Good Old Boys Club

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about a rising issue in our middle and high schools, so I won’t talk about our Pepsi friend and wannabe meatheads today. Instead I want to talk about the largest conspiracy facing both public and private schools today. It’s a term we may be familiar with: The Good Old Boys Club.
Middle school and high school can be a drag for many of us, especially if we don’t enjoy well-off status from the teachers, coaches, and our peers. I can point to many things in which the well-off preps, as we called them, at my old high school will deny. However, the consensus among who I’ll call the common people attending school, the ninety percent, will be in agreeance with my claims. This is a post those at the top of the public and private middle school and high school bureaucracy won’t want you to read, and even those in school who “go with the flow” will stand in strong opposition because they’ll claim, “one man can’t change anything” or “that’s the way it is.”
Some claim society begins at home and in the environment, and while there are truths to this, we fail to realize that from age four and onward, many of us are enrolled in public or private schools. Even more disgusting, and people are going to drill me for this one, is that it’s state required. For me, it’s almost those in the Good Old Boys Club and those chosen few (their sons and daughters) rule this hierarchy over whom I referred to earlier as the “common people” are set up to succeed and thrive. Sure, hard work and dedication to any craft will allow a common person to succeed, but without the pocket kings or pocket aces. They must build their hand because no one will build it for them.
I love pointing to things such as who is starting for sports teams, homecoming courts, and student council. Even cases such as Valedictorian and Salutatorians, who speaks at events, and whose voice is heard almost dictate this scholastic hierarchy. In many cases, your athletes, social queens, and anyone whose family is making the money and contributing to the local school board and athletic boosters will get the starting nod over the common people due to personal networking.
It isn’t right, because it neglects a large crowd of students, such as those from economically depressed backgrounds. Shouldn’t these kids get a fair share? Or shouldn’t teachers, coaches, and administration be encouraging these students in favor of discouraging them? Meanwhile, your preps, athletes, and anyone in the “well-connected” community thrive as if they’re the greatest gift to Earth? It’s like these schools seek out those from downtrodden backgrounds and keep them down. They want to chew them up, spit them out, and teach them their “place” in American society. Look, America is supposed to be the land of opportunity, yet you wouldn’t believe the stories I’ve (and probably you) heard over the years about students being neglected for one reason or another.
In my own experience, I’ve seen things such as the athletes getting chosen for the dance courts, but not just athletes, as my high school was comprised of two middle schools I’ll call Jefferson and Union. After reading my Senior Yearbook, I noticed seventy percent of those on the dance court weren’t only athletes, but they went to Union Middle. Another experience was a rigged student election, whereas the student officers who actually won this election were replaced by “Honor Roll Athletes” and these “Honor Roll Athletes” were said to have swept the election. I have several people who can back me up on this claim in tiny Richmond, Ohio.
Another commonality I found were parent-coaches, and my old school, which I’ll refer to as Thomas High School, was full of them. The sons and daughters made the varsity team faster than those not as connected. This became especially true in the girls’ sports, and trust me, there are several instances regarding this. A few more commonalities I saw was these “chosen few” were all church members, while of course those at the time leaning on the side of different faiths or no faith were given lesser attention. They also grew up around each other, and these families were interconnected with school administration, the Board of Education, athletic boosters, directors, and obviously, coaches.
This is just one of several articles I’ll cover on these Good Old Boys Clubs, and what can be done to spread awareness on the subject regarding your local schools and school districts. I’ll be citing numerous articles, most notably throughout small town, Bible Belt, Conservative America, and how we can all preach acceptance and bring America to be the land of equality it promised but had come to let down those around the world coming here to seek a better life. My personal theory is this originates in the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) sector of society, where the Bible remains king (no pun intended), and the way people thump the Bible as a way of maintaining order and social structure, as they’ve had for decades on end. We’re connecting the evils of these clubs with the sinister, deceptive message spread by the Christian faith.

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