The Real Land Before Time: Part II

Earlier in the week, I talked of the setting of Once, how it took place on our world, billions of years before our time. For that, I echoed Star Wars, in stating the events in the series took place a long time ago. The difference between Star Wars and Once is that Once takes place in our same world, before the hypothetical planet named Theia crashed into the Earth.

It’s always fun to think of past civilizations, and what they really had. I, for one, am a fan of the hypothetical City of Atlantis, and have always been fascinated by the tale. Many writers before myself have long hypothesized the whereabouts of the lost city, and how it sunk into the ocean (popular consensus being the Atlantic Ocean, in a single day and night. Did Atlantis exist? Did they possess technology much like ours, even during ancient times? We may never know.

For me, science has always fascinated me, but I take scientific evidence with a grain of salt. With the timeline of Once being placed billions of years in the past, I’m not a full believer in the billions of years hypothesis. Regardless of the amount of evidence we receive, we’ll never truly know how old our Earth, or the universe for that matter, truly is. Radiometric and carbon dating have flaws after so many half-lives, and scientists tend to guess after they get so many thousands of years in the past. It’s reliable, but only to an extent. Yet, it’s fun to think of what things may have been like, even if it goes against the biblical teachings instilled in me at a young age, mainly the Young Earth Creationist theory.

For Young Earth Creationism, I’ve explored the concept, keeping an open mind. For one, I wholeheartedly believe a god, of some sort, exists. The universe is too great, and functions too well for something not to be controlling it. Furthermore, the human body, and the bodies of all animals, as well as the functions of plants, and all organisms, are too great not to have been designed. I’m not sure who God is, or whether He (She, or It, for that matter), exists in corporal or non-corporal form. It’s too great of a mystery. However, with every single culture and past culture looking to God, or the gods, in the cosmos, the evidence is far too great.

Yet, I’m a freethinker, and I for one would be fascinated if evidence pointed out one day intelligent human life existed billions of years before our own, on the same planet. The mainstream consensus is the Earth is four point six billion years old. Young Earth Creationism claims a younger Earth, of only a few thousand years old. Is the Earth older than the consensus? In all honesty, we’ll never truly find out, but this is a case of “it is, what it is,” because Earth has one true history.

Is Christianity in the right? Honestly, we would never know, but the way Christianity became the dominant religion through crusades and force throughout the world should cause everyone raised under the Christian faith to question it, even if it means burning bridges with those who live by the faith. We must remember they do so because it’s their choosing, but look at other religions which are now minute in number. Germanic Paganism has long fascinated me, due to its connection with nature, the seasons, and even the holidays still celebrated to this day. Sure, Paganism is hanging on by a thread, but in reality, it lives through us with Christmas and Easter, among others, which were infiltrated by the Christians in the Middle Ages with the insertion of Christ, in order to convert Germanic Pagans. Further giving Christianity a black-eye is the fact many Pagans were either forced to convert or would be burned to death.

I can on and on regarding my case against any of the major religions we see on Earth today, but Once is neither a religious text nor do I truly believe humans existed before the supposed collision between Gaia (early Earth), and Theia. However, it does make for a great setting, and it’s something with a touch of science fiction, but hits further into the fantasy realm of things, which is my forte. Oh, as is dystopia, and last but not least, making my works allegories of things that are important to me, or that I feel I must get off my chest.

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