Authoritarian Indoctrination

The media may be split on the subject of police brutality, with one side claiming justified, while the other sees murder. No one talks about the local media, and what they, especially in rural or conservative areas, do to paint their police force in a decent light.

Even in the Ohio Valley, where police corruption ran rampant in the late 1990’s, cops are held on pedestals, and your god forbid you say anything negative or derogatory about law enforcement. Strange this happens in conservative regions, with their small government agenda. It seems conservatives love small government, but find a way to justify authority, even police killings.

If we look at the recent case of Daniel Shaver, which I’ll touch up on once My Freedom Flame is released, formerly known as MatthewsFit, cop apologists everywhere say he reached for his waist. They fail, or are just blind, to acknowledge the fact Shaver was loaded out of his mind and pleading for his life. In other words, he didn’t trust the cops, and why should we?

Conservatives tend to say, “if you follow their orders, you have nothing to worry about.” I’m sorry, but in a free country, I’m not going to “follow orders” for a crime I never committed. Why would I? “Just follow orders” gives a cop the green light to detain just about anyone for any reason, without probable cause. Cop apologists defend a cop’s actions if they detain somebody for merely suspecting an individual of wrongdoing. The sad thing is, said individual may be driving down the highway with their hood up on a cold day. If you think this is freedom, it’s anything but. Living in a nation where cops can pull over anyone for any reason if the have “probable cause” isn’t free. It’s downright statist.

What sickens me is in conservative areas, they promote ‘Shop with a Cop’ around Christmas (insert whatever holiday you celebrate in over ‘Christmas’) time, they show cops helping in the community by delivering Christmas gifts and other household items to underprivileged people.

Conservative media moguls, even local ones, worship cops, and justify their wrongdoings. In many of these cases, the cop killing an unarmed suspect is murder. Plain and simple. Cop can claim the suspect fought all they wanted, but they never had an arsenal of weaponry paid by taxpayers the cop has. Paid by taxpayers. The cop chose to fire the weapon. At the end of the day, the cop fired the weapon. I can’t be any clearer on the subject.

And the conservative media worships and supports their police force, especially when kids are involved. What does this do? It teaches the kid to worship authority, even if the authority is flawed. Look, there is no true authority in a libertarian nation other than the Constitution of the United States. If a cop is enforcing unconstitutional laws, and there are plenty of them, he or she is violating the Law of the Land. What’re we teaching our kids? Authority rules, even if it violates the ideals of America’s Founders.

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