The Sports Rivalry that Fueled Once

We all love our good old sports rivalries. Just take a look at all of the major sports out there, college included. For the record, I need a rundown, because many of my favorite teams are spawned from the pureness of a good old rivalry.

Now I’m going to be clear and mention that I can’t give away who my preferences are in terms of sports because I would be giving away essential details to the plot. For starters, the sport itself is fictional (it’s actually a sport I invented years ago), as are the teams and everything and everyone involved. However, if you’re sharp, you are going to pick something up relatively quickly. Or you can just google the sports leagues and sports rivalries until you find a match. I’m literally clueing you like none other, because in part, I do want someone to solve this riddle. For those who know me, you don’t qualify because you know exactly where I’m going with this.

Yet I really love to use sports in order to get my points across, and Once is no different. In fact, this particular sports rivalry (I have to be vague here and cannot mention the rivalry itself or else I’ll be giving the plot away) contributes to both the main plot of the story AND the sports subplot I have created.

So if Once is categorized as a war story with many magical and fantastical elements, why am I including sports in this at all? Take a look at the world today. We have issues going on with the Presidential Inauguration with a huge line of protesters (don’t blame me, I voted for Gary Johnson), an escalating issue with Russia, a crisis in Syria, the Brexit (brilliant if you ask me lol), potential hyperinflation of the dollar, a nation divided (see above), and Lord knows what else. But what is everyone talking about? Antonio Brown videotaping his coach on Facebook Live. Brady v. Ben Episode II. Chris Paul out six to eight weeks. Facebook trashing the Dallas Cowboys nonstop. Debates between whether DeShaun Watson or Mitch Trubisky are more worthy of being the number one quarterback taken, and Aaron Rodgers playing magic man (that throw was amazing). In other words, sports are our pleasant distraction from what is really going on in the world today. So for that matter, I included sports.

But this post is about a sports rivalry that helped inspire and fuel Once. The first part is listed above and is very simple: a pleasant distraction. Part two: The story of Once actually has a story under the main story, and that story is the sports rivalry I continually talk of. I literally use Once as an allegory to this sports rivalry, because the plot itself reflects on it so very well. If you are a sports fan and if you happen to pick up Once when it gets published (I’m merely hyping my work, I still need to go through one final edit before sending it to publishers) you will probably break that code fast. For you non sport fans, a simple wikipedia search may help you break the code. As I talk more about Once, I’ll dish out more clues. But I will say, the entire Once series is an allegory of a sports rivalry, because I love my sports but I really don’t take them as serious as people think I do, unless if my favorite team is playing their chief, and most hated rival Then things get personal. The same goes for Once. Remember this short but very important post, because it’s imperative.

Stay tuned, as the second half of Comeback Kid gets released at the end of the week! Plus, you all should know by now my influences behind Once, but I’m going to give you an in depth look at each influence, without revealing any information on my plit, of course. Again, stay tuned!! My blog is starting to grow and I’m loving it.

3 thoughts on “The Sports Rivalry that Fueled Once

  1. Cheers for a great post! Your story sounds exciting, I like where it seems like you’re going with it.
    If I might make a suggestion, sometimes it’s OK to reveal some of the plot of your story. That’s how you hook readers. If they know absolutely NOTHING about the story line, they can’t really determine whether or not they’ll read it. Maybe you’ve already described what your book is about before, and I just didn’t know that. But I’m just saying, sometimes it’s good to reveal some things about your book.
    Obviously, avoid anything that SPOILS the story…
    Sorry, I’m ranting now :S


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