America’s Finest Hour

I have a photo of a Native American girl on my home screen. Her name? I know not. Ditto for her history. In fact, I know nothing of her, except for the oppression of her race, throughout the history of America. When NFL players around the league took a knee this Sunday with their fans, owners, and personnel, they aren’t merely kneeling for black America. They’re kneeling for all the people America and its law enforcement have taken advantage of and oppressed throughout the history of this land, both within and beyond its borders.

NFL Sunday began in London, England, where players locked arms and took a knee in unity. Isn’t it great that these players exercised their First Amendment rights within the borders of the very country where the true vision of liberty began for America? It was England, and British Loyalists, who branded American Patriots as traitors to the British Crown, because of their mass protests, and they weren’t by any sense peaceful, against taxation without representation, against quartering of British soldiers, and against the tightening of British control on the American Colonies.

The people of America, especially those oppressed by any tyrant, be it King George III, or Donald Trump, never back down. With the NFL being the most popular and most watched sports league in America today, what better platform than the NFL should we kick this New American Revolution off? The NFL players had one goal and one goal only, and it was to spread awareness. Conservative America fought back, claiming disrespect to the American Flag, just as British Loyalists had done once upon a time when American Colonists disrespected British Soldiers. In fact, any American who condemns the exercise of Freedom of Speech, what these great players are doing for the people who’ve been oppressed since the Colonial times, would’ve been a British Loyalist back in the day. Donald Trump is the modern-day King George III, while law enforcement and police departments everywhere are the dreaded redcoats.

Us Americans who support the players’ right to freedom of speech, expression, and protest are the modern-day Sons of Liberty. I’ve personally been preaching liberty via this blog, Facebook, and Twitter over the past five years, consistently ridiculing any administration looking to usurp the rights of the American People. The Obama Administration is guilty as charged, as is the Bush Administration, but Donald Trump is making both Bush and Obama look tame. Donald Trump not only wishes to make players and fans stand for the National Anthem, but if we’re forced to stand, we’ll be forced to salute next, and finally, bow to the flag, something neither myself nor anyone who knows true liberty are about to do.

As Americans who understand the two most important documents in our nation’s history, The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, we’ll always, whether we agree with what the players and owners are doing or not, support their right to peaceful protest, as the great Law of the Land allows us to do so. And today, America’s Finest Hour began, inside the very country that tried to take that right away two-hundred and fifty years ago, in the very city that once housed King George III. This is what America is truly about, and to have the opportunity to exercise that right in London, England, makes this America’s Finest Hour.

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