the media for being too generic. These newer teams (teams formed after 1960, such as, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Jacksonville, Atlanta) like to do really out of whack things with their uniforms in order to try to appeal to the younger crowd. The league’s youngest team doesn’t do that and it works. What’s better than red, white, and blue? The colors of America and the colors of Texas. Why isn’t it higher? The red alternates and mono blue just don’t work. I’d also like to see that shade of blue resemble the old Houston Oilers more. Grade: 6.5
  9. Buffalo Bills: Remember when they had one of the worst looks in pro football? Me too. These days, however, is a different story. The white helmets are a plus and the royal blue jerseys work even better. Keep it up, Buffalo. Keep it up. Why not higher? The mono white and mono blue doesn’t work. It takes away the color contrast this look needs. Grade: 6.4
  10. Washington Redskins: Name aside, burgundy and gold is iconic. The gold pants are even better, something Dan Snyder actually did that was right. Why not higher? They like to bust out the white pants and burgundy pants on occasion. It’s not necessary. Stick to the gold. Grade: 6.2
  11. New York Giants: The Giants just confirmed they’re wearing white pants for all eight home games. Awesome look. I’ve always preferred the white over the gray on the home uniform. The gray gives the away look a nice contrast, so keep the gray on the road whites, but the white pants at home just skyrocketed this look. Grade: 6.1
  12. Chicago Bears: The navy and orange are just classic and it all began when founder George Halas borrowed the colors from his alma mater, the University of Illinois. They’ve stood the test of time and rank high on the list. What keeps the Bears from a higher ranking? Not enough variety in the color scheme. The navy outlasts the orange by a longshot. Grade: 5.9
  13. San Francisco 49ers: One of the best looking uniforms in the NFC and they were ranked 2nd in my rankings once upon a time. Why the big drop? The black jerseys and black pants. Black should be nothing more than an accent color in San Fran. Red and gold are the primaries and always should be. Why make a uniform where black dominates the look? Worst alternate uniform in NFL history. Grade: 5.75
  14. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings, like the Browns, are a team that simply updated their uniforms after a nice little hiatus from 2007-2012 when they busted out something only Reebok could have made. Like the Titans, they went from one of the worst in the league to the top half of the field. My only gripes are the strange numbering fonts and the black facemasks. Other than that, it’s solid and updated, based off of their classic looks. Grade: 5.5
  15. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens have one of the best color schemes for both their name, persona, and stereotype. The Ravens of the early 2000’s were going to leave black and purple bruises all over their opponents. The raven itself is dark, as are their stereotypes and personas. What’s wrong with it? The gold pants are horrendous and look more like a ‘fauxback.’ The black pants shouldn’t be paired with the dark jerseys. Grade: 5.45
  16. Carolina Panthers: So many hate on this uniform. I’m indifferent to it. I hated the so-called “best uniform in NFL history” with that black on black look. Really? It’s one of the worst. And this team plays in Carolina. Why is black even the primary color over that carolina blue? Which of course, leads me to my gripes. Carolina blue jerseys should be the primary and black should be the alternate. The black pants need to go and this franchise is in it’s 22nd season and we have yet to see the silver pants paired with the white jerseys. Come on, Carolina. This look has so much potential yet it falls so short in every single area but the helmet. Grade: 5.2
  17. Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks ugraded their uniform when the NFL switched from Reebok to Nike in 2012. Gone are whatever that shade (or shades?) of blue was supposed to be. In is that very awesome looking navy blue. Gone was that neon piping which updated to a more pleasing shade of green. Back in action is the gray from the days of the old, which the Seahawks wore from 1976 to 2001. What’s wrong with the look? Very, very collegiate-like. The all-gray uniform combo is horrendous and the blue on blue needs to be toned down a bit. Grade: 5.15
  18. New York Jets: The Jets upgraded their look back in 1998. And for good reason. Bringing back an updated look of the Namath era uniforms. Not the best looking duds, not the most flashy, but they work for the Jets. So why are they eighteenth? The kelly green of the past is much better than today’s hunter green. The football shaped oval on the helmet beats the more circular one seen today. And the monochrome green and monochrome white takes away from the color contrast. Like the Panthers: great look but a lot of flaws . Grade: 5
  19. New Orleans Saints: Yet another great looking dud with mistakes everywhere. Let’s start with the black pants. Get rid of them. Their former shade of old gold of the Archie Manning days works better than the updated shade. The look is a mess but it can be cleaned up at anytime. Grade: 4.9
  20. New England Patriots: You have to admit, what they’re wearing now is nowhere near as good as their Pat Patriot duds of the past. Could you imagine Tom Brady winning four Super Bowls in Red and White? Would have been epic. What they have now is nowhere near their best look (side panels on the white  jersey?) but the look is here to stay. Why? Because Tom Brady won four Super Bowls in them. Grade: 4.7
  21. Denver Broncos: The look screams 1990’s Reebok, which I actually like because I love the 1990’s get-ups. Why not higher? The old look was way, way, way better and much more appeasing. Grade: 4.5
  22. Tennessee Titans: One of the worst helmets in the NFL if not the worst. Formerly one of the worst looks in the NFL with the Titans blue jersey and navy pants (who’s idea was that?) The look is better now that they relegated the Titans blue look to alternate status. My final gripe about the look other than the helmet? The navy on navy look. It’s terrible. Grade: 4.35
  23. Detroit Lions: As the Lions are no longer the laughing stock of the NFL (for the most part), everything has gone wrong with the uniform except the helmet logo, which is an upgrade. Black accents need to go. The weird numbering font should go too. At least they no longer wear the black alternate jerseys made infamous by Matt Millen. Grade: 4.3
  24. Miami Dolphins: The colors are very weak for an NFL team. Coral and aqua isn’t going to scare anyone and the navy is very unnecessary. Like the Bears, the uniform just screams aqua while relegating coral to an accent color. Why aren’t they lower? Because the core colors are still there and during their last uniform change they didn’t do anything too stupid. Grade: 4
  25. Philadelphia Eagles: The kelly green and silver of the days of the old would have this uniform in the top ten. Sadly, the midinight green, black, white, and hints of silver kill the look. The old look desperately needs to come back. The Eagles should follow suit of the 49ers (minus black alternates), and Buffalo Bills. Grade: 3.9
  26. Los Angeles Rams: Millenium blue and gold were bad enough in St. Louis. Now back in Los Angeles, it’s time to get the old royal blue and yellow look back and keep it. I think of bright sunny skies when I picture Los Angeles. I think of total darkness of the Ed Jones Dome when I think of their current duds. Grade: 3.5
  27. Arizona Cardinals: Like the 49ers, the black alternates are just terrible. Also terrible are the mono-red uniforms. The piping and strange pant stripes are horrid, as is the entire uniform. Why not lower? At least the bird on the helmet looks fierce and cardinal red still dominates most of the uniform. Not only that, the Cards have had their two best seasons in about a century (seriously) in these duds and that gives the look an upgrade. Grade: 3.3
  28. Atlanta Falcons: NFL Halloween Edition Part I! The uniform is awful all around. From the ‘F’ shaped falcon to the weird accents and piping to the indecision of whether black or red should dominate the look along with the white. Remember the dirty birds era? Go back to it. Or at least the Deion Sanders era. Hopefully a new look accompanies them to their new stadium in 2017. Grade: 2.9
  29. Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals have never had good uniforms. Unless you count the Paul Brown era, they rank near the bottom. The tiger stripes galore has got to go. The endless combos make the uniform look more like the……NFL Halloween Edition Part II. Grade: 2.8
  30. San Diego Chargers: You have a great look and what do you do? You think navy should replace powder. Uh, many say the powder blues are the most attractive looking uniforms in NFL history. So tell me why this works? Oh wait, it doesn’t. Grade: 2.1
  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The creamsicle look was better than the digital alarm clock look of today. The pants and helmet are two different shades of pewter and what’s with the orange stripe between the red (or white on the road) and pewter shoulders? The odd pants stripe. Only thing going for the Bucs these days is the helmet. Grade: 1.8
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars: Did I say the Titans had the worst helmet in the league? I was wrong. The Jaguars have the worst helmet in the history of the game. They faded out the teal, which was their trademark color in favor of more black. This team plays in Florida so going to black as the primary color makes no sense.Remember the 1995-1997 look? They need to go back to it now! Grade: 1.4


1-5 The classics.

6-14 Good but could have done better.

15-19 Something needs to be fixed.

20-26 Open up a history book!

27-32 You need a complete overhaul


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