Divine Intervention

You know, it’s so funny how God works at times. Have you ever made a very impulsive decision and wonder what the hell kind of situation you have put yourself in? Have you ever thought for a time that you made a very wrong decision? I know I have, and as motivated, determined, and inspired as I was in my move to The 412, I’ll have to admit that things just aren’t working the way I envisioned. Sure, I had only been up there for a little over two weeks but I’ll be the first to tell you that I am by no means a patient individual. In fact, I’m anything and everything but patient. So here I am, a college graduate, Magna Cum Laude, giving up his steady income job for something that pays as much as a McDonalds employee. That is beyond rough, but it’s what it takes in order to get to where I want to go.

The field of personal training is an odd one. Many of us begin at a franchise before we begin to market our own services. In fact, I’m actually working for my second franchise as of now, which is a rarity, as many of us will only work for one. So why am I at a second one? Well, I honestly asked myself that same question today. And to be honest, it’s all I know. I know nothing about doing things on my own or even the first thing on going about it. Sure, I have my blog site, my awesome novel that is now a quarter of the way through its final edit, and an upcoming website that will sell online personal training. And since I am a writer, I’ll probably be taking a stab at writing a book on my own approach to a better body. Oh, and I have a tank top with my face on it so when MatthewsFit needs a logo, that’s what it’s going to be! Yep, a picture of Yours Truly glaring right back at you! Of course I’m going to start a MatthewsFit clothing line with that logo upon it! Why? Because I have a very firm grasp on how to do things on my own. Yes, I just realized that.

Like I said before, the field of personal training is just so odd. We are entrepreneurs, and even if we work within a box club (sigh) for the time being, we’re still entrepreneurs. Of course I look to land in downtown Pittsburgh doing my own thing but on the side, I would love to be in a small box club such as an ATF or even a large, rec center type of club such as an L.A. But to be completely honest, I wish for the box franchises to be my extra money because I crave my club fix. Uh, that club being a gym, actually, but not a gym that specializes only in general fitness. I like a vibrant club atmosphere that is friendly, outgoing, and something I look forward to walking into each and every day. Man, I miss ATF. I feel like I lost a best friend, but I have to do things on my own, which is why I’m suffering as of now.

All day, I kept thinking to myself, why? Why did I make the move up to The 412? What possessed me to take a job at a local box that is not the friendliest of places and full of rather backward individuals making $8.00 an hour that has hardly any training department? In other words: what the hell was I thinking? Want to know what exactly I was thinking? How do I get out of my apartment lease that I signed one month ago? How do I find a wormhole to wind time back to September, when everything was still all good, although I was just disappointed to be in that small area, practically maxing out my paycheck? Heck, I literally argued with my parents for hours, debating on what I should do next. This is a struggle, and now I know just how real it is. $8.00 an hour, college degree, with no means to afford this lease I signed…..what did I do?

Then Extreme Weight Loss came on TLC earlier tonight and it all came back to me. I took a step back because I knew it was necessary to do so in order to move forward. I had to take it back in order to move forward, and to get to where I needed to go. Chris Powell is up there with the elite trainers, and he is one of my favorites to look up to in terms of being someone who did succeed in doing this on his own. You know, I’m sure Chris Powell had some rough times as well.

Even Frederick Douglas said something about nothing being worth having if a struggle doesn’t exist. Well, Frederick, that struggle that I’m going through does exist, and it’s not getting any easier. In fact, I’m at a depressing place in a depressing area where everyone is aloof, backward, and looking at me as if I have no clue why I’m there to make my $8.00 an hour. Notice how I never once mentioned I wanted a raise to $10.00 or $15.00 an hour. Why? Because I’m not one of those people who think the minimum wage should be raised. In fact, if I were President of this great nation I’d sign an executive order placing it under $6.00 an hour like it should be, even if I were in that crowd making minimum wage as I am now.

Why do I think that way? Because Extreme Weight Loss came on tonight and I suddenly remembered why I moved to The 412. I remembered why I saved up enough money in my savings account in order to¬† pay for an apartment over the course of a year while I built up my base. I remembered the potential cash flows I would need in order to succeed. I remembered how worth it all of the struggles up to this point really were. I finally remembered why I started MatthewsFit. I finally remembered exactly what kind of personality I needed to have in order to succeed. And last but not least, I realized that spring is right around the corner once this snow melts from last night’s storm, and people will be craving a springtime sweat.

It all came back to me. Oh, and maybe I’ll start making money off of a fitness blog one day. So, for a trainer who is sorely looking to doing their own thing, consider these multiple cash flows:

  1. In-Person Personal Training.
  2. Online Personal Training
  3. Clothing Line
  4. Fitness Articles/Blog
  5. Fitness Book discussing my own philiosophy
  6. Photo shoots (give me two weeks and I’ll be photo ready)
  7. Membership fitness site
  8. Train at a franchise
  9. Group train

I just laid out nine different cash flows. What is funny is that if I made only $5,000 from each, that’s $45,000 per year, which is more than enough to live off of. So it was almost like God himself put me in front of that TV tonight at my parents’ house in Steubenville, since I had a day off from what I’ll call The Ninth Level and washed some clothes, towels, and bedsheets. Needless to say, today is Thursday and though I’m nowhere near perfect, I haven’t been forgotten by the One in whose image I’m created, and that’s true love right there. Perfect in imperfection, and so are you.

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