We Are a Nation of Sheep

I read a book a few weeks ago you may have heard of. Some of you may have read the book back in middle school, high school, or even in college. It was such an interesting read I spent all my free time reading the book, and it was quite a quick read. In fact, I’m not even sure if it reached novel status. It was called Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury. Fahrenheit 451 took place in the world of a totalitarian government, in the year 2052. The protagonist, Montag, worked as a fireman, except he didn’t fight fires; he started them.

In this dystopia, firemen no longer put out fires because houses were fireproofed, but firemen were hired to burn one thing: knowledge, more specifically, books. This is because the public was tricked by this totalitarian government into believing books made people unhappy because they contained knowledge from differing points of view. To make the public happy, only books such as comics or sex magazines could remain in existence.

To keep the public out of the way of this totalitarian government, parlor families were introduced, through televisions in every household. The people in this novel were addicted to their parlor families in the same way a drug addict is addicted to a drug. The extent to this addiction was a great one, because people would forget simple things, such as how they met their spouse, or even why they were married in the first place. The government continually put on this ruse of making the public happy, ignorant, and oblivious to the unfortunate truths surrounding them, while declaring nuclear war.

If you haven’t made the connection between Fahrenheit 451 and our own world at this point, I urge you to re-read that final sentence before this paragraph. You all know I love my sports talk as much as the next guy, I love to workout, and I train others for a living, but spreading knowledge, an alternative, libertarian view, and activism are my fortes in life. The reason being is because nothing is more important, in my personal opinion, than achieving a level of sovereignty world-wide, especially in these troubled times.

Last night, while Rams running back Todd Gurley was racking up fantasy points for me, I decided to do a little bit of research on World War II. Nothing fancy, I just wanted to see the number of casualties on both sides. The number was something ridiculous between the years 1937 and 1945. I added them up and came up with 72,000,000. Now think, this war took place between seventy-two and eighty years ago, and look at the number of casualties in that time. Can one imagine the death toll if a war with North Korea were to unfold?

I know what some of you may be thinking: It’s North Korea, not Nazi Germany and Empirical Japan. Look, I already mapped this thing out in a twenty-page rough draft of a manuscript which touches up on this budding conflict. Here’s what I can give you, both during the writing of the brief manuscript (which will be full length in due time), and my conclusions today, at this very hour: North Korea won’t be alone in this, and I think we can attest to it. Iran, Venezuela, China, Russia, Assad’s Syria, ISIS, Yemen, and Cuba would all be more than likely to side with and defend North Korea. Iran, China, and Russia jump out at me, as they’re powerful nations with large militaries. Siding with America would be England, Australia, South Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and that’s about it, because the United Nations isn’t coming to anyone’s aid. Nor would Germany, France, Italy, Canada, or any other powerful, first-world nation, and rightfully so. Why would these nations put their people in danger? What do these nations have to gain from such a conflict?

We are a nation of sheep, because for one, we elected Donald Trump, a man who said he was going to make Mexico pay for a wall, someone who we all knew was going to become a war-monger, and use it for his own self-interest and gain. This rivalry between North Korea and America is nothing new, as it’s been so since the Cold War. Yet now it appears war is more imminent than ever. Why? It’s because Trump is looking to pick a fight with the North Korean Dictator, and he’s slowly gaining the support of the American People. A majority of Americans are supposedly for military action when it comes to North Korea. Once more, we fail to learn our lesson.

What’s so difficult to say enough is enough? Even Donald Trump, a man who once upon a time opposed war, is now all for it. Trump even recently said we shouldn’t be the policemen of the world. Then he became President, and all of that changed. But shouldn’t we have learned our lesson in Iraq? Shouldn’t we have learned it back in the 1960’s in Vietnam? North Korea will be a hybrid of World War II and the Vietnam War. Conscription of young Americans will return once more, and the American Dream will be dashed for hundreds of thousands of young Americans. Do you people who support military action in North Korea realize how many young Americans are going to get killed if it comes to military action? Do you even care? Is it country before your own son or daughter? Are you so thick-skulled to believe the interests, yes, the interests, of an incompetent leader, who has kept ZERO campaign promises, are higher than your own son or daughter? Do you honestly believe the media when a third-world country possesses the capability of building a hydrogen bomb strong enough to wipe us out? Are you serious? Please don’t tell me you’re all that stupid.

Yet, when these Americans supporting military action in North Korea, they don’t care, because they believe hundreds of thousands of North Koreans not only would but should be killed. If you’re one of these people and you attend church every Sunday, I don’t know what god you believe in but I want no part of it. You believe God chose America to police, bully, and run the world the way they see fit? I don’t want anything to do with you or your god. If that’s what true Christianity is about, my church continues to be the forest. If you think America’s destiny is to oppress others through military action, and rebuild these nations the way they see fit, which they failed MISERABLY in Iraq and Afghanistan, then you’re no better than those who passed Jim Crow Laws in the South, or those who once thought of Native Americans as objects, rather than people. In fact, you’re nothing more than British Loyalists, who have not the slightest idea of the true definition of patriotism, because Sam Adams and the other Founders of America would never have supported every single war America has fought since 1898, beginning with the Spanish-American War.

Patriotism, in essence, is loving your country, but questioning, and fighting your government, when it has superseded its limited boundaries. If this post offended you, then I did my job.

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