Self-Reliablity is Real

I saw this with many I went to high school with, and it’s flat out annoying. What’s even more disgusting is when you tell people, even back then, your dreams are bigger than their parents and grandparents status quo (wow, I’m going to be burning a lot of bridges with those who went to Edison High School with me), they’ll laugh and mock you until oblivion.

Is There a Place for Libertarians in Politics?

In government, the Libertarian Party is a clear third alternative which has been gaining steam, as noted in the 2016 Presidential Election, where Gary Johnson received 3.25% of the vote, a large number in general election measures. Is there a place in politics?

Why is Absolute Liberty more Important to me than Anything?

We see our individual liberties usurped today more than ever before. The evidence is all around us, from public surveillance to speed limits to strange laws such as mandatory vehicular inspection and tinted windows to foreign intervention to state laws being forwarded to the Supreme Court. Other examples include the lack of sound currency, income taxes, public social security, and warrantless search and seizure by the FBI. In other words, our liberties, both civil and fiscal, are half of what they were a century prior.

How Fiscally Libertarian Am I?

I’m often asked how we can maintain government with such low taxation. Well, that’s the point. We have far too many unnecessary government regulations as it is, to the point where we need a license just to operate a simple small business, for example. It’s outrageous.

Writing Motives

Because liberty is a natural right and security threatens this natural right and in dire times will take it away. Look at the demand for increased gun control during a mass shooting. However, look at Chicago’s violent crime rate. Chicago has more gun laws than almost any city in America and its violent crime rate is astounding. Obviously, Chicago’s tighter gun laws have backfired in making it tougher for law-abiding citizens to get their hands on guns while a criminal could care less what security measures are in place. Security’s dark side is just that. Increased security is touted as “necessary” safety measures to help reduce acts of violence. The TSA is a good example of this, but Google how often the TSA fails during test taking. They’ve only invaded the privacy of good people and have conducted warrantless strip searches, a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Why Do Law-Abiding Citizens Believe Strict Gun Laws Will Take Their Guns?

I’m in this boat, so bear with me. Criminal enterprise is going to happen. It’s a fact of life. It’s like someone selling heroin or prostituting. Sure, it’s illegal, but making something illegal doesn’t deter a criminal. It’s going to motivate a criminal to find a way around the law. We see this phenomenon happen … Continue reading Why Do Law-Abiding Citizens Believe Strict Gun Laws Will Take Their Guns?

How to Calculate the Impact of the Government Shutdown

A true libertarian economy is run by the free market. Within a free, consumer-based market, competition based off the demands of the consumer drives the market. In other words, if the consumer continues to wish to see such attractions, and they will, the more money and jobs will go to the private sector rather than the 40% of national wealth currently going to the government shrinks in size.