Brainstorming Sunday

Yesterday, I mentioned my desire for others to understand liberty and freedom. Today, in preparation for my revamped site, I decided to do some brainstorming on certain topics for the new site. I found fifty-two topics. One topic per week. Beginning in January, I’ll spend much of the previous week conducting research on each, and release a polished, final draft on Saturdays.

A few things to keep in mind regarding My Freedom Flame. One, the overall purpose of the site is to promote freedom. True freedom. Freedom without restriction. If topics such as a limited government, police brutality, the real reasons America places bases in hundreds of countries, and social justice, this blog is for you. If you lean too far to the right or left of the political spectrum, this blog may anger or offend. Please comment, but if you disagree with my view, at least provide your reasoning. I don’t care if you troll, but it’ll only make you look silly. Disagree with a reason? I won’t agree with you, but at least I’ll understand your perspective.

Onto my writing style. It’s edgy. If you reside in say, Pittsburgh, and if you’ve ever listened to Mark Madden, the Super Genius, it resembles his style. It fits me, and my persona. Except I’m lean. Really, I am. Those of you who are transplants from my former site,, a fitness site turned sports and political site, you already know this.

Why not continue a fitness-oriented, sports-related blog? If there is one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s to give my readers and followers credit. They should know this. I want to branch out and tell them things they may not know, and since I no longer work in the area, they can see the real me, which they’ve seen via my personal social media pages. Whether they still want anything to do with me come this time next year is their decision, not mine. Like I care. You can place me on a deserted island away from human contact and I’ll do just fine.

While I don’t live in a liberal area, I do live in a rather conservative one that worships authority. I’m in the small minority when I throw haymakers at the thin blue line. They say cops are there to serve and protect, I say they’re supposed to serve and protect, but they really engage in reaching state quotas, making their own laws, conducting needless checkpoints on innocent Americans, and enforcing unjust laws because they’re “just doing their job.” The previous piece gives you a little topic on which I’m working towards.

Ditto for their pro-military mentality. I’m not anti-military. Far from it. I am, however, against placing bases in Germany, Japan, Canada, and Australia. If you talk to any of these enlistees, many of them who possess a low Intelligence Quotient, they’ll insist we need to be in Canada, Brazil, and New Zealand. Someone told me they’re over there for humanitarian efforts. Great, so it’s humane to turn the world against us because we’re occupying space in their country reminiscent of the British Empire back in the day. I ask them: Did our forefathers like it? But if America does it, it’s “okay,” and “justifiable.” Just like Christians who plead the sixth…sixth commandment, that is…and justify the killing of Daniel Shaver. You know what? If you truly love police and justify their killings of innocent Americans and military occupation, perhaps you would’ve been a good fit for Nazi Germany back in the day? It’s not patriotic, I don’t care how you spin it, because if you ask America’s founders, they would brand you a British Loyalist.

Oh, and by the way, I’m against Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. I’m not for it belonging entirely to Palestine. I believe in a two-state solution, as it would probably stave off war in the region, and a recognized Palestinian state. Is that too hard? If you ask evangelical Christians, they want nothing more than control of the Temple Mount, to resurrect a literary figure from a book of fairy tales. Now, before you brand me an atheist, I’d like to counter that, because you don’t know me. I believe in the ways of the old. I have my reasons, and perhaps you’ll see these reasons if you read the relaunched site come January.

So, if the above looks appealing to you, maybe you should spread the message of liberty. True liberty, not that liberty with restriction propaganda fed to you by the media and two opposite-ended political parties.

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