Shotball in my Dreams

Hello, all!

Time for a fitness slash Once post! So last night I have this extremely vivid dream of a shotball game being played by my friends and I from back home in Weirton and by friends, I mean ATF Weirton members. I haven’t forgotten about you guys! Can’t wait until Mud on the Mountain for an epic reunion and obstacle course! But, we had a good reunion in my unconscious mind during the early morning hours as I didn’t get to sleep until well past midnight. I must be missing the small box feel more than I realize, but it is what it is! I’m in Pittsburgh, the Land of Opportunity, and there is A LOT of opportunity up this way, which is beyond freaking awesome.

Anyway, the game was just as I’d envisioned in Once. It was somewhat fast, rather violent, as we were smashing each other into the ground, men and women alike. I think it was something like Team Todd Time versus Team…..Team something, who knows! But the best part was looking at it through my own eyes in dream state and loving the fact this great game was actually going on. It’s definitely something my crew back home in Weirton and I need to try as soon as we can since it’s something that will not only get us conditioned, but keep us conditioned. Not to mention the overall simplicity of the game, which I would love to set in stone and change absolutely nothing, as we see how “well” that is working for the NFL these days. There’s a reason for the decline in TV ratings, people!

It was either that or I’m missing the old club culture, where we were more of a workout then hangout either before or after, while having a blast at the same time. These days, I’m full of making cold calls that go absolutely nowhere and I’m typically spending my time dwelling on the small box in favor of the mid to large box. I’ll admit wholeheartedly that while I build MatthewsFit into a dynasty in the 412, (thank you for those who have already committed to the campaign) I’m craving purple everything. Sure, any small box would do, but I’ve been seeing purple for the past two weeks. My crew down in Weirton would love that, as we’d invade any gym for the good up here in the 412 and that would be epica for both Weirton and…….who knows! This is how a dynasty is born, people!

The team training atmosphere is definitely something I’m missing at this point, and even those little outdoor things are even more voids I have yet to fill. Up here in the Land of Opportunity, they won’t only be filled but they will be absolutely epica, I know they will. It’s all about that chess game I’m currently playing of finding the right club first, which is a challenge but let’s keep our fingers crossed. I didn’t come all the way from Weirton to meet a lot of backward individuals secluded in these large boxes. Heck, I thought I was socially backward to be honest until I came to the municipality across from my own. Gut feeling said move to Bethel but I tuned out when it said move to and STAY IN Bethel!

Needless to say, I could have slept in this morning because it was one of those situations where I didn’t want the dream to end. It gave me hope, however, knowing that the dream was alive and well. This definitely isn’t homesickness, because Bethel is definitely vibrant, economically affluent, and friendly. Heck, every time I walk outside on a sunny day (and this winter in particular has been very friendly to us), I feel a sense of optimism as I look towards the HealthTrax, which would be an awesome place to be as well. Kind of like a larger box with a bunch of smaller compartments, giving a small box feel. Oh, Lord, are you reading this! So in that case, I’m gym sick, something I never thought I would ever be. But I guess after all of the time spent at the small box, I’m a small box kind of guy.

Why is it? For starters, the people are way friendlier in small boxes and much more interactive. There is a club culture before the term club culture even came to the forefront. And when I first walked into a small box all the way back in 2012 I felt like everyone there knew me. It was a community within a community, and that is what I crave. And if one goes, “Yeah, Todd, because it’s a smaller area,” I have to beg to differ. Why? Two words: Planet Fitness. It’s in a small area a good fifteen minutes across the river in neighboring Steubenville. However, we kept members at ATF because of that community feel, and many told us just how cold and aloof Planet was. Typical large box facility, especially when they follow that ten dollar per month model. You get what you pay for.

Sure, our prices for everything at the small box neighborhood gym I’m referring to as ATF may have been higher, but the atmosphere, training product, cleanliness (trust me), closeness of the members, positive vibes and relationships between the staff, clients, and members, and best yet, the midnight madness I so enjoyed and those events we all did is something I so want to bring to The 412. This isn’t going to happen if I stay stagnant where I’m at these days. But that small community within community feel is what I really need to get back to. It’ll come in this area, it’s just going to take some time, but it will get better. And ATF Weirton, I’m inviting you along for the ride!

Now, I know what Michael Jordan felt like when he ran off and played baseball. Sure, I’m building my dynasty here in the Land of Opportunity, the Steel City, the 412, but I’m praying that one of our Club Purples up here will allow me to utter two famous words, spoken by Jordan at a press conference: I’m Back.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall! Purple until death does it’s part.

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