Mission of My Freedom Flame

To promote and spread true liberty. This is my mission. In my years of experience, I’ve observed many freedoms and rights we have in our country aren’t what they seem. They tell us we’re free, but we work really hard to make a lot of money for someone else. They tell us we’re free, but state troopers must make a daily quota to make money for the state, on top of your tax dollars. Speaking of tax dollars, our federal government, better known as the Internal Revenue Service, gets to decide how much of our taxes they keep, and how much we get back during tax season. We’ve seen police brutality on many Americans, especially in the past few years, but where I come from, Steubenville, Ohio, has seen police corruption as early as the 1980’s.

Our tax dollars are funding bases in over one-hundred and fifty countries under the false guise of humanitarian efforts, yet we’re twenty trillion dollars in debt and one in six Americans struggle with hunger, one in three American children living in poverty. Sounds like we need to invest in ourselves before we take care of anyone else. But in doing so, if the goal is humanitarian, do we really need bases in first-world countries such as Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand, among other places? Are we serious, here?

Does this sound like a free country to you? To me, it sounds like a false freedom led by a cult of personality called the Star Spangled Banner, said to unite us under one flag, that flag representing freedom. But I question this. NFL players have kneeled during the anthem. Why? To peacefully protest social injustice, which I touched upon earlier. Police brutality, yet conservative Americans defend and worship the thin blue line because a man named Trump endorses them.

You see conservative Christians going out of their way to demonize religions such as Islam today, Germanic Paganism of a long-lost past. And today? They wish nothing more than for Trump to begin a war in what they call the Holy Land, to officially hand Jerusalem to Israel. Something about a Temple Mount in order to resurrect a Messiah which corresponds to nothing more than the classical Hero’s Journey, as outlined by Joseph Campbell in the mid-twentieth century. Well, Trump just recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel, while ignoring the Palestinians, who lived on the land for centuries. A Bible tells these people differently, and prophesizes a Hero’s Return, using Trump as the catalyst to do it. I wonder.

We see a nation more divided than ever due to the actions of President Trump. I’m no liberal, and I’ve panned Barack Obama on numerous occasions, especially is poor handling of Obamacare, a state-funded colossal failure. This isn’t all on Trump, but he’s made it worse. The man worships police as much as his conservative buddies. He loves law and order, but isn’t the United States Constitution there to limit government? Our country’s founders knew government to be a necessary evil, and the Constitution restrains that evil to a pinprick to defend people’s rights. The Patriot Act, passed by the Bush Administration, violates this. Fining people for not purchasing government-driven health insurance also falls in that category. President Trump, militarizing police in order to quell protesting certainly ignores the Law of the Land.

We need our freedom back. We need American Exceptionalism back, without forcing it down the throats of others. We must recognize Christianity, not Islam or any other religion, is the most genocidal religion in world history. But the religion is erasing their steps, as the Crusades of the middle ages are merely mentioned, mass murder of Native Americans are a pass through in the history of the wild west. Trail of Tears? They talk about it for five minutes. The coup in Iran back in 1953? Christianity is guilty once more. The winners tell their side of history. The Freedom Flame exposes that.

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