I Love the Republic, but I Hate the Empire

The consensus of those believing standing during the National Anthem is required claim we must recognize the “privilege for living in the greatest country on Earth.” Yet, when I turn and look at America’s problems, I see this as a case of cognitive dissonance. Those who either grew up, lived through, or were teenagers during the Reagan years were taught to take great pride in their flag and to never question the actions of their country. Ditto for the previous generations, but Regan stepped it up a notch. I’ll give the man credit on one front: He as good as ended The Cold War, which was a huge weight lifted off the world’s back. These people were taught to never question a few things. For one, they were taught to never question anything the Christian Bible said, with the threat of Hell running amok, and for another, they were taught to never question the actions of their country and to submit to authority because it’s written in the King James Bible. The fact that parents were permitted to use a bit more violence on their children than they are today cemented fear in them, disguised as respect.

I have a few unfortunate truths to get off my chest today, because I’m going to severely question the parenting styles of generations of parents, so I’ll likely offend a few people. However, one group that must be recognized are those who took place in the counterculture movement of the 1960’s, paving the way for more of the social freedoms we have today by throwing it into the mainstream. For one, many who attended church on Sunday and still do to this day hold a Bible in their hand and always reference it, but what they fail to understand is the King James Version, along with many versions before that, were written to fit the political views of the one authorizing the copy. For that, the Bible has been blown so far out of proportion over the years we can’t differentiate the truth from lies. Threaten a brainwashed kid with eternal Hell from birth, and you just completed the first step in building a sheep nation. With this in mind, and with a Bible (without references to any other historic document preceding it), stating to pray for authority, and treat them with fear, respect, and trembling, it was easy for many Christians of the day, and to this day, to become war hawks. People in the Middle East want to kill us? Without looking into the issue in the slightest, these sheep will fiercely support war. North Korea, a third-world nation, looking to build a weapon of mass destruction? They lobby us to exert military force, despite its unconstitutionality. The same thing happened in Desert Storm back in 1991 and during the Iraq War from 2003 to 2011. Both times, not a single shred of WMD evidence existed, and a lot of tax dollars wasted.

When military recruitment started to dwindle in the late 2000’s, the Department of Defense started wasting American tax dollars to put on crony shows involving NFL players, police, the military, and other “patriotic” performances in order to boost military recruitment. That’s right, it wasn’t the NFL doing this, it was the Department of Defense, and it started back in 2009. Many sheep who believe players must be required to stand during the National Anthem because it’s a job description have not the slightest idea how this came about, but they’re okay with it because they claim it shows patriotism. Well, standing for a symbol isn’t patriotism, and for the Christian community, how is it not idol worship? The Department of Defense did this in order to increase recruitment, which it could then use to fuel its own special interests overseas. America hasn’t liberated any country on its own. Ever. America is incapable of defeating third-world militias in Afghanistan, and it took eight years to draw even in Iraq. They lost in Vietnam, they were backed by about one-hundred countries in World War II after England, France, and USSR had a head start, and they didn’t enter World War I until the tide had turned into the favor of the Allied Powers.

Today, America is an Empire, which began after World War II, when they had an excuse to place military bases in Germany, Italy, and Japan, the catalysts of World War II, but these bases last in these countries to this day. In other words, they’re being occupied. Their crime? Starting a war seventy-eight years ago. We have bases in South Korea and we’ll always engaging in military drills. While Kim Jong un continues to kill his people, and be the rogue cancer that he is, I can honestly see why he wants a military of epic proportions. If you had a bully in your backyard throwing constant threats at you, you’d want a powerful weapon too. Ditto for Iran back in the day, when their nuclear program was up and running.

I’m going to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi when I say, “My loyalty is with the Republic.” This issue, in my opinion, is the Civil War version of Star Wars. This isn’t about standing for a flag because people died defending it. No one died in defense of the flag since 1814, though a compelling argument can be made about the Civil War. If another country invades us on American soil, then people are dying defending it, but you can’t take the offensive strategy and claim you’re defending the flag and freedom. Those with issues of ethnocentrism and cognitive dissonance would disagree, but they don’t know any better, nor do they want to.

As for myself, I love the Republic, for which it stands, but I hate the Evil Empire we have become. For that, kneeling during the National Anthem is more than just protesting social injustice. It’s protesting an Empire which as blatantly, over the last one-hundred or so years, overstepped its boundaries. My warning to America: Every single Empire in the history of the world has fallen. Let’s withdraw this Empire, because we don’t need bases in Germany, Australia, Japan, Italy, France, or anywhere else in the world. We must look to Switzerland, who couldn’t care less who oversteps their boundaries, they’re going to shoot you down. However, they’re only going to do so if you cross their borders. They aren’t about to invade anyone, though if they wished to, they easily could.

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