Taking Advantage

Today I want to talk about taking advantage of this really awkward month we have called December. You know, the month everyone, even some gym diehards, just seem to take off, only to be back for the new year come January. For some of us, it is a blessing to be the only ones in the gym during this time. For many, it’s all about taking a month off to get ready for the new year because December is SUCH A BUSY MONTH! I have two words for the ninety percent who just want to take a break from the gym because December is SUCH  A BUSY MONTH! And this is to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE ADDED STRESS DURING THE HOLIDAYS!

I want to come up with a nice little list of excuses:

  1. My kids have  a million and one things going on! Didn’t you say that back in June? It took you six months to make time? You should have solved this one months ago. Hey, if you only have 40 minutes a day to workout and that’s only if you stay up later or wake up earlier, I can help you out. Wait, you’re in front of the TV, aren’t you? Exercise while watching TV? Being too tired is not an excuse. It is called being lazy.
  2. My work picks up in December! You have added stress, don’t you? So why are we going home and taking a break if we could be working our stress off a bit at the gym? For those of you who are members of twenty-four hour gyms, you especially do not have an excuse. So stop it and get in!
  3. The cold weather makes me tired and depressed! This one makes me shake my head and laugh. Exercise does two things for you. It will warm you up and energize you! Okay, problem solved.
  4. I have to bake Christmas cookies! First off, how many have you eaten? Because this statement alone should be motivating enough to get a workout in. Secondly, how many are you planning on eating at lunch during work, for breakfast in the morning, or for dinner? Well, I guess it’s time to burn those calories off.
  5. I just don’t have time during the Holidays! This is that one excuse that is spoken when everything else has been deflected. In this case, you just have to wake up a little earlier.

It really amuses me just how easily it is to continue what you started back in January, March, June, August, or October. No, seriously, October is a busy month in the fit biz. Alright, so what are you waiting for? What will it take to continue your fitness journey in December. Here are a few good tips to follow:

  1. The Holidays are a feel good time of year for some, but a very depressing time for most (See my previous blogs in the Comeback Kid category). If you’re someone who gets rather negative feelings during the Holidays as I tend to (Brock is based off me…well, the first life are my fears of what could have been) because I know another year went by and I’m still in the Ohio Valley and not somewhere more prominent such as the coast or in a larger market AND because I’m spending it alone once more. But look at the clear positive: It makes me work even harder. December makes me work harder at my craft and my aesthetics than any other month of the year. I love December for that reason. I’m one of those weirdos that gets stressed and loves to use that stress for positive things. When do I get lazy? When I feel good. I love feeling stressed, especially during the day. Not at night though!
  2. Strive to be unique. Hey, during the Holidays people like to follow certain traditions: Christmas cookies, alcohol, gifts they don’t need…….and their pint sized side kick is going “Treat Yo-Self!” Treat yourself to the gift of health. Be unique. Start a new tradition. Skip the cookies (most of the time), hit the gym on Christmas as our awesome members do in the Ohio Valley, and just keep that level of fitness up and through the roof, even in December. Lead, stop following. Don’t be a follower!
  3. My members and clients know what’s coming……MIDNIGHT MADNESS! So what exactly is MIDNIGHT MADNESS?!?!?! It’s a little Christmas tradition I’ve started for myself. On MIDNIGHT MADNESS, I do a full blown, all out workout at midnight on Christmas Eve and into Christmas morning. Hey, it’s a fun thing to do after going to my mother’s uncle’s for a few hours and catching up on God knows what……just ask Brock….
  4. Flexible Dieting. I love flexible dieting so much I do it all year round. What is it? Instead of eating foods based on well, foods, you’re eating based on macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbs). You know what? It works. And it works well. I love it so much I do this all year long. I cycle my carb and fat intake. And instead of being the classic individual and going through a bulking/cutting phase and eating every three hours as if I had no life, I tend to stay lean all year round, eating when I can, like someone who spends his time working around the clock, as I am now. For those of you who work extra hours, it’s a solution for you. For those of you who love Christmas cookies, it’s a solution for you, because you just have to limit the intake while still getting your fix. For those who can only workout at midnight, it’s a good solution for you since you obviously have a very hectic lifestyle. It’s THE solution.

Okay, so I diffused five solid excuses for taking December off. I gave four solid recommendations for those who want to take December off. I also motivated those who think the year was a waste to remember that the year isn’t over yet! Don’t give up. Don’t leave that fitness journey for a month. There is still work to be done.


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