Outcry of Lost Souls

I descend from a mere fragment of dust from a star light years in space. I won the odds of life, awakening in a fallen unsettled world. Dead to the masses, alive to a hallowed few. During my decades in the sun, I’ve witnessed false prophets, war, blood, and struggle…then I opened my eyes and saw the great power, of The Beast

Born in silence, wrote a Dead Boy. Die in silence, replied The Beast. The struggle of the many to influence the actions of a single soul, only to be halted by chemical means sparks outcry from the armies and peoples of the West. The Lost Souls, silent at birth, silent through life, silent at death.

Think what you cannot say, as words falling into the wrong hands speak tragic futures. As walls and imaginary borders continue to divide our people, a hurting nation suffers among themselves. From tensions above and below thirty-six and thirty, to countercultures of doves, to the profiling of today’s fallen world, a starving, homeless Lost Soul cries into the night, another one spent within a cardboard box.

A walk down memory lane brings me to the meadows of Heaven, and a place to where I cannot return. The worry free life of an oblivious child is something we all crave, until we walk across the path of The Beast, feeding our minds with master passion creed. Material of the Earth, mortal dwellings of status follow our deepest, darkest paths on a highway that knows no hope. A young boy knows not of a big blue marble, but of a flat horizon, gazing as far as the eye can see. An old soul sees a blue sphere, and an infinite number of potential dimensions created by an unknown mathematician.

Heaven is a place, yet as the Lost Soul matures, Heaven becomes a comfort to many. Eden becomes a myth, an old, weathered lost ark becomes theory. The Cross becomes an inverted rugged stapling tale, as fantastical as that of a young wizard. Created in the minds of mankind, the mainstream scribes of today’s day and age encourage a broadened scope to a power elite, spreading the New Age view on the locations and existence of Heaven and Hell.

The darker the path of the Lost Souls, the more the world exposes its naked self. Young men and women free falling into the darkest of places, found with their eyes seeing through the living, far off in the next stage of existence with a smile on their cold, dead faces. The oppressed feel the sense of submission. The depressed find no way out of their current state of mind. The possessed are pulled far into the fiery depths, their faces lost forever, a blur to their ex-peers who once stood alongside them.

Faceless people, born dead to this Earth lurk at our sides. Our brothers, sisters, parents, former acquaintances, and people met in passing possess a lifetime worth of memories in the story of their lives. Yet the deadly forces of The Beast play our loved ones like pawns, setting them up to make moves for the upper caste led by Rothschild, Morgan, and Rockefeller. The establishment…the true establishment.

In a world where the storytellers conceive honest worlds and tales led by the honesty of magic and swords, where the princess met the knight. The City of Gold, Tales from the Elvenpath, A Pagan’s Fantasy, Awakening of Sleeping Beauty, where a teenage boy defeated the most feared dark wizard of all time, where beauty met the beast, where a young prince ruled the pride lands, a Bridge to Terabithia, The Land of Oz, a roller coaster ride, a carnival of life, Alice, you know once did, imagine all of Gaia, a never ending story.

An escape from the harsh realities, to a place only the purest have once walked. If you read this, remember not the unknown author who penned the tale, but the message gifted from the means of an epic tale. The nameless, Lost Soul has a story, each and every one of them. Go to sleep tonight, knowing the power of the individual will always hold the upper hand in the never ending battle with The Beast.

We all witness The Beast’s power, in a land thousands of miles away, influencing the masses, cults of personality. Stand apart from the crowd, be yourself, be unique, and never follow. Start your own pack, lead a hallowed group of disciples, change the world, conquer death, and conquer the despair of the Lost Souls. Oh, the Places You’ll Go, have faith, and you’ll move mountains!

Be brave, be friendly, have wisdom, and live your ambitions, as the lion, the badger, the eagle, and the serpent teach in an epic tale of magic.

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