Themes of Once

Every single epic work has a theme. You have a main theme in The Bible, a main theme in Harry Potter, a main theme in Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Lost, and anything and everything in between.Throughout Once, you will come across recurring themes, allegories, motifs, references, and metaphors. Once is definitely a tale in its own mold, but there are also going to be a lot, and I mean a lot, of points I wish to come across. I wish to forewarn my followers right now, as this is my very first post that may be a little bit edgy. You will read on and learn of a few sensitive topics I will be covering in the work, and I urgeĀ  you to proceed with great caution, as the upcoming paragraphs are going to be rather sensitive in nature.

Okay, so Once, in essence, very loosely follows the journey of an individual that has been told over the last several thousand years, as long as history had been recorded. You may have come across tales of such, as they are very rampant in many works throughout the history of mankind. What I have always found to be extremely fascinating about these stories is the fact that they are told, over and over again, in so many different ways, combinations, and versions. In fact, every single culture, society, and civilization who has walked this very Earth will always have their own version, ever-changing throughout the generations, centuries, and millenniums. That, in my opinion, is very fascinating, more fascinating than the fact that we are literally living on a planet that is floating in space, suspended by God’s cosmic laws of gravity. It is literally epic, that we live in a world where each and every story ever told, though unique and suspenseful in nature, follows a very identical path. Just amazing, from my perspective.

Alright, now on to the more sensitive information. We currently live in a divided nation, which as been divided since, in my personal opinion, 2003. As we all know, 2003 was the year former President George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, a very controversial decision that has since divided a country, which has remained divided since that year. I have a very, very vivid memory and I remember sitting in my sixth grade classroom watching Channel One News in the morning in the tiny town of Hammondsville, Ohio at Stanton Middle School (Edwin Middle School in Comeback Kid), and just knowing that I was watching something historical take place. Personally, I opposed the invasion and to this day I still voice opposition to the Iraqi Invasion, as the invasion sealed the status of America as the policemen of the world.

Now, before America held that status, the former British and French Empires were at the forefront. Before the British and French it was the Spanish, who were the first people to develop civilizations in the Americas (on U.S. soil, that is). The Southpoint Empire in Once is an amalgam of many of the Empires that have held what I like to refer to as a Superpower. For this reason, even the former Soviet Union can be mentioned in this group due to their roles during the Cold War Era from 1946 to 1991.

You can agree or disagree with my point of view of America’s role in the Iraq War, but one thing is for certain: America currently has bases in over 190 countries on the planet. We still have bases in Germany and Japan from World War II. In my opinion, that’s occupation of another land. It’s us spending our own tax dollars in order to maintain this and one day, it’s my own personal fear that we will expand our lines too far and soon begin enforcing taxation on other nations without their representation. Unconstitutional? Of course! But when was the last time our leaders paid any attention to the Constitution of the United States? The Patriot Act? Unconstitutional. The necessary and proper clause? Sorry, but it’s never necessary and proper to restrict the rights of others in the name of security. Spoiler alert: this is in Once and it is a recurring theme.

Again, we live in a very divided nation and what has been become the norm over the past thirty months? Violent protests, buildings and businesses being destroyed, people being beaten and battered just because they aren’t conforming to the new status quo. Well, guess what? This is in Once too. Trust me, you will see a lot of this in the book. This is a very powerful, very dramatic plot that isn’t for everyone. If you want something that is fantastical but touches on real life issues, then this is the book for you. It’s going to lean on the violent side and there is going to be violence not only on one side, but violence all around.

Mass shootings have also become rather commonplace in American society, and yep, there will be many of these in Once. I’m literally giving away spoiler alert after spoiler alert here, but I’m remaining vague, because this is a book anyone who is politically inclined one way or another just must read. It should be on President Trump’s desk in the Oval Office. If you want to spread true liberty in means of making America great again, Once is definitely a must read. Sure, America isn’t mentioned in Once because the book takes place in a fictional universe, but there are many, many symbols that link this work of fiction to real life. My views on how to cope with mass shootings are also mentioned in the text, and in my personal opinion, how they must end.

As you have probably figured out by now, I’m neither Democrat nor Republican, as I’ve been very nonchalant in my views of former Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, as well as the Incumbent, Donald Trump. I’ll say this about all of them: they have done things I like, and things I didn’t like. Our two most recent former Presidents I wasn’t too hot on. I’ve heard rather good reviews on Bill Clinton yet I was nine when Bush took office. I already criticized his Patriot Act, usurpation on rights to privacy on innocent Americans, wiretapping, and so on and so forth.

After reading the above paragraph, many of you may think of these new laws and restrictions as necessity. Yet I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Remember that phrase. In any situation, but especially if I continue to be blessed by God as being an able-bodied American. I never want to be restricted in the name of safety. Ever. Under no circumstance could you convince me otherwise. So for that matter, this is also mentioned in Once. Die on the feet, standing tall, in favor of living on the knees, kneeling, just waiting to fall.

War is also mentioned, and the absolute sheer horrors that accompany it. There is nothing pretty about war. There is only suffering, divisiveness, pain, killing, and more animosity than anything else. When the war is over and a Peace Treaty is signed, there is still animosity. Look at the Treaty of Versailles which was signed to end World War I, the Great War, the War to End all Wars. Guess what the Treaty of Versailles led to? World War II and the creation of Nazi Germany, another empire. Nazi Germany didn’t last, but it was powerful, scary, and the people there, especially the Jewish population, was faced with more uncertainty than anything else. Want a very clear, vivid picture of the World War II era? Read Number the Stars, one of my favorite books ever. Read the Diary of Anne Frank. Read about what life was like not only in these occupied countries, but living in Nazi Germany itself opposed to the Nazi Party. Watch the movie Swing Kids, or watch The Sound of Music. Do you want a very vivid picture on just how bad, powerful, and dividing war really is? Study World War II. Talk to Vietnam War veterans, the ones who are willing to speak about it, because many of them can’t. I couldn’t do it if it were me.

Imagine being eighteen years old, drafted against your will, entering a strange land that you have never been to, where people over there not only want to see you go home, but go home in a casket, because they are out to kill you. Imagine being in a jungle, or in an unknown land, at age eighteen, if you had never, ever left home before in your life, unsure if you will ever make it home to see your family, friends, or significant other ever again. You just graduated high school and are looking forward to starting life afterwards when that draft card arrives, not only derailing your plans but cutting your life short in the name of defending an empire that has vastly overreached its boundaries. And we had people back here who were war hawks, wishing for this to happen? People who may have never seen the battlefield during the Vietnam War, who had never seen a battlefield, support mandatory selective service, to fight in a war thousands of miles away on another continent that the United States of America never should have fought. Followers, this is also mentioned in Once.

As powerful as these above paragraphs were, so powerful that I literally had to convince myself to write this piece, just remember that at this very moment, we have people in Congress, right now, who would love to bring a draft back in order to settle a conflict in Syria. We have people in Congress right now, lobbying to send your sons and daughters, who are full of life and have a life ahead of them, to a place they had never been before and never planned to see, but in the name of an empire, and to further secure our status as the policemen of the world, would be sent there tomorrow if they had their way. All in the name of “serving the country.” You aren’t serving the country, you are serving an empire that has far overreached it’s boundaries. Read Ron Paul’s manifesto, works by Ludwig von Mises, who fled Nazi occupied regions in order to escape an empire that at the time had far overreached it’s boundaries. And in Once, you are going to find just that.

And in closing, we’re all distracted by sports. Shotball is the premier sport in this universe and it’s equivalent to American football in the United States. And in Once, you will be distracted by the shotball season, in which are heroes are more than definitely a part of and are distracted themselves by the sport. It is mentioned so much throughout the text that you may even rather see who is going to come out victorious in the Summit Shotball League (SSL) than focusing on the true conflicts of the book. If you do, then good, it’s exactly what I wanted you to do because that’s exactly what the world government wants from us: to be distracted by a game tomorrow we all call the Super Bowl. Just keep in mind that there are far more important things to deal with than a football game in this world, just as there are far more important things to deal with than a shotball game in the world of Once. If those last two sentences mirror each other, then I’m glad you noticed it and had gotten distracted by the mirror images. Now, what was the point of this post again?

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