Once, I Had a Dream: The Story of Once

I’ve touched up on Once on several previous posts, but I want to dedicate this one to my four-hundred and seventy-page manuscript. For one, I cherish each of my main characters, and it’s a large main cast. In fact, I have several different characters of different personalities with one goal in the manuscript: liberty. What’s more? I can relate the manuscript to what’s going on today, as each of these characters are college athletes, looking to make a bold statement, in the heated battle against an Empire.

Once was created when I saw social injustice going on in America long before NFL players started protesting the National Anthem. In fact, after binge reading my history text for hours, I saw the mass injustice taking place in the sixties and seventies. After absorbing what I’d read, it came to me we’re facing the same exact issues in today’s America. Furthermore, the Department of Defense is using athletes to promote military recruitment in to fund an empire, the American Empire. Yet today the players are fighting back, eerily like my college athletes looking to build a movement against an evil Empire. A movement which involves the unity of one school: Summit University, where the bulk of my manuscript takes place.

Sure, I had other influences, but the social injustice in America, coupled with the spread of American Imperialism fueled my motivation to write Once: The Uprising of Columbia. Sure, the manuscript has fantasy, as it’s my chosen genre in which to write, with action, adventure, and a touch of romance. Yet, as mentioned before, it’s a tale of unity, for teammates, a family, of different backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and races, to come together as one, as they prepare to put their athletic careers on hold in order to fight off an overreaching empire.

Once: The Uprising of Columbia are the crossroads where Harry Potter meets Avatar, the Last Airbender. There’s also a little bit of Star Wars sprinkled within the work, along with other influences, as I’ve covered a few months back. It was a fun project that I continue to edit, and each time I do edit, I have a blast reading this work, as it preaches the message of unity, and that no mortal human being can ever take our rights away, under any circumstance.

Sure, I have a small allegory under the story, but the main message is loud and clear. It’s something I’ve had on my mind for years. The fact it’s finally finished, coupled with the spreading of awareness of social injustice in the NFL today, it’s my hope the message of true liberty will be spread. Individual liberty, where each and every American has the right to free speech, without an oversized government, or oversized corporation, breathing down their necks, telling them what to do, when to do, and how to do.

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