Get A Life!

Okay, so you all know I love to live the fitness lifestyle. You all know I love to workout twice a day (45 minutes per session), and that I am a stereotypical creature of habit for the most part. In all fairness, living the fit life is fun, rewarding, and exciting. You wake up each and every day with a purpose, the health benefits are just pristine, and there is always something new to look forward to each day. Many who see us living this way find us odd, weird, crazy, obsessed, or anything and everything in between. I tend to use the terms passionate, dedicated, and the phrase ‘living with purpose’ to describe us fitness phenoms. To be considered a fitness phenom, you just have to be known for doing what you do best: living the fit life in any way that suits you best. Whether you’re a stereotypical gym rat or a marathon runner.

Now that the world knows what we do, we still need to find time for the hobbies and other activities to look forward to outside of the gym. So what else are you known for? Anything at all? Is there anything else people know you for? If your answer is ‘no’ then I feel for you. I really do, because there is so much more than the bubble of fitness to get excited about and look forward to. And in all honesty, if this is all you do, you’re just as much of a geeky loser as that kid you poked fun at all throughout middle school and high school who kept his head down and spent all of his free time reading books and remaining very aloof in the presence of others.

With that being said, I want to share a few of my other passions that also get me just as revved up as a good old fashioned, high intensity interval cardio workout!

First up is that I love to write and I estimate that I spend at least two hours a day writing on the weekdays. On weekends that number can be bumped up to five hours per day. I love to write fiction, realistic fiction, and fantasy. Sometimes I like to take historic elements and relate them to the modern day. One good example of this will be my book series ‘Once’ which I hope to get published. If not I’ll simply sell it as an e-book! Once tells the story of a college athlete who gets warped in a conflict between an evil empire (think a hybrid between the British of the 1700’s and the Germans of World War II) and soon finds out there is much more to life than simply playing college sports. Like I said,  I like to intertwine these works with fantasy, so you’ll see some Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lost (TV Series), Avatar: The Last Airbender, and a few other fantasy related works involved as well. Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero with A Thousand Faces’ was also a huge inspiration.

Secondly, I tend to follow the news. Depressing, right? Hey, try being a Libertarian for a day. Both the Left and Right despise me. No really, just add me as a friend on facebook! For that, I have also dove into works by Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, and Andrew Napolitano. And yes, I did protest vote back in November! 3.24% of the votes this season, up from .99% in 2012. I’ll take that number and run with it. But no, this is something I’ve always been interested in since grade school and I’m always down to hear the view points of others WITHOUT being judgmental. I simply just like to see where each individual is coming from with their own unique views and why. You can talk politics without arguing. In fact, you may learn a few things you previously didn’t know and it becomes a good research topic.

On to my number three hobby: Research. What would I do without research? What do I research? My clear cut, honest, favorite topic of research is the meaning of life and how we came to be. Yes, I believe in God and yes, I have old school Christian values despite the fact that I either dress like a gym rat 90% of the time and a semi-gothic metal head 10% of the time who wears snake necklaces, secret societal symbols on clothes, and in some instances pagan symbols. I cannot wait until that black raven necklace comes in! But this is kind of related to my number two hobby, since I love hearing the viewpoints of people such as Richard Dawkins. Again, I just want to know why he thinks the way he thinks. And yes, he puts together a compelling argument for his viewpoints. I just find it hard to believe something comes out of nothing. But all respect to Dawkins and his colleagues.

Number four on my list are….you guessed it….sports! I tend to follow all four of the major sports leagues: NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and in that order. Football is by far the most fun to watch but it’s starting to dwindle as the NFL becomes soft. However, the players dress like modern day gladiators, which is often cool. And I’ll admit that I’m a passionate fan of the Cleveland Browns (insert joke here) but I love variety so I’ll follow the Indianapolis Colts (uniforms are priceless), Dallas Cowboys (I loved the Triplets when I was young), and Washington Redskins (Ironically) because I’m part Native American and I always have a thing for most Native American nicknames. I nearly cried when the University of North Dakota was forced to change their name from Fighting Sioux to something else. But after they became the Fighting Hawks, I could live with it. In NHL, it’s the Winnipeg Jets (I liked them while they were in Atlanta, and I love the fact that the Jets continued the shades of polar and ice blue in order to keep that connection to the old Thrashers), and Chicago Blackhawks. In the NBA, it’s all Grizzlies and Cavaliers all the time! I also like the Milwaukee Bucks and Minnesota Timberwolves. But I’d do anything to see a Memphis-Cleveland NBA Finals. Honestly, anything. And in MLB, it’s the Tampa Bay Rays (insert stadium joke here), Cleveland Indians (Cleveland is by far my favorite sports town despite Pittsburgh being my closest city. Love ya, Pittsburgh, just hate your sports!), and Cincinnati Reds among others. So why variety? Honestly, it keeps me following the game long after my overall favorite teams such as the Browns are knocked out of playoff contention before the 2017 pre-season even begins. No, 2017 is NOT a typo.

And finally at number five, I love symphonic power metal and I’m trying to teach myself to play the genre albeit at a snail’s pace on a Korg workstation. It’s a lot of fun and I’m not too bad at it, but I have crazy respect for their keyboardists. Especially Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish. Best song writer ever. I’m also a huge fan of the band Xandria. If you ever have free time you have to google these two bands because although they are not very popular in the United States, they have a large following abroad. Especially Nightwish, who are arguably the greatest symphonic power metal band of all time to this point. Like I said, Xandria is awesome, as are Within Temptation, Delain, and a very underrated but awesome one as well would be Visions of Atlantis. They’re very Nightwish-esque. Pure power metal without the predominant symphonic sound is a very uplifting and motivating alternative to mainstream metal you hear in the United States, as in you can actually understand what they’re saying. DragonForce is the most popular here in the United States, but Kamelot, HammerFall, and Sabaton are very well known household names.

So there you have it, my top five favorite hobbies to do outside the gym and working out. Needless to say, I stay more than busy. I do way more than just “live in a gym” and the point of this writing is that you want to find at least five other things that are going to keep you interested when you aren’t training others or working out. Try new things. You can have a lot of fun doing your own thing or going out with friends who aren’t down to drink themselves into a coma every weekend. Just go out and experience the best and maybe one day we’ll all be writers and our books will be side by side on bookshelves. Until then, keep grinding inside (and outside) the gym. Talk to you all soon.

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