The Thin, Blue Scar

Another protest sparks across the midnight sky in America, this time in St. Louis. In the NFL, players kneel, attempting to peacefully spread the message of social injustice that’s haunted the United States of America since its inception. These days, it’s as routine as waking up and going to work. This is how often we hear of yet another case of social injustice going on in America. Our current protest is the result of yet another wrongful acquittal of a former cop, who’d fired upon a suspect fleeing a scene after being told to stop.

Look, I know what many of you who support cops and believe your supporting the country by standing up during the National Anthem are thinking: Had the individual done what they were told, this never would’ve happened? Okay, true, but put yourself in World War II America, when the United States imprisoned Japanese Americans because they were Japanese. The Japanese did what they were told, or they were going to be jailed and put to death. Oh, and by the way, they were living in prison camps reminiscent of North Korea’s camps without the five in the morning to nine in the evening work day.

In America, minorities, in addition to many whites, mainly the poor class, have always had fewer rights and have taken the brunt of punishments, despite the fact Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “All Men Are Created Equal.” Well, our law enforcement community clearly hasn’t sought Jefferson’s message two-hundred and forty-one years later.

Want more, in addition to the second paragraph? In the Southern United States, we had Jim Crow Laws, which exposed the black community and were enforced by law enforcement. Look, lawmakers can tell law enforcement to pull over and detain anyone driving a red car because people driving red cars are thought to be more aggressive drivers, so therefore, theoretically having them gone will make the streets safer. Guess what? Law enforcement will blindly carry out the order. This is because cops don’t serve and protect, so stop falling for the mantra. No, cops generate money for the state, while enforcing laws, just or unjust. By the way, I drive a red car, so if this hypothetical law were to go into effect, they would have to kill me rather than take me in peacefully.

I’m a free man, and this is supposed to be a free country. America’s supposed to be free, and it isn’t, because laws similar to the ones I’ve stated above would come into effect. It sickens me when people claim these brave individuals spreading the message of social injustice in America (even though I feel there are better ways to go about it, hence my previous post on the matter) are looking to draw attention to themselves. No, Colin Kaepernick was speaking up for those either too weak, too downtrodden, or who are unfortunately no longer with us to speak for themselves. Ditto for Michael Bennett, Marcus Peters, and the Cleveland Browns. Especially in Cleveland, where police corruption appears to be at its worst for both the black and white community.

It was law enforcement and the military who massacred Native American Tribes at the turn of the twentieth century, under the order of a government who has since grown bigger, stronger, and more corrupt over the last one-hundred years. Again, the people were “just doing their job,” and “carrying out orders.” The same goes during the 1960’s during the Civil Rights Movement, something we still appear to be stuck in today, because of a government and police force that have totally overstepped their boundaries. It was the U.S. National Guard who killed four students at Kent State University for PROTESTING AN UNJUST WAR WE WERE PART OF, because the United States has to stick its nose into the affairs of foreign lands for its own sick, twisted self-interests.

If you think we’re in Afghanistan, and bringing more troops to Afghanistan, after Donald Trump said six years ago this was a needless war, to spread freedom and democracy, you’re kidding yourself. You have your blinders on, like many Trump supporters do. And if you think he’s going to stop there, you’re kidding yourself. We’re talking unilateral action in Venezuela, a possible nuclear war with North Korea, and continual deteriorating ties with Russia. This calls for a lot of soldiers. It calls for a draft, and Trump wouldn’t hesitate to file an executive order to get what he wants.

If you thought there were a lot of draft dodgers in the 1960’s, just wait until you see this debacle. Knowing Trump, he’ll jail and detain anyone refusing to listen to his rhetoric, and going to fight needless, unjust wars halfway across the world, because America once again is sticking its nose in places it doesn’t belong. Law enforcement will be key during this time, and the thin, blue scar will be blindly supported by those favoring war, yet knowing they don’t have to go over because they’re either “of age,” or “of status.” Back in Vietnam, it was the poor class being forced to fight a war for these rich billionaires who routinely take our tax dollars and utilize the trickle-down effect, pocketing much of the money. Yet, even during an unjust dystopia we’re spiraling for in today’s day and age, law enforcement will do anything to carry out the law it’s assigned to carry out, just or unjust.

This is the sick, sad truth America has turned into. This isn’t what America was intended to be, but it’s what America has become. I’m a visionary, and I fully believe we can create a true, libertarian society, and not fall victim to Obama’s left or Trump’s right. In the end, they’re both wrong, and they’re both working for the same people. Trump has militarized a police force, handing them weapons which would far outstrip our shotguns or handguns, leaving no chance for American citizens to lead a revolt if one needed to come to the forefront, like our ancestors did in Colonial America nearly three centuries ago, because of an out of control legislation, and an out of control law enforcement. Before Trump, there was Obama and George W. Bush, who greatly increased mass surveillance in the country, and it exists to this day into Trump’s presidency. Who resides at the bottom of these laws? The men and women who are supposed to serve and protect, and the men and women who are supposed to fight for freedom, but the truth is, they’re fighting for the sick, self-interests of America’s Elite Class. It’s time we band together to stop this.

The above, is why I wrote Once: The Uprising of Columbia, and I’m happy to say the book’s in its final edit. If it ever hits the mainstream, awareness of the above issue will have reached the forefront. That is all for now.

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