The Journey

Sitting in the coffee shop today I overheard something very important: people who make money know how to make money through multiple cash flows. Okay, so put it this way: I have my blog site, a soon to be launched website that will cover both personal training and online training, as well as nutritional consultation, and I’m also a writer who is nearly finished editing his book called Once, which I have written a lot about lately. As a bonus, I had a lot, and I mean a lot, of gym members back at my former place in Weirton inquire on how to get a Todd Time shirt. In all honesty, launching a t-shirt and/or clothing line WOULD be at the top of my to do list in due time. Today, I would like to go over the epic timeline that led me from getting my first job as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor back in 2012 to today, in February, 2017. Each new paragraph covers a different year, so it will be nothing more than merely a brief overview of my journey from then until today, which has led me to pursue my ambition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Back in 2012, I decided to get certified through ISSA, and within a month after receiving the cert I landed my first job in Weirton at Anytime Fitness. I met a lot of awesome people back in 2012 early on and little did I know that it was kicking off my actual career, which one year prior I had no idea what I wanted to do. Talk about destiny, right? I’ll be honest: I really wasn’t sure whether or not being a trainer full time was the right career for me. I can be stand-offish when I first meet others but that initial feeling typically dissipates after a few short weeks, which isn’t bad. So, I started working with my first clients of literally all different ages and fitness levels. I had young high school kids, a retired teacher, people who were middle-aged and those who had just hit thirty. All different genders and fitness levels and I was overwhelmed! But that feeling also disappeared quickly.

Enter, 2013. This year continues to be one of my favorite years in terms of being a trainer. I strongly consider it a breakout year, because my client base literally doubled early on and tripled by the middle of the year. At the time, I was on pace to make $17,000 and for a young twenty-two year old who wasn’t used to making that kind of money, it was a lot for me. These days, not so much, but at the time, it was gold. I worked with more people of more fitness levels and gained much, much more experience. At year’s end, I literally had seen many ages, fitness levels, and fitness goals. It was a learning experience and I passed the test.

Enter, 2014. This year continues to be my favorite year ever. In 2014, I had an awesome workout partner who had a completely different fitness philosophy than I did. Due to the fact that I had competed in four men’s physique shows that year, her training style really paid off and I had never looked better, even to this day. And that was definitely something. But not only that. Our gym took a nosedive that year financially but I continued to maintain the client base and was soon the number one guy at the place. Actually, I became the number one guy early on in the year but after sacrificing time, energy, and almost everything for the club, there was no debate. Despite our loss in membership, my client base remained intact, and it was awesome, as it allowed us to turn the tide. I also wished to make fitness my permanent career choice, so I enrolled in California University of Pennsylvania, and started working towards a Bachelor of Science in Wellness and Fitness.

Enter, 2015. This year was awesome in it’s own regard. At this point, my client base was full and I was teaching ten classes per week, bringing in more money than ever but more importantly, remaining a positive influence in the lives of members and training clients alike. That was rewarding. There was some stress as I believe I burned a couple of bridges, but that’s since become water under what was that bridge. 2015 was the year where I held steady. I maintained my entire client base, I continued with my classes, and for the first time in my life when it came to school, I actually maintained my grades, which I typically slacked with after a strong first half or strong year due to absolute laziness.

Enter, 2016. I knew 2016 would be my final year at Anytime Fitness in Weirton. It really was a rather bittersweet year because with school in its final two semesters and my own planning since I enrolled in 2014, I wanted to move to a larger area. Initially, I wanted to go to the southeast and I still desire to go there. Yet, after much thinking, planning, and prepping, I thought it would be better to try something closer to home first before branching out. As 2016 wore on, I counted down the days. I had excitement, but I also had that sense of uncertainty. Optimism, but uncertainty. At the very end of the year, I found an outpost and I found a front.

Enter, 2017. I feel like I’m back at square one, as I literally said good-bye and good luck to nearly three hundred gym regulars. I knew the time was coming and I knew the time was right. I always desired to run my own show and do my own thing from a fitness and training standpoint, and this is the prime opportunity to do just that. So here I am, making hardly anything right now, as is the norm for a trainer starting, or restarting, in a newer area. However, the area is a rather prosperous one and I know that by sticking with and standing by the decision, great things will be happening, and in a sense, they already are. They used to say America was the land of opportunity. Well, these days, certain demographic areas in America is the new land of opportunity, and a large, budding market like Pittsburgh certainly fits that description. So here I am, ready to make noise, take over, and help others become their best fitness-wise from both an online and in person standpoint.

As for Once, I’m literally a few pages away from completing my penultimate edit. I’ll finally be in my final edit. And after that, it’ll be time to send out to the big boys and see if anyone likes the work enough to put a stamp on it. I will say this: a lucky publisher out there will be making a lot of money, and I can’t wait to share it with the world. You will all understand that if you simply read my previous post. Until then, I’ll keep everyone updated!

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