The Conservative, Pro-Police-State American’s Bill of “Rights”

Throughout the previous administration, I was convinced liberal America were spoiled brats. I was so convinced, in fact, I’d find myself laughing time and again at their wants and needs, demanding it be provided by the American Government. You all know what I’m talking about: freebies such as healthcare, education, a job-killing minimum wage, loan forgiveness (for those who weren’t “fortunate” enough to receive free education), identity of about thirty-eight “genders,” and counseling if their candidate didn’t win the election. To an extent, I was correct, but to another, I was incorrect, because although conservative America doesn’t whine, cry, or pout about every mishap, they’re quite the opposite. Ever since the Trump administration unfolded, authoritarianism and statism, reminiscent of a Nazi Germany has come into full force. What’s more disgusting about this is conservatives are constantly looking to threaten other Americans with deportation for simply being in the country “illegally” shortly after birth, militarization of police, and supporting military action in North Korea (as long as someone other than themselves are going over, of course).

The other day, I looked over the Bill of Rights, and I came to see neither conservatives nor liberals have the slightest clue what this means when it comes to the Bill of Rights. We libertarians, on the other hand, follow the Bill of Rights the same way a conservative follows an ancient book written by King James and a liberal follows the latest celebrity cross-dresser. Unfortunately, both conservatives and liberals have such far-fetched agendas that when you look at the proposed policies in comparison to the Bill of Rights, each side is good at one thing: throwing the Bill of Rights out the window.

I’d love to see what men such as Sam Adams and Thomas Jefferson would say if they saw America today. Heck, they’d likely think they were in eighteenth-century England the way things have been going over the past one-hundred and twenty-years. In fact, I couldn’t blame them, because the second they see American forces are stationed in over one-hundred and ninety countries worldwide, they’ll see we, as a country became the exact thing they tried to prevent it from becoming. To ignore the Bill of Rights is to ignore America’s Founders, and nothing is more disrespectful to America than doing just that. Yes, I truly believe these men would support NFL players in their opposition to stand during the National Anthem, because social injustice does exist in America, and their right to do this is protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution. To disrespect the Constitution is to disrespect the United States of America. And to stand and show respect to a flag to me is idol worship at its worst, something these Bible-thumpers somehow tend to justify.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the Conservative American’s Bill of Rights:

One: Congress shall make no law abolishing Christianity, but set proper limits on the abolition of such minority religions, and prohibit the exercise of free speech, if it pertains to disrespecting our nation’s flag, military, or police force, to the fullest extent of the law.

Two: A well-regulated militia, in the form of a well-trained, militarized police force, to the rights of cops and trained military personnel the right to bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Three: No soldier nor cop shall, in any time of peace or war, be denied quartering in any house. All soldiers and cops must be quartered if necessary, as it’s the duty of our nation’s citizens in order to do so.

Four: American citizens have zero right, at any given time, to be secure in their houses, papers, and effects. Unwarranted searches and seizures are necessary, at the discretion of the American Government. No citizen has the right to deny searches and seizures carried out by any authority figure.

Five: All individuals may be incarcerated, at any given time, for victimless crimes, or at the discretion of the American Government, America’s Police Force, or any authority figure. Americans may be tried, at any given time, twice for the same crime. For public interest, private property may be seized by authority figures of the American Government at any given time, as it’s in the best interest of private American citizens to do their duty to their country.

Six: Any American or suspected criminal may be detained without warrant, indefinitely, if suspected of any wrongdoing. This includes both victim and victimless crimes, and is assumed guilty of said crime until proven innocent, and may be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The right to a speedy and public trial is at the sole discretion of the American Government.

Seven: The right of trial by jury will be held at the discretion of the American Government, in any monetary amount. This right must never be held to the individual, but to their higher power, which represents them.

Eight: The American Government, at any given time, may use tools, if necessary, to carry out executions. This may be used in the form of prison execution for any wrongdoings, or to the discretion of America’s Police Force. This includes shooting of unarmed Americans, merely suspected of any crime, which may or may not contain a victim.

Nine: Any additional or fundamental right existing, in any scope, must be granted by the American Government. All rights to the masses will be granted by the American Government.

Ten: The Central Government in Washington must grant each of the fifty states or the people additional rights not covered by the Central Government, so long as said Central Government sees fit. Zero rights are delegated to the states unless granted by said Central Government.

As one can see, both conservative and liberal America morph the Constitution to fit their own agenda. This is only the beginning, as there are twenty-seven amendments total, and numerous articles regarding the three branches of government. The Constitution, since its inception, is designed to be read and interpreted in a way which guarantees liberty and justice for all, and unfortunately, we as Americans have forgotten that step. For starters, I strongly urge each and every American to read three documents: The Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution. Today, with information readily available, a simple Google search ought to do the trick. That’s all for now, and read that Constitution. It guarantees your rights.


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