Propaganda of D.O.D.

I severely denounce what Donald Trump said on Friday Night. Trump attempted to do two things:

One: Exert corporate socialism over individual Americans.

Two: Continue to spread propaganda started in 2009.

Before 2009, NFL players were never required to stand for the National Anthem. In fact, they weren’t even on the field. The United States Department of Defense paid NFL teams, with your tax dollars, is why this is going on in the NFL. These players have every right to protest. They’re being used as pawns, by an overreaching government looking to increase military recruitment, which is something President Donald Trump desires. Why? The man wants to go to war in about five different countries, all over the world. He wants a fight in East Asia, South America, the Middle East, and even Eurasia. The man needs Americans soldiers to do tours in Germany, Australia, and Japan. That’s right, we have military bases in Australia. Sounds imperialistic to me.

So, when people tell NFL players to keep politics out of football and to themselves, remember who put it there in the first place. Your own government, with your tax dollars, to help fuel an overreaching empire. Hmmm, is that what America’s all about? No, because the Founding Fathers broke away from the bombastic British Empire so this kind of stuff didn’t happen. And it is. And most Americans are blindly following their “President,” urging corporations to fire employees exercising First Amendment Rights, which although rights may be waived, the Bill of Rights may not be waived. It’s unconstitutional to do so, and if you believe it is constitutional, you need to check the First Amendment.

Stop blaming the players for protesting the fact that they’re pawns. Sure, they’re being paid to entertain, but think of the backgrounds they came from. Now they’re pawns? And you want to boycott these pawns to expand an empire which has greatly overreached its boundaries, and has overstayed its welcome in over one-hundred and fifty countries? Look, if you fall into this crowd, you wouldn’t have been an American Patriot; you would’ve been a Loyal Subject to King George III. That’s the truth, and sometimes, the truth hurts.

You’re boycotting freedom, you’re boycotting because you believe America should expand its overreaching empire into places it has no business being in. NFL players are looked to as heroes, and kids see that. When they see players standing side by side with the military, it entices them to join the military, not to defend and spread freedom, but to spread an overreaching imperial empire for special interests. That’s wrong. The Department of Defense is wrong, by using your tax dollars in to carry out this mass overreach in places it has no business sticking its nose in. If you boycott the NFL, you’re supporting an Empire, and your loyalties lie not with the republic.

I’m currently in the closing stages of completing my first manuscript, a long manuscript, in which a formerly ignorant to reality college athlete sees the horrors and oppression associated with the Empire controlling his colony; controlling his land. This evil Empire, much like America, has stuck its nose in places it has no business belonging. My main protagonist learns this the hard way, and he fights this evil Empire, which continually spreads its iron fist overseas. The tyrannical Colonial Supreme Leader notices his antics, and comes after him. My protagonist, with his three best friends and two cousins, flee to the unoccupied region, in to gear up for a fight against this evil Empire, and finally bring them down, to put them in their place, and to ignite a new, free nation, devoid of rule by a higher power and authority of mortal men.

The connection I’ve made between the Department of Defense’s spending of your tax dollars to fund these unnecessary events and my manuscript, Once: The Uprising of Columbia, is recent, but it has reinforced my purpose. Today, I’m working on two things: a query and a short synopsis, in hopes this manuscript becomes the next great book series, in which America, and the American people, may rediscover themselves.

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