The Bribe

They say people give up on their dreams because decent pay from their day job is a bribe for them to settle in to what they’re “meant to do.” Picture what you wanted to do for a living when you were growing up. For us sports lovers, it probably had something to do with hitting a home run or running with the ball down the football field. Yet as we age, our parents, coaches, teachers, and people around us dub this term called ‘reality’ and ‘reality’ sets in.
What is reality? For me, reality means conforming to social standards, norms, values, and morals. Note, when I say social norms, it is of overall society. If you’re in denial of succumbing to social norms, let me ask if you wake up, force feed, fight traffic (sometimes in inclement weather), work for eight to ten hours, go home, maybe hit the gym, relax, watch television or in today’s day and age, post selfies of yourself with your dog or kid, go to bed, wakeup, and repeat. If you work afternoons or midnight, simply adjust the outline above to fit your daily schedule.
What made you succumb to reality? Was it a high paying job? Did you have kids early or get married early? Was it a secure job where you could punch in and punch out after your shift? I’m high on this subject matter because whether you like it or not, your job defines you. For example, if you’re a Pepsi Guy but post endless photos and videos on social media about lifting a lot of weight in the gym and shotgun a Rockstar energy drink mixed with some artificial pre-workout potion, you’re a Pepsi Guy, plain and simple. To a five-year-old kid, you’re a Pepsi Guy. To a fifty-year-old man, you’re a Pepsi Guy. You can have your favorite football team tattooed all over your arms and you’re still a Pepsi Guy. Nothing is going to stop the masses from referring to you as a Pepsi Guy.
See what I mean? My dream gig is to be a novelist, but also to be an activist regarding equal human rights in America, libertarian politics, and swaying others to believe in libertarianism. Nothing will ever bribe me from my own dreams. This is why My Freedom Flame is going to be launched, a blog dedicated to libertarian politics. I also want to help bring Paganism into the forefront, as it’s a way of life I’ve become attached to over the past six to seven months. I’m in love with it, and as a fun fact, many of our ancestors were Pagan. I want people to know this.
My current gig, and yours, too, should be temporary. Now, when I say temporary, I don’t mean something as in a matter of weeks or months. It may be a few years before you’re on your feet living your dream, whatever that dream may be. Look, I fell back in love with writing two years ago, and it was fitness writing, in accordance to my day job. Then, I started writing fictional stories but had zero idea how to market them, and thank goodness, because if I had, not a single agent or publishing house would’ve taken me seriously. So, I spent the last six months honing the craft, making investments, watching webinars, and attending courses to get to where I want to be. I could sign a contract and make sixty-thousand dollars a year tomorrow, but it’s a bribe that won’t stop me from being the best I can be in my chosen craft.
My dream is to be an author, activist, and anything else related to the craft. Trust me, none of us said when we were kids that we wanted to make a living as a Pepsi Guy. The Pepsi Guy took a bribe a long time before, and gave up on whatever dream he had. You have two choices in life, and these are two choices I’ve known about since 2009, when I was eighteen. Yikes, it’s been nearly nine years since I’ve graduated high school. Anyway, these choices are either fall into satisfaction and regret your actions, for succumbing to temptation early often leads to regret later in life. Or, I can take the punishment while in my twenties and set the stage for the future, the nearing future. It’s a process, and like my 0-16 Cleveland Browns, it’s all about trusting the process.

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