My Thanksgiving Day Strategy

Okay, so this is like the ultimate day for cheat meals (or cheat days). I prefer to make it more of a cheat meal because it makes dinnertime more worthwhile as I sit and watch the reincarnations of Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith throw and run all over the Washington Redskins. Little bit of irony: I kind of root for both teams to an extent next to my two kingpins that are the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts (I’m happy Luck’s out tonight because the Steelers love playing like a Division III high school team against weak opponents). Anyway, down to business. What is it that will allow me to cheat big time during that awesome dinner today without all of the guilt or feeling sorry for myself?
Let’s go back to Sunday, where I had my last high carb day. During a high carb day, I typically consume 500 grams of carbs. I ended up eating somewhere around 350 to 400, but closer to 400, so that bid me an extra 100 grams for today. Monday was a low carb day, and Tuesday was a moderate carb day, where I eat around 300-350 grams of carbs, but I kept it under 300, giving me another 50 grams. Now I’m in a 150 gram deficit. Wednesday rolls around, which is typically my high carb day but I made it a low carb day, taking in maybe 200 grams of carbohydrate. So today, Thursday, becomes a high carb day where I take in roughly 500 grams of carbs. However, I have an extra 150 grams of carbs to work with, giving me a total of 650 grams, but I’m not finished yet. My protein intake is roughly 170 grams per day, and I’m taking this to the bare minimum as well, perhaps no more than 70 grams all day, which allows me another 100 grams, bringing the total up to 750 grams. Next, I also take in around 100 grams both pre- and post-workout, so I’m going to cut that in half, giving me a total of 850 grams of carbs. And finally, I look to sacrifice my high carb day on Sunday since I’ll likely be fully loaded of carbohydrate, bidding me an extra 300 grams of carbs today as well, bringing my total allowance today up to 1,150 grams. I may go over this, which will then be considered “cheating” and since I haven’t eaten a real cheat meal in nearly a month and a half, I can allow myself to go over this number since it has been a bit since my last actual cheat meal, giving me something between 1,150 to 1,500 grams of carbohydrate today, guilt free.
You may now be asking about my fat intake since we covered carb and touched on protein intake. I typically keep my fat intake to somewhere between 50-70 grams per day, every day. Closer to 50 on higher carb day and closer to 70 on lower carb day. Today, however, I will likely go over that number to an extent, and I mean an extent of no more than 20-30 grams, as the only real fatty foods I would consume today are in the desserts. I would simply make my fat intake over the next few days closer to 50 grams, evening out my fat intake for what I would consume today.
On the outside, macro-based dieting looks like a numbers game and a very complicated math equation. It really isn’t, and the results are tremendous. It also helps keep the metabolism high and cravings at bay. Since you are cycling nutrients, you never need to sacrifice foods you once loved. You simply insert a portion of them in on the appropriate days. That’s really all there is to it. So if you haven’t had the opportunity to try this strategy this year, you have a good one for 2017 which will leave you leaving that dinner table feeling energized, better about yourself, and raring to get into the gym for another workout.

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