Confessions from the Gym

They say the NFL is full of characters and peculiar personalities and I must say that the same goes for us fitness trainers. We’re in the business of helping others reach a new height, show beginners the ropes, and change lifestyles. Awesome, right? But we need to stand out, so how exactly do we do this? Sure, multiple certifications helps our cause and a college degree only enhances our credibility. The dedication to our craft to the point where others find us “crazy” is also a nod in the right direction. In fact, even our clothing may entice some to choose us as their trainer. Sure, we can’t be normal humans with nine to five jobs and act a certain way. We need to be professional, yes, but we also have to have that “it” factor that allows us to stand out. So after four years on the job, it’s time for me to let you all in what exactly makes me….me. Some things my closest gym friends, members, and clients already know while others will blow your mind. These are my confessions from the gym.

For starters, I’m someone who has so much variety in certain topics one would think I must wake up a different person each day. Well, it depends on my mood, to be completely honest with you. I have to have variety. I CRAVE variety. I spent the years 1995-1999 as a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. From 2000 to 2011 I switched to the Cleveland Browns. From 2012 to 2014, I grew tired of the Browns constant terrible luck, so I switched to the team that had Luck, the Indianapolis Colts. And in 2015 I went back to Cleveland. Why? Because I felt like it. Do I still support Dallas and Indy? You bet I do, just to a lesser extent. I also have to throw the Baltimore Ravens in there as well. Why? For one, both Browns fans and Ravens fans share a common enemy in the Pittsburgh Steelers (love you Pittsburgh, just not the sports teams). For another, and very ironically for that matter, both cities have suffered the pain of losing a football team (the Colts played in Baltimore until 1983). And of course the Browns relocated to well, Baltimore. Not only that, but Ravens is just a cool name. So cool that each time I tried to resent them I just couldn’t. So the first confession is that I indeed have a soft spot for the Ravens.

Right, onto the next confession. I had only been a Libertarian since 2012. See, the story goes like this: I was a liberal from 2006 to 2011. I then learned Austrian economics and the rest is history. On facebook, I loved spreading Libertarian politics and ideologies in an attempt to move America away from the two party system. Does it work? Hey, if every Libertarian in the country can change one person, we just doubled in size. Heck yeah it works. If we change two people, we triple in size. It’s easy. So, I was a big time liberal who wanted higher minimum wages, equal rights for all (still want that), and redistribution of wealth. But I also want God in schools if there are those in that school who want Him there. Yep, Libertarianism at it’s finest.

I only like two types of girls: athletic girls and heavy metal-esque girls with a hint of goth in them. Just a HINT of gothic. Why? Because it’s awesome. I prefer black hair over anything else. Black nails too and either fair or olive skin. I could go either way. Oh, and of course they have to be hardcore gym rats. Christian too. Is this too much to ask? Yes, there are Christian girls who workout who happen to love black clothing. Trust me on this one. Just trust me.

Okay, so onto my epic masterpiece of Comeback Kid, which is COMING, I haven’t forgotten about it! Basically, timeline one is everything I feared I would become. Timeline two is everything I hope to become. That’s all there is to Comeback Kid. Oh, and the girl in the book is based off of my melodic gothic, heavy metal celeb crushes. As for Once, well, it goes something like this: I can’t fall asleep on an empty mind. Weird, right? Very weird. So I have to have something on my mind in order to fall asleep. Nothing stressful, of course, but just something to put me to sleep. So I started having this image in my mind years ago and the image was me with superpowers. No, I’m not going all comic book or anything on you, I couldn’t careless about comics. Me with the ability to control the elements. Okay, are you with me now? Good. And with a hint of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lost, Last Airbender, Symphonic Metal (yes, it’s that important), along with some other elements, I get, well, Once. So each night I just pick up where I left off the previous night. Did you know the brain is far better at remembering things it doesn’t need to remember and vice versa? I know, me neither! But it does, so it was kind of easy to pick up on and once (no pun intended) the story was over, I had to write it, only it took me a while because I was really busy back then!

So, onto Nightwish, my favorite band EVER! First off, I have to shoutout to them for their epic music that never seems to get old, although I’ve listened to every song about one-hundred times with no exaggeration. So, my favorite album is Century Child. In all honesty, I’ve always believed the album is about love and loss. Loss of material, or the end of an era (hint here, people!) moving on into the darkness, and temptation by the beast. Enjoy the feast, but be weary of the beast. The lyrics are just EPIC in Century Child. Sure, Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster, and Over the Hills and Far Away are just classics that will NEVER get old and Once is going to be immortalized. Dark Passion Play, Imagineaurum, and Endless Forms Most Beautiful have their own unique styles and there seriously isn’t a bad song on any one of them, but man, Century Child just hits home for anyone who has experienced love, loss, change, and all of it. I for one think the album is much, much deeper for a very hallowed few back in 2002, and it’s worth noting my Cleveland Browns have not seen the playoffs since Century Child was released back in 2002. In fact, when the Browns moved to Baltimore in ’95, Century Child would have been THE album for Browns fans had it existed then. But heck, they can’t field a winning team now, so they should enter to Dead to the World or End of All Hope. It just fits!

I love the band so much that not only am I giving Nightwish and symphonic metal itself another paragraph, but I would probably indoctrinate my future child with the band when he/she (no one’s pregnant, by the way lol) is born by blasting Stargazers, Ever Dream (my future wedding song to a soon to be determined lucky lady), and Ghost Love Score. But there are also some other awesome groups I’ve come to love, such as Xandria :), Within Temptation, Epica, DragonForce (the band that started this metal craze), Kamelot, Rhapsody of Fire, and many more. Oh, and if my child born in a year unknown is a girl, I’m naming her Xandria. Xandria or maybe Raven? I love it. In fact, I love it so much I would be tormenting half of my family because most of them are Steeler fans and my mother would have to live with having to call her grandchild Raven. Man, that name just gives me chills.

So I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in over two years and I plan on keeping that streak alive AND I’m like that different, black sheep kind of person who isn’t really a fan of mainstream culture. I love life, but I love it the way I see fit, and no one else. You couldn’t pay me to change my ways even for a single night. Trust me, people have tried and failed miserably, haha! You can’t change me, you can’t break me, and you definitely will never see me in a bar. Why? Nothing good happens in bars, that’s why. And not only that, but why the hell are people wasting weekends and even weekdays by drinking and hanging out at a place where NOTHING GOOD happens? They’re followers, that’s why. They’re all followers. Those who drink, smoke, gamble, engage in inappropriate acts with the wrong people, go to nightclubs, and do things “because everyone else is doing them.” Just because 99.9% of people engage in something doesn’t make it right! So why am I saying this, knowing I’ll have massive backlash? I speak my mind and I’m honestly not afraid to do so.

What was I talking about at the beginning of this post? Oh yeah, about having a unique personality that separates me from other trainers when the knowledge, work ethic and experience are intact. I thank you all who have put up with me over the past four years. But I’m honestly going to have to keep going with this rant because it’s my longest blog EVER!

Did you know that the Sorting Hat put me in Ravenclaw on Pottermore? It did, and those with intelligence (or in my case, king of random facts), wit (I never show this lol but it’s there), wisdom (see two paragraphs above), learning (I love research), creativity (I’m a writer), alright with being alone (YES, I find solace in it), and an eccentric personality (you think you know me), are indeed Ravenclaws. Okay, so I think I’ve mentioned ravens about twenty times in this article. Did you know Xandria has a song called Ravenheart? It was their breakout hit! Oh, and their latest lead singer does a phenomenal job with the song. Safe to say that for one, Xandria is my second favorite band after Nightwish and for another, I think the raven would be my spirit animal. Yep, I believe in spirit animals, so don’t judge me!

And I’ve written song lyrics which I plan on translating into symphonic metal music myself. Just on a recreational basis, nothing crazy, unless someone likes them, but I think I have a better chance of getting my book published! Actually, I like my chances. I’m confident in my work or else I wouldn’t have shared with beta readers! Anyone have any questions? No? Okay then. So, now you know all of my confessions and know them well. Oh, wait, I also love the Winnipeg Jets of the NHL! Right, so something that has nothing to do with ravens for a change. There is nothing bad about that, right? A Jet, Raven, Serpent, why am I using so many capitals? Okay, so I’ll see you all on the flip side. Thank you for your time and it was an honor 🙂

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