Once, I Had an Ability

I know, I can’t stop talking about Once. The work is definitely as close to a child as I ever had and the characters speak volumes to me since almost every single one of them are based off real people. In other words, they were inspired by friends (and enemies) of mine. Each character in Once possesses a piece of the soul to the individual, (or individuals) from which they are based.

I wanted to make this manuscript, and hopefully in the very near future, book, as interesting and unique as possible. Many of you who follow my site already know a bit about the background of Once. We know the influences are from Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Magnificent Seven, the American Revolution, 20th Century Conflict, 21st Century Conflict, Lost, The Last Airbender, and Symphonic Power Metal. With that being said, let’s break down these influences even further. For those of you reading or following this, I want to be vague in terms of plot but I also want to be clear on the genre and where exactly this epic, fantastical tale is coming from.

Yes, there is going to be some magic involved, as well as fictional sports, which brings out the work’s inner Harry Potter. In fact, there will be many close knit groups here that will give it even more of a Harry Potter feel. The Harry Potter Series is always and forever an influence not only in my works, but in my life. The quotes, wisdom, and themes are something I will always bring into real life, until the very end.

Star Wars isn’t necessarily my forte, but I’m a fair weathered fan of the series. My brother is the Star Wars expert and I’m the Harry Potter expert. Sure, I haven’t seen the two most recent Star Wars flicks and I don’t plan on doing so any time soon, though I’ll eventually come across them. However, some plot elements of both the sequel and prequel trilogies leak into the work. For instance, George Lucas was influenced by The Hero With A Thousand Faces for Star Wars, and the work also helped shape my own series, as seen in my earlier post.

The Magnificent Seven really corresponds well to my very own band of heroes. I first saw The Magnificent Seven back in 1997, thirty-seven years after the original film’s release. The impact was there from the start, and in all honesty, perhaps the roots of Once really did begin back in 1997, twenty years ago, when I was only six years old.

The American Revolution, 20th, and 21st Century Conflict are elements I’ve combined into Once. As I’ve been talking about in previous posts, I really want to stress the importance of these influences, because they may be the most important ones out here. We can link the American Revolution to world events going on today. We know the winning side always tells history, but we must be wise enough to remember there are always two sides to one story. The losing side, or the oppressed side, is typically ignored by all with the exception of those who are fortunate enough to live to tell the tale. This is especially important in regards to conflict in the 20th and 21st centuries. Always remember each tale is comprised of two parts, because two sides always make up one story. No matter the story, no matter the event, no matter the occurrence, there are always two sides to one.

The TV Series Lost was one of the more mysterious shows out there, if not in contention to most mysterious. Lost was one confusing roller coaster, with twists and turns until the very end. The mythology of Lost was also a staggering concept that had America talking about the show until it’s very last episode. I want people to talk about the mysteries behind Once, because, and this is a major spoiler alert, there are going to be a lot of guesses and second guesses. Everything has to be taken with a grain of salt, and not everything is what it looks like. I love incorporating shock value, and shock value runs rampant in Once. I want that reader guessing all the way until the very last page.

I had to put more fantasy into the work, and The Last Airbender gave me that fantasy. Element control is something I’ve always found fascinating, so I decided to add my own twists and turns to it. Sure, I took some concepts from the hit Nickelodeon Series, but I made it my own. I originated it, and did so effectively. There are differences, major differences, in element control in Once. I had to distinguish it and make it my own.

And finally, I always needed my symphonic metal, as well as other identical genres, such as what many may simply call epic music. If I had to name my favorite influences in both bands and songs, I constructed a list, which if listened to, in order, may give the reader insight on just what kind of work Once really is.

A Prophecy of Worlds to Fall, Xandria

Angus McFife, GloryHammer

She is my Sin, Nightwish

Starfire, DragonForce

Bullet the Blue Sky, U2

Generation Me, Delain

The Kinslayer, Nightwish

Ramblin’ Man from Gramblin’, Sam Spence

The Equalizer, Sam Spence

Heroes of our Time, DragonForce

Two for Tragedy, Nightwish

Center of the Universe, Kamelot

Classic Battle, Sam Spence

Stairway to the Skies, Within Temptation

Betrayer, Xandria

A Chilling Championship, Sam Spence

Street of Dreams, Blackmore’s Night

Prepare for War, DragonForce

Warrior of Ice, Rhaposdy of Fire

Memories of Time, Dreamtale

Ever Dream, Nightwish

Beauty of the Beast, Nightwish

To Glory, Two Steps from Hell


No real spoiler alerts here, just good old, fashioned music.






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