Turn Loose the Program

Dance cardio, pilates, yoga, and other mainstream methods of training may have a place, but are any one of these styles of training taking you where you want to go? Have you seen permanent results from a weekly dance class? Have you lost bodyfat and kept it off, or have you lost ‘weight,’ only to see it creep back up over time? Better yet, have you had your body fat percentage taken with skinfold calipers telling the true story of your weight loss?

Sure, I get some classes may be fun, but one style of class may not change often, if at all. Let’s be honest: yoga is yoga, dance is dance, spinning is spinning, but do any of them aesthetically change your physique into what you’ve always dreamed of? What if I told you the weight you lost may be more muscle than body fat, and your body fat percentage increased because you weren’t doing what you needed to be doing?

Fitness is a tricky subject. Those positive endorphins rushing can make anyone feel good after physical activity. The unfortunate truth is many of us are losing more muscle than body fat, because cookie-cutter classes aren’t the answer: an actual, well-designed program is. Don’t worry, if you like groups, we at Anytime Fitness do this premier program in a group setting.

Upon joining our family, you’ll receive a complimentary fitness consultation, where our experienced trainers will tell you what you need to be doing, and that may involve more unfortunate truths, such as weight training. Wait, we’re weight training in classes? Oh yes! We’ll incorporate bodyweight, full-body, multi-joint, kettlebell, dumbbell, and even some barbell movements in our program. Why? Because to get our bodies into fat burning mode, we need to build enough muscle on our bodies to lose the body fat we want to lose. We don’t need to be losing muscle, because the more muscle we lose, the slower our metabolism, the higher our body fat percentage (even if we lose weight), the more health problems we’ll face, and the cycle of spinning our wheels continues.

See, our group classes are a tried and true, legitimate program I’ve incorporated over the past five years. The workouts change every week because we need to continually put our body in a state of confusion, to command our bodies to change, to give them a reason to change. They aren’t going to change by doing the same type of workout week after week for months on end, and if they do, I highly recommend a lean body analysis to make sure you’re losing the right amount of weight. If not, you have some serious muscle building to get your metabolism back into fat-burning mode. I can attest to this: our style of training, over the past five years, has changed the physiques of clients faster, safer, and more effective than I’ve seen anywhere else.

In good health,


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