Once: A Short Synopsis

Here’s a small sample of my work, Once. After over two years work, and a dozen edits (with another dozen to go), here’s a short synopsis without giving too much away.

Columbia, where a scar lies over the land of a broken colony. Where Void, earth, air, fire, and sea are controlled at the flick of one’s hands. Where an uprising is reignited after two decades of oppression.

Cain Robertson, an aspiring professional athlete ignorant to the oppression around him bears witness to malicious treatment of his fellow Columbians by the overreaching Southpoint Empire. Cain and his friends reignite a dormat conflict, catching the attention of Supreme Leader of the Columbian Colonies, General Adam Mattheos. As Cain and his friends attend their senior year at Summit University, the only school in Columbia free of Southpoint control, Mattheos tracks the whereabouts of Cain. Using Southpoint-friendly students as pawns, Mattheos orders the assassination of his former mentor, General Randelo Jefferson, leader of North Columbia’s Freedom Flames, whom he believes to be the brains behind Cain’s actions.

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