Skulls of my Enemies

I did something today I rarely do. I read the comments on many of my social media posts. To my new friends on Tumblr, people on Facebook who don’t care, and Victory of Valhalla, refrain from reading this, because you guys are awesome. I’d f-bomb there, but since this is in the form of an article, I’ll refrain. I discovered something today. An accomplishment. One I should’ve known of for some time. I have haters, and they come in various shapes and forms. They’re people who knew me from the past, almost as if another life, a life where I lied to myself, because though many claim to be open-minded, they’re anything but. Narrow-minded, in other words.

With this, I want to tell my friends and followers who routinely call me out on my ways and thoughts, even given my edgy writing style, my ways aren’t changing. They knew nice guy Todd. They knew kiss-up Todd, who agreed with every thing they said. Why? Because nice guy Todd was afraid his reputation would be destroyed if they knew the truth. The truth to my natural attraction to the ways of the Old Norse, or the Germanics, to be proper. My libertarianism, extreme libertarianism, that few knew of. My hatred of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh sports in general, and most importantly, my once concealed love for Cleveland sports, which I kept hidden for a time. I was scared. I was afraid my reputation would go.

When I left my gig in Weirton a year ago, I was free, but still careful. See, I still didn’t know anyone for where I was headed, so I kept it low-key. I feigned non-belief the Old Ways so many in the Christian faith demonize and frown upon to this day. Especially in the area I come from and the way I was taught to keep everything to myself. Fast forward to December, 2017. Those days are over.

My love of Cleveland sports has never been stronger, and my constant calling and bashing on Yinzer Nation won’t stop. I’m not changing my ways, ways I kept hidden to satisfy certain people. To play up to people. Those days are history. To those calling me out: Deal with it. Hey, if you all tell non-Christians to deal with Merry Christmas and still get offended by what I say: Deal with it. How do you like the shoe being on the other foot?

Look, I don’t care if you’re friends, friends from the past, family, or just an acquaintance. If you don’t like what I say, be a weak soul and comment. Because today, I read them, even when they tell writers, opinionated writers, singers, athletes, whoever, not to do it, because of the effect it may have on mental health. I can see that, and I can see the effect it has on others. But at the end of the day, you can hate. I’m begging you to hate, to call me out, and to demonize my opinions. Why? Because I did my job. I triggered you. I purposely trigger people. And you fall for it.

Granted, ninety percent of people flat out ignore. Okay, great. Ninety percent of people ignore everything, even top celebrities. Go figure, I couldn’t name twenty mainstream celebrities right now. I don’t care. This article is for the few dozen who hate. It means one thing: I got to you. I preached, and you hated, you were offended, and you were affected. I did you in. You just had to respond. You had to comment. The ways aren’t changing, because I’m free. In fact, they’re just beginning to come to the forefront. This is me, this is how I think, you’re all going to know about how I think, and why I think, and why you’ve been lied to about things for ages but are either too ignorant or too stupid to realize things. I’m the crazy one? Great. I’d rather it be me, just me, against the ninety-nine percent.

It just means I dug a little deeper. And I enjoy that. And I enjoy calling the mainstream ways, the accepted ways, the status quo, and the popular opinions out, with the alternatives. You fall for it, I call it out, and you call me out for not falling for it. You’re the sheep, I’m the wolf. Victory, or Valhalla.

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