Where the Heart Is

I made the move to Pittsburgh a few weeks back, and to be honest, I’ve loved every second of being here. I can sit in a coffee shop and type up my blogs and to be honest, this is how one is supposed to blog. And people watching is a very fun, engaging hobby that tends to never get old. You see many interesting souls in Pittsburgh and the fact that I wear a raven necklace pendant, a white power band around my wrist symbolizing hope and peace, and love to write in the young adult, fantasy slash war genre while jamming to bands such as Nightwish and Xandria, I guess they see me as an odd, yet interesting soul. And a young soul at that who only wishes to get younger with age. Yep, you read that correctly.

What do I have going for me? Well, I’m one-quarter of the way through editing Once, as I posted last night, and hopefully be halfway there come the weekend. I want to send it out to as many publishers as possible who specialize in the genre, as long as they accept being non-exclusive. If they’re exclusive, then it may take a while. But no worries, no worries, someone will see the work and jump on it. Fitness-wise, I’ve steadily increased my calorie intake and have gotten leaner. Yes, leaner, off of increased calories. And I also run this budding fitness slash writing blog, which at the moment has become more geared towards writing, as it has become my new escape.

With that being said, I have spent a lot, and I mean a lot, of my time writing and morphing the misleading name of this blog site towards just that. But there is a lot of fitness out there, such as the sport of shotball, which would be a fun change of pace in the spring and summer in favor of basketball, soccer, and touch football among others. So, fitness is still involved, and in the summer, my awesome types of workouts and anything in between will make this feel like more of a fitness blog, but it’s been predominantly writing for the time being.

But hence my title, ‘Where the Heart Is.’ What exactly do I mean? Home is where the heart is? I’m happier in The 412, because I can finally just sit there and do my own thing, which is very rewarding to be honest. I’m way happier getting up and being all alone in my spare time. I’m a loner, so I’m actually very cool with being just that; all alone! But there is a void missing from my life, as I think I left my heart at my old gym (you people there made me hooked)!

So, what do I miss about my small box clubs? Group training, me being vocal, club culture, honesty, close knit atmosphere, wearing tank tops to work, people being friendly with each other, me looking forward to working with others, and everything in between. This is more than certainly something I crave, to be completely honest. And I seriously feel I made a big mistake moving to the larger box, where it appears everyone is their own person. It’s very disheartening and at one time, I looked more than forward to coming to work. Now, I wish I could wake up from the nightmare I’ve put myself in and head back to a place where everybody knows my name. Half the people at my current place know my face, and that’s about it. Is it because it’s the city? I’m not in the city! I’m in the suburbs, and there are some very nice houses within the suburbs. It’s a very nice area and I can’t wait until spring and summer. Oh, and I found a nice track to utilize in the summer!

I can only imagine if I could get back into my old company. Sure, I don’t want to be down in the Valley, as there is way more opportunity up this way in The 412. This is the Land of Opportunity, but I also need to be happy and stress free once more. So, unlike most, instead of venting my problems, I look to fix them, and I have taken some initial steps into doing so. It’s been a challenge, but it’s nothing I can’t conquer. None of our challenges can’t be conquered; they call can be conquered, and that’s the beauty of life.

I may very well have some great news on the way! Until then, I just wanted a nice, short post to update my loyal followers. Thank you all kindly!

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