Influences of Once: Part III

I’m loving this Influences Behind Once series, because it gives the reader a great idea on how Once came to be. Furthermore, it shows there are so many different elements behind it I can honestly say the work will be appealing to people who read outside the genre. This is due to the fact I pulled so many different influences from many sources outside the fantasy genre. If I didn’t, one would be reading the same exact story simply written in a unique way from just another writer. What fun is that? I wanted to differentiate myself from the other writers in the genre, so I searched far and wide, citing many of my favorite works while I did this project. My only hope is a publishing company agrees with me, of which the jury is still out.

For Part III on my Influences of Once, I want to turn our attention to the big screen, and there are two movie series that will jump out at the reader. One movie series being Star Wars and the other Fast and Furious. Star Wars had been an influence from the beginning, back in 2010 when I started to pen this tale while Fast and Furious only became an influence after I started writing my final first draft. The reader will see elements of both in the work. For instance, there are abilities and weaponry reminiscent of Star Wars in Once, such as some having the ability to see things before they happen in a similar manner to the Jedi, but it’s nowhere near a carbon copy, and that’s very important. Those with ability in Stoicheion and Philosophic elements are granted a sword called the Sword of Stoicheion or Sword of Philosophic, dependent on their ability. These swords have power to enhance the mastery of one’s abilities, while being proficient in blocking gunshots and are known to act on their own accord at times if it involves saving their owner. They are very loyal pieces of equipment, but if the sword falls into the wrong hands, it will “realize” they have the wrong owner and will refuse to comply with them.

Moving onto Fast and Furious, I imagined a rather large ensemble of main characters, and I had to place it into Once. I originally only had three main characters, but upon seeing Fast and Furious, the fact that this is definitely an extended work, and the sheer amount of action, drama, and scale of the conflict, I had to promote more than a few minor characters into major character roles. I won’t elaborate on who is doing what, and the fact that many characters names are shrouded in mystery, as I’d like, I want to keep most elements a secret. I will say that there are many in the main cast and a good few have some personality traits of some of our main characters in Fast and Furious.

I love a diversity of personalities from a main cast. Put it this way, there are a good dozen in the main cast, both good and evil, and this really plays off Fast and Furious in terms of good. For instance, my good guys look somewhat like The Breakfast Club. No, seriously, it’s that diverse. In my main cast of protagonists, I have the following in no particular order:

A snappish character who can be short with everyone, but also very caring when they want to be.

An egomaniac who is overly competitive and cares more about sports than the conflict at hand early on.

A straight-level character who is typically the calming influence who can be very competitive yet humble at the same time.

A quiet character who only talks when there is absolutely something to say and dislikes doing so, preferring to be in the background.

An overly friendly individual who will likely be the fan favorite since they always see the positive in every single negative.

A playboy who is typically fantasizing about girls and sports, yet he is also very committed to the cause.

A character who is very quietly the fiercest and most strong-willed of the group who gets more and more involved with the conflict.

A complete idiot of a character who goes along with his friends but can be a fierce fighter.

These are the personalities of my main seven, and one of them was created with a little bit of Dom Toretto intertwined with other protagonists in mind. Again, these characters are listed in no particular order and at this time, I’m choosing not to give away any more information about the characters for spoiler purposes, but more will be revealed about them in time.

My next influence I want to talk about is distraction. This is going to be a fun one, because it’s something we see in our everyday lives in the midst of an ever-increasing unstable world. What is going on in our world today that I’m burning on? You’ll find out, but I’ll be trying my hardest to distract you from what is really getting me in the world today. This one will be psychologically challenging to even our sanest individuals!

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