2018 Goals: A Year in the Windshield

Earlier today I discussed my experience in 2017, and since I’m now in the great North Hills of Pittsburgh and living in what I call ‘The Beginning of the End of the Ohio Valley,’ I thought I’d follow this post with some goals for 2018. I’m a goal-oriented individual, and my 2018 goals are really to accomplish things I’ve worked on in 2017 and learn from the mistakes of the previous year. Without further ado, allow me to give a rundown of my most prominent 2018 goals.
The first goal is an extension of a goal I had in 2017, which is to get published. After conducting research regarding publishers, editors, and literary agents, a manuscript I initially intended to submit turned into a trilogy. Now, I’ll go by the golden rule and submit only the first manuscript, but with the other two on deck, it’s much easier to create a following, which pleases any literary agent or publishing company.
My second goal is to make enough money to profit, as in 2017, I took a plunge. If you read about my 2017 in the Rearview post, I rebounded in a comparable manner to the 2017 San Francisco 49ers. If you don’t know football, the 49ers started the season at an abysmal 0-9, only to trade for a Franchise Quarterback and finish the season at 6-10. I guess 6-10 would’ve been my record in football terms. And judging the way 2017 began, I’ll take it. For a while, I thought I’d pull a Browns and finish 0-16. Ironically, the Browns happen to be my favorite NFL team (insert joke here).
My third goal is to get my new blog up and running the second MatthewsFit has breathed its last breath, which will be in early February. I reported early January in a previous post, but it’s my final month, so February, My Freedom Flame will be up and running. What is My Freedom Flame? It’s going to be a libertarian blog which conducts sound research on fifty-two different issues, meaning for the remaining forty-eight weeks of 2018, we’ll be diving deep into sensitive, touchy, and controversial issues where I’ll report my unpopular opinion regarding these issues. The sad thing is the true liberty way is the unpopular way in America, as too many are afraid to speak up and find it easier to conform and go with the flow. Well, this new blog will turn the follower’s mentality upside down.
My Freedom Flame will also touch up on other subjects, too. For one, I’ll report my NFL Draft and Browns updates periodically. For another, I’ll talk a little about the once lost Ways of the Old, which many of you may know as Paganism, where my belief style intertwines Germanic Paganism and Wicca. Yes, I’m starting to practice this lifestyle and it’s been a relief. Research these topics, as you will be stunned on what you may learn.
So, if you want to know more about the truth behind police brutality, what your military is really doing in over one hundred and fifty countries worldwide, why the Bill of Rights is under continual attack by politicians and the masses, rights of the most tortured race in American History that exists to this day, the Native American race, and why we’ve become a nation of sheep following the shepherd, My Freedom Flame is for you.
Thank you all, and 2018 is all about leveling up to Level Twenty-Seven, as I’ll be twenty-seven in late April. I want three awesome players in a Cleveland uniform for my birthday, please.

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