Once Character Synopsis

As my beta readers read away and I take another step on the rung in the game of life, it’s time to begin the promos for my book series entitled Once. This is my big project, unlike my Comeback Kid project which was only meant to ease you all into my writing style. By the way, I’ll be releasing my entire second half of Comeback Kid in just days, so hang tight with that.

As I mentioned, today, we’re talking about Once. I want to introduce my main characters here which I know you all will come to connect with and enjoy reading about. There are a lot of them and I honestly love each and every one of my main cast as if they were best friends. Actually in a way, they all are. Without further ado, let’s do this!

Cain Robertson: Cain is our main character. His background is rather tragic, as he is a survivor of a nuclear bombing that occurred twenty years before the events of this book. He is found and lives with his Aunt Ira and Uncle Antto, along with his two cousins, Jed and Asha Robertson. Cain is treated like a son and older brother and he loves this role a lot. Cain is also a gifted athlete despite his shorter stature and average straight line speed. His best friend is Lira Ross, the character I’ll get to in a minute, and he is an Exercise Science major at Summit University, the primary setting of the first book in Once. Cain is also a senior at Summit University. Cain is also based off of yours truly. He is everything that I am, everything I am afraid to be, as well as everything I hope to be. His birthday, like mine, is April 27th. Cain is short, muscular, and lean. He has dark brown hair that is curly and wavy, with brown eyes, and a rather fierce face but friendly demeanor. Cain is also gifted in element control, and he has the ability to control earth, wind, water, and fire in the first book. Personality wise, Cain can be very reckless, irrational, arrogant, and impulsive. He also has a very mean temper when pushed past a certain edge, most likely when on the field. He also takes pride in annoying Lira, which he does several times in the book. Despite this, Cain and Lira are best friends and are always there for one another.

Lira Ross: Lira is our main female character. She is almost as involved as Cain in the series of events. In fact, she is introduced very shortly after Cain is. Lira is one of the more motivating characters in the series. She comes from an extremely poor family and lives in a very run down house. Despite these shortcomings, Lira is very academically and athletically gifted to the point to where she is arguably the best in the school. She is also extremely attractive, with an athletic build, solid legs, fair skin, blue eyes with a hint of brown in them, jet black long hair, and very straight, white teeth. Lira could attract any guy, but her extremely introverted personality is a turn off to many, as well as her tendency to keep her head down at all times. She can also be very snappish and short tempered, but is also Cain’s best friend, and despite her constantly being annoyed with his antics, she always sticks by his side and is very, very loyal to all of her friends. Lira also has unique abilities and can smoke travel (disappear in a puff of smoke in one place and end up in another in an instant), and can control blood, metal, and wood. She is a very gifted fighter. Her birthday is July 31st and is based off of my many female celebrity crushes. Lira is also a biology and chemistry major. She is also a senior.

Micah Robertson: Micah is Cain’s first cousin and is very proficient in almost anything. Micah, like Cain, is a great athlete, if not more talented than Cain, but not as good as Lira. Micah also gets good grades on all of his works. Micah is a marketing major and is nearly always more of a recurring character in Once. He is based off of all of my first cousins and despite his immense talents, he has a very nonchalant, humble personality. Micah is also gifted in element control and is particularly proficient in controlling earth, but he can also control wind and water well, though he is far too calm in the first book to control fire. Micah is rather tall, lanky, with a hint of muscle tone, a thin beard, light brown hair, blue eyes, and a kind face. Whereas Cain is more of the shoot first, ask questions later type, Micah is the calmer of the two, insisting on strategy rather than impulsiveness and he tends to think things out rather than act on the fly. The only notable exception to this is when playing sports, when Micah, much like Cain, can be rather aggressive and sometimes cocky when on the field. Micah’s birthday is September 1st and he is also a senior.

Marcos Gretels: Marcos is the best friend of Cain, Lira, and Micah. Also a senior, it is never revealed in the first book exactly what Marcos is going to school for. Marcos is a playboy who loves getting with women more than anything else, though as he meets a recurring book character this demeanor changes somewhat. Where Cain is on one extreme of the spectrum and Micah is on the other, Marcos tends to be the middle man. Also an athlete, Marcos may be the most aggressive of the four when it comes to sports, however. He plays the most physical position on his team and he always tends to be in the thick of everything when things get too physical. Marcos also has abilities like Cain, Lira, and Micah, though they are not as prevalent. Marcos can produce auras, which make useful signals during any kind of battle taking place and he is also the only one of the four proficient in Void, the ability to manipulate spiritual energy, see spirits, and even see into the depths of space. Marcos tends to use his abilities the least of the other three. Marcos is based off of a few of my favorite gym friends.


Recurring Main Characters:

Savannah Rivers: Savannah is the character that grows the most in the book. Savannah begins as a minor character and is only slightly interested in the main conflict at hand, looking to mainly play sports only and receive a degree. However, after an event occurs, Savannah finds herself as that unofficial fifth person in the gang. Savannah is younger and is the youngest in the entire group of main characters, being a freshman with a birthday in October. Savannah is almost like a young intertwine of Cain and Lira. She has Lira’s talents in athletics and academics but tends to follow and agree with Cain in pretty much every single decision. It is also implied that she has a thing for Cain during the book. Savannah is almost a catalyst as well, as she is part of nearly all significant events happen that change the course of the text as it evolves. Personality-wise, Savannah is very, very friendly to everyone, always upbeat despite her rather poor luck at times, optimistic, and always willing to help anybody out. Yet another one with abilities, Savannah is young but is already a master in Void to the point to where she can verbally communicate with spirits as well as recognize positive and negative energy fields. Savannah is shorter with a build and look similar to Lira’s, except she has olive colored skin. She will be that character who ends up a fan favorite.

Jed Robertson: Jed is Cain’s younger cousin and son to Ira and Antto Robertson. Jed is the most minor of the characters in the group and he only speaks when something needs to be said or when he’s called upon for his opinion. Jed only wants to play shotball and go to school, much like Savannah, but he always follows the lead of Cain and Micah, his two older cousins. Jed is also proficient in abilities but he very rarely uses them. Like Lira, he is a very extreme introvert and prefers to keep to himself, unless Micah is around, implying that Jed is closer to Micah than Cain while Asha is closer to Cain than Micah. Jed is also a freshman and an athlete. Jed is based off of my own flesh and blood and no, I don’t have any kids! Let’s just say if I did have a kid the dude Jed is based off of would be their uncle. And by the way, if he read this work he’d likely flip on me due to his insistence on privacy, unlike his flashy older sibling (me).  Jed’s birthday is June 5th, like his twin sister’s.

Asha Robertson: Asha is the twin sister of Jed. In the beginning of the book, Asha gets on very good with Cain, Lira, Jed, Marcos, Micah, and Savannah, although this changes somewhat in the book, as Asha’s past becomes more and more revealed. Asha is an athlete who is gifted in controlling blood, metal, and wood, much like Lira. Early on, it was implied that Lira acted as a mentor to Asha, but this too changes as the story goes along. Asha is also an exercise science major, much like Cain and in the beginning is almost like a younger version of Cain. One word for Asha would be interesting. Like her twin brother, Asha’s birthday is June 5th. She is based off of a former best friend of mine who at times was level headed, and at others was very wayward and anything but.

Clyde Flanders: The most unknown character of the group. Clyde is a very gifted athlete and the other characters have no idea how he managed to get accepted into school as he is simply rather socially awkward in many situations. Despite this, Clyde is perhaps the most loyal of the entire group, showing the desire to do whatever is needed in order to ensure his friends are safe, even going as far as illegally using his abilities during sporting events in order to protect them from a serious fight, although this was unseen by the officials.

General Randelo Jefferson: Rand, or General for short. Jefferson is Albus Dumbledore, Obie wan Kenobi, John Locke, and Avatar Roku mixed into one character. Jefferson is roughly sixty years old and is the key to many avenues in the book. His actions dictated the past, present, and future of the series. He is a very powerful in element control and is a force to be reckoned with in a duel. He is calm, energetic, and a go getter. He also serves as a mentor to Cain and Lira.

I’ll reveal some of our antagonists over the course of the next few days.


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