The Ultimatum

I have something I need to get off my chest. If you had two choices to live your life, and only two, would you hear me out? Don’t worry, because we aren’t talking about an ultimatum worth of only two narrow choices. These two choices are wide, and whether you realize it, all of us make one of the two choices. A hint? Robert Frost once wrote a poem about these two choices. You getting a feel for what I’m getting after? Good.

Choice A is the route taken by what I’ll call the 90%. I think we know several who take this route. What does it consist of? Oh, you might have an idea or two. Monday through Friday (sometimes Saturday and/or Sunday) you wake up at five or six in a house or apartment you’re nowhere near finished paying for. You hop in your vehicle you’re still paying for, fight traffic, encounter road rage, force-feed breakfast at a GMO-laden fast food joint or work cafeteria, and work forty to fifty hours a week making a lot of money for someone else to live out their dream. Does this sound like you? If so, how many of you like this choice? Let’s be honest, Choice A sucks.

I know what happens. You mimicked mom and dad, didn’t you? They said this is “the way it is,” like that Bruce Hornsby song. It’s just the way it is, we work to pay property taxes, city taxes, personal property taxes, pet taxes in some states, and earn just enough money to make ends meet while watching our favorite television programs or the news. Have you ever read Fahrenheit 451? You’ll never watch TV again, I’ll tell you that much. But let me ask you what the hell you’re doing? What kind of impact are you making in a positive, popular or unpopular, manner? What’s that? You vote for politicians? How has that turned out? Yeah, still waiting for one to do their job because the two predecessors didn’t. Oh, you’re working to fund your kids’ extracurriculars they barely have time for and saving for college. You’re a great parent. What’re you teaching them? How to become a drone to society, that’s what. Go to school, find a job, pay taxes to your government overlords, pay for your kids to have the opportunity you never did, pay more taxes, die, and become a pinprick in this rock we live on floating somewhere in space.

Okay, onto Choice B. The drawback of Choice B is you’ll still going to have to do some work in the nine to five, Corporate America world, or if you’re in the manufacturing sector, some hard manual labor. Okay, the good news is those who take this route have a goal. They have a vision. They know what they want, and they’re willing to feel like they’re working two jobs to get what they want. What do they want to do? They want to make an impact. They have an idea and they know they can sell it.

This is my current struggle, because I’m ingrained in Choice B. What am I up to? How does working on a new blog promoting true liberty and discouraging the freedom with restriction mentality we’ve been forced to accept sound? Will it anger politicians, the police, CIA, FBI, military, and men behind the curtain? Probably. Am I worried? Something has to kill me. That’s my goal, to make an impact, one where I leave my mark, a legacy in the world. Yet it goes beyond a legacy. I want a blueprint for others to follow. I wish to educate. To enlighten. To show others an alternate route. To say what’s going on now is America: The Empirical, Authoritarian Police State. And to help create change. Help create a movement. Enlighten those who enlightened the American colonists back in the days of old. A free nation, without restriction, and to see if play out in my lifetime. This is my end goal. Imagine if we went the Choice B route.

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