657,000 Meaningful Hours to Live

We have one life to live. There are 8,760 hours in a year. The average lifetime is seventy-five years, give or take half a decade. This gives us an average of 657,000 hours in a life. Now, many spend one-third, or 219,000 hours, sleeping. We’re asleep for hundreds of millions of centuries before, and hundreds of millions of centuries after.

Are you the type who sits around and watches television or plays video games at the end of each work day? The average adult sits and watches TV or plays video games three to four hours per day, during waking hours. Let’s do the math. Over an average lifespan, the average person spends 53,750 hours in front of an electronic device, watching TV, playing video games, surfing the web without productive purpose. In other words, during waking hours, one may be unproductive for 53,750 hours.

How many of us work a job where we’re just a pawn in the game? Perhaps I must define the word ‘pawn,’ in this essence. You know, the average individual who works eight hours per day, forty hours per week, and we’ll average it to forty-five years, counting our first jobs somewhere between sixteen and twenty. Grand total? 93,600 hours. For you hospital, contracting, oilfield, or related profession employees, this number increases at times by one-third.

Math can be fun, despite my hatred of numbers. Math is fun when numbers and statistics mean something. Let’s come up with a grand total. Subtract 219,000, 53,750, and 93,600 from 657,000, and you get 290,650. What are we doing during these 290, 650 hours? Well, we have childhood and adolescence, from birth to age eighteen. Practically school. Subtract another 156,000 hours from your life. Now, we’re down to 134,000 hours. You may go to college because your future job may require additional training. That’s 34,800. We’re down to 99,200 hours. Now, if we retire at 67 and I use 75 as the average age, again, give or take a few years, it gives us eight more years. How many retirees are looking to change the world? We’re now down to a meager 29,600 hours.

Massive punchline: Even if one lives to 80, 90, or 100, the retirement hours rarely make a difference. The retirement hours can be anything. If one lives to 100 after retiring at 67, they have a retirement check, hopefully some cashed out stock, and money for travel and leisure. But what did you do to make a difference? What did you do to uphold your beliefs? Voting doesn’t count. You’re one in 300,000,000, or whatever the hundreds of millions of voters on a national scale. Even at the state level, you’re one in 10,000,000 if you live in a large state.

Nothing cries foul like people believing they have the power to influence. You’re a single soul going up against lobbyists and superpacs. You did your duty to vote? That’s nice. Voting doesn’t change anything except rich faces in a House, Senate, or judiciary system. Voting changes faces in power, power over you, control over you, as you toil away believing this regime is better, or that regime is better. But they’re all the same. From George W. Bush to Barack Obama to Donald Trump. What have our kids known? Increased security, usurpation of liberty, taxation, war, and violence. Why? We put our trust in other people, because we didn’t do anything spectacular.

If you want to learn some sound awareness for change, keep and eye out, as my matthewsfit.blog is soon shifting into the political, social, and awareness realm. Should be a fun ride. Hope you’re there for the grand tour.

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