Two-Party System

I’m politically Libertarian, which means I’m a firm believer in being a free spirit. No, I’ll never register as a Libertarian because I see this as a sign of collectivism, which I’m against. I’ll remain an Independent, thank you very much. America has all sorts of problems, and many stem from one thing, the Two-Party System we’ve been told to buy into. What’s funny is, the Left will tell you government is a friend, and not an enemy, and the Right will tell you government is the enemy but corporations are your friend. Anything the Left says, the Right disagrees with, and vice versa. In fact, I’m convinced had Obama came up with this tax plan, the Right would’ve found flaws in it because the Left came up with it, but since it was the Right’s idea, the Left are finding the flaws. Libertarians, and true, honest people will point to the goods and the bads of the new bill. And the middle man is usually correct, because he doesn’t hold a bias.
You see this in every single situation, including ones that have budded over the past few years. The Left insists on political correctness, the Right insists on maintaining the status quo of labeling. We Libertarians will say if you want to be politically correct, it’s your right, and if you don’t, it’s also a right, but stupidity reigns on both sides of the equation. For instance, the Right will shove Merry Christmas and their nativity scenes down anyone’s throat while the Left is enraged if someone even mentions Christmas and doesn’t say holiday, whether the offending individual even intended to offend. Or police brutality. The Left insists all cops are bad because they label people and go after the people they label while the Right insists cops are there to protect and serve. They’re both right and wrong, in a sense. Cops label, and they’re here to protect and serve, but they protect and serve the values of the state while making the state money via unjust laws such as speed limits. Hey, if you haven’t sped in your life, you’re lying. And if you don’t speed often, you’re making the choice. In other words, people are going to make their respective choices.
But we can’t forget about what the government does with our tax dollars. The Left wants domestic “investments” in education, safety nets, science, the whole nine yards, while the Right wants “defense funding” to fund military bases that for some strange reason we need to have to do something they call maintaining peace which usually backfires. Iran, Trump’s licking his chops right now coming up with a strategy to invade your country because he doesn’t believe your people can handle themselves. Hey, this is your fight, not ours. Keep in mind, America’s responsible for Iran’s situation in the first place, and we only supported Iraq back when they decided to invade Iran and try to take their territory. And we wonder why they hate us so much. Hint, it has nothing to do with freedom, it has everything to do with our deteriorating relations with the Middle East.
Do you want to know what my policy would be? Cut foreign aid and military spending. All of it. We’re in over one hundred and fifty countries for so-called humanitarian work which I see through as maintaining an imperialistic fist over third world countries, which is why we’re hated in the world. And if you look up the countries in which we have bases and our so-called humanitarian efforts, are we really that needed in Australia and Canada? Honestly, people, do your research, because for some strange reason we need to be in Germany, France, and Japan. First-World Countries, in other words. Oh, and by the way, our Native American population tends to be ignored by the Federal Government and their reservation lands run rampant with alcoholism and living conditions in situations worse than a Third-World Country. So much for humanitarian relief, we’re incapable of doing so in our own country, do you really think we’re doing this in the world?

One thought on “Two-Party System

  1. Quite a variety of issues here. I’ll only address the party registration topic (which is different from affiliation). Depending on your state voting laws, if you are registered to a specific party (we have 4 in West Virginia) you allowed to vote for candidates from that party in the primary elections. If you remain independent, you may not be allowed to vote in the primary elections. This is when the candidates for each party are selected. Primary elections tend to attract the hard-core voters of each party, which I believe is one of many reasons we get more and more contentious candidates to select from. Thus, while I have similar reservations which you list, I am registered so that I can at least see my primary vote counted. In the general election, I may vote as I wish. – Oscar


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