The America I Want to Live In

I’m not the kind of guy to tell people what they want to hear. I’ll leave that to fake friends and people who want something out of you before they abandon you when they get what they want. Sure, it may not make me a popular guy but I couldn’t care less about winning a popularity contest, especially in the Heartland. This past Sunday, NFL players, NBA players, and even an MLB player made bold statements not only against Donald Trump, but against social injustice which has haunted America from generation to generation.

I read a statement which talked about America terrorizing and enslaving an entire race for over three hundred years. For the next one-hundred years, they banned them from our own privileges. These days, we fill two-third of our jail cells with them, where most of these crimes happen to be victimless. Does that sound like a free country? Of course not. What about Native Americans, who have been and are still treated with distaste by most. Either that or they’re simply forgotten, as the near extinct race primarily exists in us descendants who may have a dash of Native American blood in us. That’s me. Again, freedom isn’t free if things like this are going on within our own borders.

I’m tired of hearing people telling us these professional athletes are walking all over those who died for our freedom. Who are they talking about? Those who went into Desert Storm? Vietnam? Korea? Afghanistan? You’re saying a Third World Country is threatening our freedom? How can a Third World Country threaten the freedom of what’s supposed to be the best trained military on Earth? It doesn’t add up in my opinion. Okay, so what about World War I? World War II? Hitler was blitzing across Germany when the United States stepped in, right? Read about European History, the Americans played a minute role in the liberation of Europe. Italian Resistance Forces played a massive role in the liberation of Italy. Allied Powers greatly outnumbered Hitler and his Axis Powers. It wasn’t about freedom. It was about becoming a superpower. How do we know this? Franklin D. Roosevelt and his Administration knew of an incoming attack on the United States from Japan. It was America’s excuse to get involved in World War II, and emerge as a superpower. It wasn’t about freedom, because ten years later, the Americans turned their back on their Iranian allies. Why? Oil.

Today, we see the vestiges of America’s betrayal on Iran, where Britain was also involved. Why does so-called terrorism exist? It’s because they want us out of their land, so they’re going to fight for their own liberation, because America’s somehow incapable of defeating Third-World Coalitions in Third-World Countries. It makes you wonder what we’re really doing in Afghanistan and in Iraq. It takes eight years to defeat Iraqi Forces? I don’t believe it. We’re still in Afghanistan after sixteen years, fighting coalition forces? I don’t believe that, either.

Contrary to popular belief, we were neither defending nor fighting for freedom. It’s sad that we’re told this, and I truly believe our vets believe we’re doing great things. Perhaps even our military believes that. I have nothing against them, and never will. Heck, I respect vets because they’re willing to risk everything, something most of us aren’t willing to do. Kudos to them, and they deserve that kind of respect. I’ll never hold anything against vets of World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm, or Afghanistan. They believe we’re doing something great, but we aren’t.

We’re spreading our own special interests, disguised as fighting to free and liberate other nations, something I have a problem with. When you tout yourself as the Greatest in the World, you don’t lie to your people, and you don’t use thousands of people, especially young people, for your own sick self-interests. The military has a duty to protect and defend. Well, protect and defend. Bring them back, set up the bases here. Set up a missile defense system here in case anyone wishes to try us. That’s the America I want. Don’t tell these poor people to go kill innocent people because they’re suspected of being our enemies all in the name of freedom! You’re using our military for self-gain, and that’s wrong.

Now, professional athletes are taking the duty of spreading the message and exercising their First Amendment Right, as they should, in any way they see fit. And vice versa, you shall exercise your First Amendment Right in any way you see fit. Don’t like what they’re doing on a Sunday afternoon? Don’t watch professional football! No one’s forcing you to do so. I personally don’t support Jerry Jones in releasing players who kneel during the Anthem. Why? Because doing so promotes something called Corporate Socialism, which America is suffering of. Yet we should be required to stand to recognize freedom? What freedom? When there are certain races in America being oppressed, to this day in 2017, and to have a President, who’s supposed to lead our nation, bash them, what do you expect?

Look, most of us have not the slightest idea what it’s like to be a minority. You’re put into a group. You’re put into a caste. I have Native American blood, but I identify as white, as only one-sixteenth of my blood is Native American. But you’re automatically labeled, whether us, as the majority race, are realizing this or not. And it isn’t just a single race. It’s all minority races. We unconsciously label them, and it’s not right. Yet, you want to force them to stand and “show respect” to the flag of a nation that’s oppressed them? Think about that for a second.

You want to take politics out of sports? Why? So you can be carefree on Sunday, and act like the problems in this country don’t exist because you’re of majority status and it doesn’t affect you? You really need to re-evaluate your life. You really do. You claim to support America, but you fail to recognize the First Amendment of your own Constitution? Are you kidding me? You’re saying if you don’t like America, then leave? What if the American Patriots of the eighteenth century did that? What if every Founding Father just went somewhere else? Think about that!

Look, you can disagree with everything I’ve said here, but for once in your life, question what you’ve been taught. I guarantee many of those who try to “require” people to stand for the National Anthem have yet to question what you’ve been told, likely out of fear or that ‘r’ word, which had been thrown around all day this past Sunday. Question everything you’ve been taught, beginning with the existence of God, as Thomas Jefferson once said. Read more, analyze more, question more. What’s the other side of the story? Why did the history books only write about one side of the story? Have you ever asked yourself these critical questions?

If you haven’t begun questioning what you’ve been taught, start doing so. Question what your parents tell you. It’s not disrespect! It’s being enlightened, and being open-minded. Hey, if you want to remain in your comfort bubble, feel free! I, for one, have questioned what I’ve been taught. There’s only one truth and one way, and whether or not it’s Jesus Christ I’m not entirely sure. I do know one thing: I don’t want to die on my knees and find out there isn’t anything after this life. I’m going to live on my feet, and make America the America I want to live in. I love the land, but I hate what people are doing, and I hate the fact they’re completely disregarding the Constitution of the United States. Don’t let the actions of our Founding Fathers die in vain. Honor them, and honor your gods, by being great, and doing great things to preserve the true message of America: That all men are created equal, with liberty, true liberty, and justice for all.

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