2017 in the Rearview

My 2017 went something like the San Francisco 49ers season. I literally started the year 0-9, and had questioned my decision to leave my comfort zone in Weirton, West Virginia and try my hand in nearby Pittsburgh. Even worse, as a man who doesn’t mind burning ninety percent of bridges he’s already crossed, there was no way I’d have been able to ask for my old gig in Weirton. I do this to keep moving forward and leave the past where it belongs with zero chance of ever getting back there.
So, there I was, sitting in my chair at my dingy apartment located in Bethel Park, losing money by the day, wondering what the hell it takes to succeed in this world. Sure, I had a manuscript to edit and perfect, but even at that point in time, I’d been writing everything the wrong way. While my fitness career remained on life support, my ignorance was astounding in all things fiction. At least the plot kept me interested.
At six in the evening the phone rang, and my life, and year, changed for the better. I could get out of the Classic Pittsburghese scene which appealed to me as much as the band ‘Faun’ would to a church congregation. Hint: I’m listening to Faun and can’t wait until Walpurgisnacht. The North Hills called my name, just as quarterback Jimmy Garappolo would later turn around a stagnant 49ers franchise months later.
After months of operating at a loss, with my paychecks literally half of what I made since I left Weirton, making the fifty-minute trek from the South Hills to the North Hills became a norm. In fact, this enabled me to at least live in Weirton, as the drive from Bethel Park was of equal amount.
I’d never worked in sales, but at least had to give it a shot as it’d be something pretty to put on a resume if I ever decided to move to the Northeast and snag a sweeter gig if the time ever calls. Yet, I came to find I was good at it, something no one ever bothered to tell me in Weirton. Heck, no one even bothered to show me down there. No wonder when I made the move I was so far behind the eight ball.
These days, as the days get longer, the future gets brighter, despite the cold temperatures not seen since January 2014 in the Ohio Valley. If I must sum up my 2017, it would be a Tale of Two Half Years, to be honest. I never realized how tough it is to succeed, but it allowed me to rediscover myself. I found out who I truly was, and let me tell you, sometimes the stuff mom and dad, and your family try to teach and condition you into isn’t, well, you. Three years ago, I would’ve told you this Paganism and Witchcraft stuff was evil. Turns out, after further review, as they say in the NFL, it’s not evil in the slightest. We’re told such. I found out these ways suit me, and they are me. I also discovered my inner-strength, and while my trials are far from complete, I’ll state that given the tough situations and refusing to back down, you’re a million times stronger than you and those around you believe. I have a personality type nine out of ten people fail to understand, and I discovered why they don’t understand it. People rarely look beyond the surface, and are too lazy or too ignorant to really dig deep into someone.
As for 2018, I’m looking to take what I’ve learned and apply them to my life. I’m intent on not repeating the same mistakes twice, and I’m revamping this blog of mine come February. Actually, late January. And I’m diving into the Ways of the Old, as this old soul of mine which has likely been around for centuries (and probably burned at the stake once) will rediscover the methods of his past life. 2017 was a learning experience, and in 2018 I get to apply them. Now, I just need to find myself a cute, female, witchy type, but when I say witchy, I mean it in a nice way.

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